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February 28, 2017

A Texas Girl dishes on Life in the Rockies by Karilyn Bentley #TWRP

I'm trying something different today. Instead of talking about my dogs in the Tales from the Crate blogs, I'm going to talk about Life in the Rockies. Why? Because, almost a year ago, The Hubster and I moved our family of one dog and various fish, corals and other critters in a salt water fish tank (almost all of which died during the move, the fish and critters, that is, not The Kraken or the corals) from North Texas to the Colorado Rockies. Needless to say, things are a bit different up here, and I'm not talking about the Rocky Mountain High. So, in case you are interested, here is a list of things I've learned since our move. 

1. Altitude takes awhile to get used to. Become accustomed to gasping for breath while walking anywhere. Having an upper respiratory infection makes this worse (as a side note, don't go skiing with a URI lest you find yourself suddenly unable to breath while hurtling down the side of a mountain. Just saying).
2. Don't admire the scenery while driving. Distracted driving leads to deer and/or elk jumping out in front of your car.
3. A Chevy Equinox can go from 40 to 0 in 1.5 seconds (see #2 above for why this is necessary).
4. A wrapped Pappa Murphy's pizza will stay intact while flying at 40MPH from the seat to the floorboard (see #3 above)
5. Cars flash their lights not to warn of a speed trap, but to warn of the elk herd in the middle of the road. Slow down and proceed with caution and be sure to flash your lights at the next driver.
6. Watch out for mountain lions and bears
7. Figure out how to drive with brights on all the time (there is no greater darkness than that of a mountain)
8. Driving an ATV with a snowplow on it is fun
9. The state cars are Subaru, Jeep, and pickup trucks with snowplows.
10. Lock your car doors! Bears like to get into them and will wreck the heck out of the inside of your car. Subarus are especially prone to this kind of destruction (something about the door handles).
11. Fourteen degrees Fahrenheit is no reason NOT to take a walk in shorts. Yep, shorts. Be sure to pair with a parka and ski hat and accessorize with your dog. Be sure to put a coat on your dog. 
12. Speaking of walking, there are a pair of walkers in our neighborhood that will walk in any type of weather. Even -5! Even when the temp drops and causes a flash freeze during the middle of a snowstorm, which jams up the highway, they are still out walking. They are better than the post office which didn't run when the temp dropped below 0. 
13. Speaking of the post office, if the mail truck can't make it around due to excessive snow, they pull out the special Jeeps with the driver on the right and deliver mail in those.
14. Winds around 70 MPH seem to be the norm. In North Texas if the meteorologist stated sustained winds of 70 MPH up to 100 MPH, you'd think a hurricane was blowing up through the state. At any rate, you'd definitely think this to be abnormal and would probably duck and cover inside your bathroom. Here? That's called Tuesday. 18-wheelers go slower on the highway but everyone else just shrugs and goes about their business.
15. Internet in the mountains is not cable. It's GSM. In other words, it uses a satellite dish to a tower. If you can't understand that techie speak, in my terms: they stick a tower on the highest point (this can be a house, we toured one with a tower on it) and beam it to your house. Space age! On the downside the aforementioned winds can twist your receiver around, making your internet run sloooooowwww.

1. In Boulder you can don your dress shirt, tie and jacket, pair with swim trunks and hop on a inner tube for float to work day. (yes, this is a real event, click here)
2. The Dam Duck Derby: purchase a rubber ducky at a local store for it to be put in a large net which is suspended courtesy of the hook-and-ladder firetruck above the dam then dropped. First ducky across the finish line wins. Proceeds go to charity.
3. Jeep ice races!! Jeeps race on top of frozen Georgetown lake.
4. Skiing and lake ice skating.
5. Polar bear plunge. People pay good money to hop into a frozen lake and be pulled out by the fire department. It's a charity event.
6. Ice Melt Challenge. Guess when the lake melts enough for a 20 pound barrel to drop through the melting ice into the lake.
7. Frozen Dead Guy Day: Yes, this is a festival. Click here to read more. 
8. Renew your marriage vows in Loveland on Valentine's Day. Then ski down the slopes in your wedding dress. Here's the news coverage.

If you want something besides my experiences in my new home, here is my latest book, releasing next month on March 29th!!! Excitement! Demon Cursed is the third book in my Demon Huntress series. It's available for pre-order on Amazon now!  Here's the blurb:

Gin Crawford, the world's newest demon huntress, just wants to enjoy a football game, but finds herself hunting a serial killer minion instead. When his victims turn out to be the local football star’s female fans, she must determine if the player has joined forces with the minion, but her efforts lead her deeper into danger. When her mentor, Aidan Smythe, is attacked, Gin resolves to go to any lengths to save him, even if it exposes her most tightly held secret. Minions and demons, however, aren't the only terrors she faces. Will she realize the greatest danger lies within—before it's too late?

Until next month, happy reading! And watch out for those mountain lions. :)

February 16, 2017

Freaky Weather Follies #MFRWorg #whatsupinyourneighborhood #winterblues

When we think of winter in North America, we think cold—right? At least for most of us and even then, there’s the weird stuff like the blizzard a while back in Georgia. Usually, the days are cold here, the heater is on to warm my feet, a light wool sweater, long sleeves. When going outdoors, I add a coat layer, gloves, and a scarf.

This year has been so different. What I described above was the norm until we hit mid-Jan. But no snow or ice, just a scare. A big rain and little drizzle stuff. Since, we’ve been experiencing early Spring, despite the groundhog’s prediction. Leaves from the bulbs are pushing through the ground. The shrubs and fruit trees are budding. My early predictor is my flowering quince which has been blooming for three weeks now—with bees.
Doesn’t seem normal.

February 7, 2017

Michelle Miles: 1001 Movies

There’s a really cool book called 1001 Movies. I have it. Because I’m a dork like that. The book is 960 pages of Moviedom, complete with a handy checklist at the front.  (It also helped the cover has Indiana Jones on it – my first true love.)

I spent two hours perusing it. It’s jam-packed with photos, a little synopsis of each movie and opinions by contributions, starting with a silent movie released in 1902: Le Voyage Dans La Lune (a.k.a. A Trip To The Moon). I can personally say I’ve never laid eyes on this movie but there are some iconic pictures that are widely recognizable. The Moon with the missile-like spaceship right in its eye, for example. According to the book, the movie “represents a revolution for the time” and clocks in at only 14 minutes. But at the turn of the century, there weren’t movie theaters like what we have today.

January 31, 2017

February - The Month of Love

February is huge for me. I have four books coming out. Am I crazy? Yes, sometimes I honestly think I am. But I am so excited about this new series. 

When Krystal Shannon asked me for an original story to put in her autism box set, I thought I had no ideas. Then I remembered. Several years ago I wrote a short story called Return to Cupid, Texas and I decided to go back to that little town. Once I started writing, the ideas started pouring in and now this little seed has grown to six books. Return to Cupid, Texas will have new stories unfolding for the next three months. 

But wait...the month starts off with the next Kindle World I'm writing in. A science fiction adventure set in Magic, New Mexico - which is author S.E. Smith's world.

Touch of Deceit comes out February 2nd and there are no links because it's in a Kindle World and they drop everyone's books at the same time. If you enjoy witches and aliens, you'll like the story of Petuna and Jaqarg. A witch who wants revenge. An alien with a Secret. A magic mirror that reveals true love. Come join the adventure. 

January 19, 2017

Having a conversation @VickiBatman #foreignlanguage #makingfriends #MFRWorg

Recently, I was out of town with Handsome. While he was attending to business, I waited for him in the lobby. I stuck in my headphones to listen to Chris Botti and began embroidering a special gift. As he was ushered back, a man across the way said something like "you don't go?"

Since I wasn't sure I heard him correctly, I took out my earbuds and walked over to him. He was an elderly guy and having men in my life who couldn't hear well, I am a little sensitive in talking with people so they can hear. I said, "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you."

He pointed in the direction Handsome had gone and said, "Don't go?"

I must have looked puzzled. "No. It's okay to wait."

He asked, "You speak Spanish?"

January 3, 2017

Michelle Miles: Bring it on, 2017

Another year as come and gone and most of us are happy 2016 is in the rearview mirror. The celebrity world lost a lot of great entertainers this year and, sucked. I’m still reeling after the deaths of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. It was like seeing my childhood flash before my eyes.

But I don’t want to dwell on that. I want to look forward instead of back and thinking about the future year ahead. We have just over 360 days to make it a great year.

I’m really not into making resolutions but I do like to set goals for the year. Last year my big goal was completing, editing and publishing IN THE TOWER OF THE WIZARD KING. I also wanted to re-release some of my titles that had reverted to me from a previous publisher. I’m happy to report I was able to release all five of them and relieved to be out from under that horrible publisher. You can catch all the REALM OF HONOR titles and WIZARD KING at your favorite retailer. *shameless plug*

December 15, 2016

This year went fast! #NewYearsDay #Christmas #MFRWorg #feelblessed

It's my last 2016 Plotting Princess' post. I'm sorta at a loss what to write here. I've had one heck of a year, mostly because Handsome had a surgery at the end of August, and in 2017, will have another. That seems to bleed into my creative life.
Otherwise, I've been blessed.
So let me bore you with my year in review: