January 22, 2015

.@LindaSteinberg asks Do Looks Matter? #Beauty and the Beast #new release #contemporary romance

LINDA STEINBERG  asks  Do Looks Matter?

Do you judge a book by its cover?

Of course. We all do, literally. What’s the first thing that snags a reader’s interest in a book? It’s the cover. If that sparks our curiosity, we’ll check out the blurb and maybe read an excerpt before deciding to commit to a purchase.

Although we may try not to judge people the same way, we can’t help ourselves. If there’s a line of single women at a dance, which one does a guy approach? The prettiest, of course. And we can’t attribute that superficial attitude to just men. If we’re trying to meet someone on a dating site, don’t we click first on the profile of the best looking man? Although I believe women do rate other qualities higher than looks when searching for a partner, don’t we always give the handsome one the first shot at fulfilling our expectations?

How many romance novels have you read with an average looking hero? Not many, I’d guess. We want the man of our fantasies to be devastatingly handsome as well as possessing the qualities of honor, bravery, sincerity and kindness. Which is why it’s called fiction.