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July 19, 2012

PP gal Vicki Batman: I've got the Giggles over Mr. Sexy Runner

I've got the Giggles over Mr. Sexy Runner

At least three times a week, I work out at Jazzercise. My route there takes me along the west side of the small lake in my neighborhood. Eventually, the road connects with a main street, then another. I reach my destination in fifteen-ish minutes.

So what does this have to do with "giggles" and "Mr. Sexy Runner, Vicki?"

Most days, I pass Mr. Sexy Runner. LOL

One particular morning, a dark, heavy fog reached the pavement, blanketing everything. Ghostly, tree trunks stretched skywards, their limbs resembling thin fingers eventually disappeared in the mist.

Because of the poor visibility conditions, I drove a safe 20 mph. Then, I heard a shout --insert profane word-- and a slap on my bumper. Snapping out of my concentration, I realized a runner had appeared out of nowhere. And I hadn't seen him. Not at all.

Slamming on my brakes, my heart beat increased to almost a hurt. I looked in my rearview mirror to find he'd stopped as well and stared at me. A black running outfit covered him from head to toe. Then, he shot me the bird.

The rat.

All day, I couldn't get the incident out of my mind. He blamed me for nearly hitting him when I hadn't seen him--couldn't see him. He should have added some neon stripes to his clothing to make him stand out better.

So I wrote my thoughts down (for therapy) and kept going back and revising. Before I knew it, a story, "Running to Love," had developed. I sold it to August 2010 True Love magazine. For fun, I named the hero Mr. Sexy Runner.

So why this post, Vicki?

Today, I saw Mr. Sexy Runner and giggled because every time I see him, he has no idea how he inspired a story.

Have you run over any Mr. Sexy Runners today?

Vicki Batman is drinking a diet Coke, hanging out at her PC with the cat sleeping next to the screen. Her new story, "Store Wars," will be available in August from MuseItUp Publishing. Find Vicki at: or at:


Liese said...

I LOVED the story when it came out, but didn't realize it was inspired by an actual incident. You had this happen a LOT. I don't think my life is as interesting--or funny!


Karen Cote said...

Oh my goodness Vicki Batman, it's a good thing you wrote a story from this because if you hadn't, I would have. Lol. Actually, although this is hilarious and yes could have been a different ending, I've realized it's the WAY you tell the story that inspires me. You are a gifted writer my friend. Right now I want to pull my wip out and start writing. Btw, I hope in your story - if the runner is the hero, he doesn't flip off the heroine. That's a bit of a turn-off for me but then I'd never underestimate your writing ability to turn that perception. you my friend.

Kylie Frost said...

I nearly hit a biker once. OMG - my heart still pounds when I think about that. It was dusk and he'd pulled up alongside me on the passenger side and I turned right - nearly into him. Never turned that one into a story. Good way to work it!


Hi, Liese! Oh, I thought you knew the details. It really scared me to death.

Hi, Karen. Uh, yes, the hero did that finger gesture, but he does redeem himself and there's an HEA. I'll send you something. LOL

Hi, Kylie. Oh no! That is scary. Sometimes, the runners and bikers don't realize we can't see them. I just kept working it into a story. It was fun, too. Thank you for posting.


Oh and Kylie, I like your flower!

Phyllis said...

Ah, I don't think I could write anything good about a man who flips me off.

You, on the other hand, I believe can make gold from trash with your talents!

I love how you can take everyday events and turn them into stories so many enjoy.

Patricia said...

Oh, that's a great story, Vicki. And too bad he'll never know he was an inspiration to you! Ha...


Hi, Phyllis: I have to say playing What if??? really helps to develop a story. Try it!

Hi, Patti: Somedays, it's so tempting to lean out the car window and go "hey!" But I never do. lol

Michelle Miles said...

LOL! That's a great story, Vicki! I hate when people flip me the bird and it was THEIR fault. It makes me want to punch them.


Hi, Michelle: You know what was worse than being flipped off? His stare back. Maybe, someday, that image will be erased.

Karilyn Bentley said...

Hi Vicki,
I'm amazed by how you turn these incidents into stories! I've had a motorcyclist flip me off and I still remember how mad he seemed b/c he thought I honked my horn at him (I didn't). It's a shame how angry people get. But it's cool you can turn it into a story!!!

ckcrouch said...

My niece recently started to pull out for a left turn from her street to the main road. Halfway to pulling out a car came flying around a curve and almost hit her. She backed up and the passenger leaned out of the car and called her a B**ch. She was like whoa and how rude. We've grown into a sometimes very rude society. I guess that is why when someone does something realy nice I'm blown away and this is funny because I was reading a blog earlier about putting people in your writing ;-). Goo djob of working it out.


Hi, Karilyn: I had a guy whip around the corner next to my driveway and honk and blow by. I saw red and....

Maybe I should do some therapy on this story. LOL

Hello, C K Crouch: Ellen says "Be kind to one another." I think society needs to embrace it more. Hurrying only gives us one more second, imho. Yep, I worked it out and is that story fun. Thank you for visiting the PP and come back soon.

Kathy Ivan said...

Vicki, leave it to you to take a bad moment and spin it into a story worth reading. Wish that we all had that kind of outlook on life. More than likely I'd have just yelled back (although i wouldn't have flipped him off--I don't do that to anybody).


Hi, Kathy! You know, I had therapy by writing this story and giving it a happy ending. So moral to the story is--journal!!

Sheila Seabrook said...

Vicki, you constantly amaze me at how you turn these incidents into something funny, inspiring (okay, maybe it's just you that imspires me!) and useful in your writing career. I can't wait to see what you do next!

Janie Emaus said...

Inspiration comes from everywhere, doesn't it. Great story.

Alisha said...

Wow! You're such a sweet person, Vicki! So classy..unlike me..I'd have yelled out the window, "You idiot! You're jogging in the fog and wearing black clothes! Do you have a death wish?" I really, really try not to freak when things like this happen to me. My mother always blows kisses to jerks like this so I've tried that too and it really is funny to see their reaction to that. I love that you turned it into a story!!! You really are amazing like that. I think you should tell him one!


Hi, Sheila! Thank you so much! Not every story I write is based on freakishly weird stuff. LOL.

Hi, Alisha! I've been known to say some things on occasion. I was absolutely frightened that day. Glad it worked out...for me. I still don't know about telling him, tho. lol

Hi, Janie! When I took a class on story writing, we looked at pictures and developed them. What a challenge. Thank you for posting.

Elizabeth Essex said...

I just adore how you can take these seemingly random occurrences in your life and play "what if." I am in awe of how you find inspiration for stories everywhere you look!

And as for Mr. Sexy Runner, I would have given him a MUCH different name if he had flipped me the bird!

Keep on getting great ideas like this and writing them down!

Sasha Summers said...

Love this post and will now have to see if can hunt down the story too! :) It WAS totally his fault

Marian L said...

So true, Vicki, stories come from every day life.


Hi, Ms. Essex: I did viscerate him later on. He just wasn't there. And did some in the story. I was practicing detachment. LOL

Hi, Sasha. I tried to find the story on zinio, but it was not there. Rats! So you get my free draft.

Hi, Marian: The ol' lemonade out of lemons theory-right? Thank you for posting.