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August 15, 2013

@VickiBatman : Ponders You Made This, crafty girl?

You made this?

I like to do needlepoint. I'm not the world's best. I've seen those intimidating grand prize winners at the State Fair. The crafters do the fanciest stitches in the tiniest silk threads on intricate canvases.

I'm more a paint by numbers kind of person.

I find a painted canvas and match the colors in the project to the cotton floss found at the local craft stores. I'd tried wool and bits of fiber found my eyes and nose. A huge sneezing, itchy fit followed.

Floss is affordable; so I splurge on the fabrication. When my creation is finished, I head to the nearest needlepoint store to make a pillow, handbag, stocking. I'm always a little nervous the clerks will snicker about my project, but they never do. They always, always say the nicest things. And when I pick up the finished product, I'm totally amazed. They make my work look even better.

But the paint by number thingy, Vicki? Surely, someone as creative like you can do more?
Nah, I'm totally happy. The colors come alive. And the best benefit--I can ponder about other things, like my latest writing project. Or watch TV with Handsome. I really believe my brain is quieted and rejuvenated through needlepoint, through the simplicity of the basic stitch and its repetitiveness.

So what hobbies help you rejuvenate?

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chris keniston said...

Reading is my only hobby- years ago I used to crochet. Okay- decades ago! Once I had kids there was not time for crocheting.

I have however in recent years developed a keen interest in things needlepoint - a good friend introduced me to all things needlepoint. So far I have mostly cushions and one piano bench that substitutes as a coffee table !!

Phyllis said...

I love most everything crafts. I use to make wreaths, crochet, cross stitch and needlepoint and painted just about anything, including clothing. Now, I mostly make jewelry.

I've found that when I bead weave in particular, my mind will work out troublesome scenes from my WIP. I've been known to carry entire conversations out loud while weaving tiny seed beads into lovely creations.

Fun post, Vicki!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Chris: I love needlepoint. There are projects that fit in a sandwich bag and in your handbag. So waiting at the doc's office--needlepoint. However, that's a good time to read too. Except for now, when I get to take the poos to the vet. lol

vicki batman said...

Hi, Phyllis. I love lots of crafts. The feeling of accomplishment when I finish something is terrific and makes good gifts too. I have to say, I craft nice wreaths.

Right on! I work out troubled spots too. I knew I wasn't the only one.

Marsha said...

Hey, Vicki. I've done a little cross stitch. Back in the day, I did something called crewel. Made some nifty fall pictures that hung on our walls for ages. My mother did cross stitch. I have footstool covered in on of her works. I also make wreaths, something I learned to do from a woman I lived with in college. I get a lot of satisfaction from those. Mostly hang on our door and change out with the seasons. Sometimes for gifts. Interesting post.

Kathy Ivan said...

You know me, I'm totally not a craft-oriented person (my sister got that gene LOL).

I'm a reader and a writer. Those are my creative outlets. I did try paining at one point, but it never resonated with me so I didn't pursue it. I'll stick to my books. :-)

Sylvia said...

Love this post, Vicki and it's so YOU! Your needlepoint is always so pretty. I like to knit, thought I'm not that good at it and I've been working on the same scarf now for three years. I use to needlepoint and I did canvas rugs. Years ago I was really into crafts, but now my time is spent telling yarns...hahaha.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Marsha! I know crewel because it uses embroidery stitches. I began my needlework life because of my grandmother. At age 9, she sat me down with a pillowcase and floss. I embroidered the kitty cat with a fork on it. I taught myself the basic stitch for needlepoint then took classes with a friend. That project involved too much counting, like counted cross stitch! So I only do painted canvases. thanks for posting.

Hi, Kathy! Yes, your sissie got the crafting genes. LOL And stick with the books. You're too good.

Hi, Sylvia! I just can't write all the time, mostly because I love to do other things and expand my mind that way. And that's probably due to my family. Every Monday we'd go to Grandmother's house where my aunts did all sorts of things. So it rubbed off on me in a good honest way

I'm concerned about the three years to knit one scarf thingy. lol

Melissa Keir said...

I used to love needlepoint and embroidery. Then I made jewelry. Now I don't have time for any of that...even reading is suffering. I think it's great that you have this to help with the down time! The projects are so cute, esp. the purse!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Melissa! After Handsome had cancer, I quit writing in the evenings and on weekends so I could watch movies and do stuff with him. That gives me lots of time, yet... A project like the handbag took me a year.

Soon I'll be posting what has mostly taken up this year. lol It has to be a surprise for someone in the family.

And you don't have to do big stuff. I do lots of little stuff when traveling. Thanks, sweetie.

Pat Marinelli said...

I used to do a lot of needlework but then the eyes started going and I couldn't read directions and see the stitches. Now that I've had cataract surgery, I was thinking of trying it again. Not sure how the arthritic fingers will do, but we'll see. I bought an apron to embroider, just have to get the DMC floss. My sister have the knitting and crocheting gene. LOL