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January 3, 2017

Michelle Miles: Bring it on, 2017

Another year as come and gone and most of us are happy 2016 is in the rearview mirror. The celebrity world lost a lot of great entertainers this year and, sucked. I’m still reeling after the deaths of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. It was like seeing my childhood flash before my eyes.

But I don’t want to dwell on that. I want to look forward instead of back and thinking about the future year ahead. We have just over 360 days to make it a great year.

I’m really not into making resolutions but I do like to set goals for the year. Last year my big goal was completing, editing and publishing IN THE TOWER OF THE WIZARD KING. I also wanted to re-release some of my titles that had reverted to me from a previous publisher. I’m happy to report I was able to release all five of them and relieved to be out from under that horrible publisher. You can catch all the REALM OF HONOR titles and WIZARD KING at your favorite retailer. *shameless plug*


This year, my big goals include finishing the second WIZARD KING book and moving forward with an urban fantasy series I’ve wanted to write for a really long time. Book one is complete but needs some revision. I have books 2-5 plotted and ready to go. I’m also starting to think about a companion novella for that series. Sort of a prequel for my newsletter subscribers only.

In my regular day-to-day life I really want to get my credit cards paid off. I know I won’t get to zero on all of them, but making a significant dent by December 31 is what I’d like to do. This is something I struggle with and I find I’m just not as strong as I should but when it comes to spending money. Because, let’s face it, doing nothing is pretty damn boring. I guess I’ll be boring in 2017.

I really want to be more organized this year and I’m trying to start off right. I’ve already got all my 2016 tax deductions together, totaled and ready to go. Now I’m just waiting on 1099s. I’ve also filed away all my 2016 bills, insurance policies, etc. and shredded everything I didn’t need. I have a mountain of “confetti” now ready to head off to the recycling plant.

What I’m Looking Forward To

Movies! Lots of cool movies are hitting the theaters this year—Blade Runner 2049, Star Wars VIII, Beauty and the Beast. Plus we have a new season of Outlander and Game of Thrones! I will be really sad when GoT ends so those writers better make it a good ending (unlike the terrible ending to LOST).

I’m also looking forward to Memorial Weekend. The husband and I reserved a cabin at a state park LAST MAY. Hey, we like to plan ahead. Plus that’s my birthday weekend. Not that I’m looking forward to turning another year older, but it IS better than the alternative.

I’ve entered a couple of contests, too. Results are pending so I’m waiting to see how my book does. I’m crossing my fingers for a final. Maybe two. ;)

So, what are your goals or resolutions for 2017? Is there anything you’d like to accomplish this year?

December 15, 2016

This year went fast! #NewYearsDay #Christmas #MFRWorg #feelblessed

It's my last 2016 Plotting Princess' post. I'm sorta at a loss what to write here. I've had one heck of a year, mostly because Handsome had a surgery at the end of August, and in 2017, will have another. That seems to bleed into my creative life.
Otherwise, I've been blessed.
So let me bore you with my year in review:

December 6, 2016

Michelle Miles: 150 Free Romances + $1000 in Prizes

Hey everyone!

To celebrate the holiday season, I've teamed up with more than 150 fantastic romance authors to give away a huge collection of novels, PLUS over $1,000 in prizes.

You can download TEMPTING EDEN for free, plus books from authors like Marie Force and Tawny Weber.

Enter the giveaway by clicking here:

Good luck!

November 29, 2016

Tales from the Crate - Puppy Playtime by Karilyn Bentley #puppy #crazydog

Our cute puppy!
My puppy is growing! Which means, we now have a nickname for him, two actually. I call him Sir Poops A lot (for obvious reasons) and The Hubster calls him Little Monster (again, for obvious reasons). He's really cute, as you can see from his picture (and he's also pretty hard to keep still, as you might be able to tell from said picture). This time around the puppy playground, we have some help from our resident nanny, aka The Kraken.

November 17, 2016

Michelle Miles: It's the Movies, Not Your House

It's become a rare occurrence when the husband and I go to the movies. I take full responsibility for that because I detest the general public.

But we needed some fun this past weekend, so I requested a movie date. We saw Arrival with Amy Adams and Jeremey Renner. Really good flick. I recommend it!
Anyway, we purchased the tickets online and then picked them up at the kiosk at the theater. Things are getting so impersonal these days, you don't even have to talk to anyone to buy tickets. It's kind of sad, actually.

November 8, 2016

We All Need a Smile Today

Today our nation makes a decision on who will be our next President. After this very long, very nasty campaign, I thought that we all needed a laugh. Who knows how the next twenty-four hours will go, so let’s start our day off with a smile and some laughter. 

Here are 10 Dumb Blonde Jokes and I am blonde, so it’s okay for us to smile and laugh at these. After all, I should have been a rocket scientist. All of these jokes were taken from an article by Melanie Berliet on the Thoughtcatalog website. If you share them, please give her credit.