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May 1, 2018

Michelle Miles: May Day

It's May! Can you believe how fast it got here? Seems like we were just celebrating New Years Day.

May is probably one of the best months of the year (besides October - I love Fall!). Lots of fun stuff happens in May. My birthday. My husband's birthday. Mother's Day. Memorial Day Weekend. The end of school. It's a busy month for sure.

And this year, we have a royal wedding to look forward to! I can't wait. I enjoy following the royals from their wedding to the birth of their children.

I had a blog post all written and ready to post but after re-reading it (and after my cool down period), I decided it was far too snarky. And so here I am talking about May 1/Beltane while The Fifth Element plays in the background.

I like May even if it is the official beginning of our hot Texas summers. There's lots of shopping happening during the month and cake and ice cream. That just can't be beat.

What do you love about May?


Vicki Batman, sassy writer of sexy and funny fiction, blogger at Handbags, Books...Whatever said...

Today is perfect. The flowers are blooming like crazy. I like the crazy scary thunderstorms. Nice long walks. Maybe a picnic. And it's #2son's birthday too.

Michelle Miles said...

I love all the spring blooms too.

Karilyn Bentley said...

It's spring time! Like Vicki, I like the crazy thunderstorms, although we don't get those as much up here as in Texas. :) Happy May Day, Michelle!!

Kathy Ivan said...

Whenever May rolls around, I always hear the song from Camelot running through my head, and it makes me smile. I love seeing all the beautiful flowers and trees filling out and blossoming, although the people around me with allergies probably don't like that quite as much. :-) It's spring and a time for renewal which always makes me happy.