September 4, 2015

@kellyleefiction #NewRelease Today!

Happy Labor Day Weekend
BATTLE HEAT…. A sexy new release in the Four Realms Series


The heart-pounding story of Holly, the reluctant assassin you loved to hate in MURDERING EVE — and Ares, the God of War who destroyed her whole world.

By Kelly L Lee

Holly Okeanos is alone, held against her will by the immortal that destroyed her people. Desperate for revenge, she vows to fight until her last breath to regain her freedom. 

The beast inside Ares must feed. His family knows darkness lies within him and they equally fear and hate him for it, but he's the first they call when the Olympus throne is threatened. He's struggled to control the bloodlust since the dawn of time, but only carnage sates the monster within.

With an escalating rebellion and a resurrected Scarab to defeat, Ares doesn't have time to deal with his infuriatingly beautiful captive, whose mere presence strangely calms the beast and settles his mind. She detests the very air he breathes, but he finds himself assailed by feelings that haven't surfaced in over a millennia.

Could Holly be the woman to finally quiet the beast within?

Brief Excerpt:
“I’m not going to punish you, though I probably should.”
Relief washed through her, and Holly blurted the obvious question. “Why not? I distracted you and caused your defeat.”
“Don’t flatter yourself, Titaness.” Ares scoffed and kicked the broken end of the spear at his foot. “Your girly little scream was a mild annoyance, not a distraction so monumental I would allow myself to get killed over it.”
Holly bristled at the word girly. She was many things, but girly was not one of them. Given half a chance, she’d make him eat the word, along with a mouthful of putrid arena sand.
Ares arched a brow at her, wiped the dagger’s blade on his leathers, and shoved it into a hidden boot  sheath as he spoke again. “However, I don’t advise barging into my sparring session again, lest you find yourself dragged into my pit. Though I admit, I have half a mind to do that now, considering you want to feed me sand.”
Try me, you smug shithead.
The instant the thought snapped into her brain, she wanted to kick her own ass. He spent the last several minutes reading her mind. Did she honestly think he would let the insult go?
Ares flipped his gaze up to meet hers, anger burning brightly within the depth of his molten chocolate irises. His lip twitched with a hint of satisfaction.
“Come down here and say that.”

Exiled to magic-barren Earth Realm, Whit Blackstone has resigned himself to never seeing his family or clan again. But when a mysterious woman appears, wielding as much power as the goddess who banished him, primal desire and his desperation to return home collide.
Immortal… After twenty-nine years of believing herself human, Eve Moore can’t wrap her brain around the word. But even immortals can’t always cheat death, especially if a bloodthirsty God of War threatens your soul. Betrayed and hunted by a relentless assassin, newly immortal Eve Moore has no choice but to trust the heart-stopping stranger she’s been tasked to find and return to Olympus.
As their chemistry ignites, Eve discovers the depth of her emerging powers, and the inescapable connection she and Whit share.  When the time comes, will Eve hand him over and walk away? Or will the long buried secrets of her past doom both their lives, and their very souls?
Read the award-winning first book in the Four Realms series Murdering Eve

Iron Defiance - Release date coming soon!
Book 3 in the Four Realms series 

Amelee, a princess of the Seelie Court, is engaged to one man out of duty, but desperately loves another. She’s accepted her fate, willing to deny the deepest longings of her heart in service to her queen.

Arganos has secretly loved Amelee since the beginning of time, but she is Fey royalty and he is a hardened warrior, reviled by her kind for the sins committed by the God of War he serves. Though Arganos is prepared to sacrifice his own happiness to ensure Amelee’s, he refuses to intervene even though he knows her fiancĂ© isn’t what he seems.

But when tragedy strikes, Amelee turns to Arganos, the forbidden war captain, instead of her fiancĂ© for help. Fueled by Faery Court politics and a treacherous Queen’s rule, will the secrets they discover drive Amelee and Arganos apart forever, or will they defy everything for love?

 Find Kelly Lee at:

 Twitter: @kellyleefiction

September 3, 2015

#MovieReview #ManFromUNCLE

I love going to the movies. From buying my tickets to the smell of fake buttery popcorn and the faint stick of my shoes to the theater floors, I love the entire experience. I go in hoping to get completely wrapped up in the cinematic storybook I'm about to view.
Sometimes this is an epic failure.
But not this time.
I adored The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Everything about it. The zippy dialogue. The setting. The costumes. The music - oh, the music. And the characters. Especially this one:
Yes, Armie Hammer is just about the most beautiful man in existence right now. But his character, Illya Kuryakin--for me--puts him in a new non-cape wearing class of superhero. Illya is introduced actively, there is no doubt he is the bad guy. He chases our hero (a dashingly handsome and totally rakish Henry Cavill) in a rather Terminator meets Russian spy mash-up that made me more than a little intimidating. But this raw, barely-controlled creature has many layers. And I loved watching those layers come to light. His back-story was intriguing and heart-wrenching, as was the motivation for everything he does. Yes, I fell a little in love with Illya. *sigh*
As the original television series was before my time, I had no point of comparison. And I'm thankful for that. This was a completely new cast of characters and I enjoyed every single one of them.
So, if you're looking for something to do this weekend, buy a ticket, get your popcorn, and sit back and ENJOY the show. You won't be sorry.
Curious? Here's the trailer:

September 1, 2015

Under the Princess crown with #mystery author Nancy Haddock #crafting #BerkleyPrimeCrime #amreading #MFRWorg

Under the Princess Crown with

Nancy Haddock is an award-winning, national bestselling author. Basket Case is the first book in the Silver Six Crafting mysteries with Berkley Prime Crime. Her earlier books are La Vida Vampire, Last Vampire Standing, and Always The Vampire, and feature Gidget with fangs.

Speed Round:
Favorite movie: Father Goose
Favorite book: Way too many to name!
Last book read: Magic and Macaroons by Bailey Cates
Favorite color: Aqua
Stilettos or flip-flops: Flip-flops or barefoot
Coffee or tea: Both
E-book or paperback: Both
Pencil or pen: Pen
Favorite song: “Surfin’ USA”
Streak or not: Not
Favorite dessert: Coconut meringue pie
Champagne or gin: Kahlua
Paranormal or Historical: Both
Ginger or Mary Ann: Mary Ann
Favorite TV show: NCIS
Hot or cold: Hot
POV: First person
I'd die if I don't have: Literal answer: Oxygen and water. Figurative answer: Books!

The trouble Nixy expects in little Lilyvale, Arkansas
is not the kind of trouble she finds. 

As I climbed the front stairs, I spotted my five-foot-nothing Aunt Sherry standing behind two folding tables that blocked the front door. A coatrack held small baskets of woven hemp and willow, and a swath of blue gingham fabric lay around the fallen baskets, the edges fluttering as if agitated by the swirling emotions instead of the mild breeze . . .
Opposite my aunt stood the snarling star of the showdown in progress. She leaned over the folding table, her blood red fingernails scary long and lethal-looking as she pointed at Sherry.
“You’ll come to an agreement with me, Mrs. Cutler, and you’ll do it soon or you’ll be very sorry.”
“But, Ms. Elsman,” my aunt began.
“No buts,” the Elsman woman interrupted. “I want that option on your land, and I will by God have it.”
She tucked her asymmetrically cut black hair behind an ear, lifted a stiletto-shod foot, and deliberately speared one of the medium-sized hemp baskets lying on the porch.
My temper flared in a sonic boom of fury. “Back up and back off, lady,” I snarled.
The woman casually turned and arched a brow. “My name is Elsman. Ms. Jill Elsman, and I suggest you stay out of this. It does not concern you.”
“Actually, it does.” The black-haired, black-eyed demon woman towered over me, but I stood straight and let her have it. “It so happens that Mrs. Cutler, the woman you just threatened, is my dearest aunt.”

Find Nancy at: Website     Email

Find Basket Case at: Amazon     Barnes & Noble

Wow, Nancy, so wonderful to get to know you some more. So do you have a great recipe for coconut pie?

August 27, 2015

Under the Princess Crown with B K Nault & her book, The Kalideoscope #fiction #newbook #MFRWorg

The Princesses welcome author 

B K Nault writes both fiction and nonfiction (also as Beverly Nault). Empty-nested and downsized, she and husband Gary live full time in their RV they call Flight Risk - nicknamed “Fly.” Gary power-glides in "The Gnat" while Beverly safely explores new horizons on her Kindle, and banging the keyboard creating new worlds from her offbeat imagination.

Speed Round:
Favorite movie: Gone With the Wind
Favorite book: To Kill a Mockingbird
Last book read: How to Catch a Russian Spy
Favorite color: Peach
Stilettos or flip-flops: Flip flops
Coffee or tea: Coffee
E-book or paperback: E-book
Pencil or pen: Pencil
Favorite song: Moondance

August 25, 2015

Under the Princess Crown with author Gail Olmsted & Guessing at Normal #contemporaryromance #rockstar #MFRWorg

Gail Olmsted... a hopeless romantic, I am married to the love of my life and my favorite role is being mom to two young adults and three cats. I enjoy reading, boating, music and travel and am a college professor of marketing.

Speed Round:
Favorite movie: Goodfellas
Favorite book: Trinity (Leon Uris)
Last book read: A Thirty-Something Girl (Lisa Gott)
Favorite color: Orange
Stilettos or flip-flops: Flip-flops
Coffee or tea: Coffee
E-book or paperback: e-book
Pencil or pen: pen
Favorite song: Losing My Religion (REM)

August 20, 2015

.@VickiBatman - My first Lipstick #makeup #fashion #cosmetics #beautysupplies

Once upon a time...

I was very young--Big Surprise! 

Seriously, when I was younger, I was extremely shy. Painfully shy. My mom always said she could send my six year-old sister to buy milk in the convenience store over sending me. 

Thankfully, in my high school years, I grew out of that mess.

Around age ten, a new girl came to my elementary school. Her name was Joann and she seemed quite sophisticated to me. I was all skinny, ugly glasses, and --remember the shy thing?-- shy. Joann wore lipstick. One day after lunch, I said
it looked pretty on her and she passed me the tube. The lipstick was sorta purply pale colored. But I didn't care. By putting some on, I, too, would be cool and sophisticated like my new friend.

I passed it back; however, she told me to keep it. My insides went yipee!!!

After I walked home from school that day, my mom noticed the lipstick I wore. She asked me where I got it and being the obedient child I was, I showed her my gift. She took it away from me. Tears flooded my eyes. I wouldn't be cool any more. What would I tell Joann when I didn't wear it? Mom didn't care. No ten year old of hers would be wearing lipstick. 

I ceased being cool.

August 18, 2015

RWA 2015 Conference Memories @SloaneBCollins #RWA2015 #amwriting #MFRWorg #BFFs @sashawrites

Just a few short weeks ago I spent 5 days in New York City at the annual Romance Writers of
America annual conference.   I get just as excited about it as I do Christmas.  Every year I anxiously await the workshops to be posted, then I go through the list carefully deciding what sounds good.  Then, when the workshops are posted by day and time, I do it again.  Invariably and without fail, I end up with at least two for each time slot.  I make the final decision as to which to attend once I know whether it will be recorded or not.  Or, if the presenter is someone I want to hear in person. 
This is a time of fun, fellowship, friendship, motivation and inspiration.  I always come home rejuvenated and ready to write.  And this year was no different.

One of the best things at the conference this year: I met an author I’ve been a fan of for many years, one who hasn’t ever been at a conference that I’ve attended.  Jude Devereaux!  I met her at the

Literacy Signing on Wednesday night and was so excited to get my picture taken with her.  Then I attended the workshop she gave on Research on Thursday.  Would you believe she keeps a notebook for each book (as I do, actually) AND she writes in longhand!  The next day my BFF and I were waiting at the elevator on our floor, and who should walk up but Ms. Devereaux and her editor!  It’s the one time I was glad the elevators took a long time because we had her to ourselves.  So we chatted about various things, and it’s a memory I’ll always cherish.