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February 21, 2013

PP Vicki Batman on Cuddle Up!

Cuddle up

With weather changing and the arrival of spring, I began thinking of where and how I like to read.

-On a couch, fire burning, a lap robe. A hot drink on the coffee table, a bowl of popcorn and my kitty warming my feet.

-Teeth-chattering cold. In bed, lots of blankets, down comforter, pillows piled behind my head. My cat under the covers and curled by my side.

-A lounge chair by a body of water. Grass underneath my feet. Cold bottle of diet Coke, soft breeze to stir the heat away.

-A comfy chair in a hotel lobby, tucked in a corner.

I can read pretty much anywhere, any time. I love to read and usually have a book within reach. One in the car, one by my bed, one downstairs, and sometimes, one in my handbag (although my Kindle is probably going to replace that).

I've seen people reading their phones, their computers, e-readers, and yes! even from real books. Reading consumes us, taking us to new places and introducing us to new people, new ideas, new themes.

What's your story? Where's your favorite place to curl up?

Vicki Batman likes nothing better than a diet Coke, a good book, and a bag of Cheetoes to spend a day. Find her at: Or at: Find her books at: Amazon ; Smashwords ;  BarnesandNoble


Melissa Keir said...

I'm like you. There is no one place that is my favorite for reading. I have those books all over! I do like to read alone though...No distractions!

Sylvia said...

I love to read anywhere and always have a book close by. But I have to admit my most favorite place is sitting on the beach with the wind from the ocean cooling me. When I get hot, I jump in and cool off and then back to my chair where I relax and read. Too bad I only get to do this about once every two years. I dream of retiring in the mountains with a big wrap around porch where I hope to have coffee most mornings, my husband and a good book beside me.


Hi, Melissa! Reading is my best friend. But I can do it with the TV on. lol

Hi, Sylvia: There's nothing like bathing in the warm sun, a breeze to temper the heat, and a book to be lazy over. I'm in!

Kathleen Baldwin said...

I still like to read in bed, snuggled under the covers after everyone has gone to sleep. ;-)

Now that I have a kindle with a light on it this has become a particularly bad habit.

Kathleen Baldwin said...

You know, I was just thinking after I hit send. This is something I've been doing since I was a kid. When I was sick i would escape and have adventures and never leave my bedroom.

I'm with you, Vicki, books, and the characters in books, became my close friends.

Kathy Ivan said...

I usually read on the couch on my Kindle. When I'm not snuggled up on the couch, I'm reading in bed, which can get me in lots of trouble because I don't stop when I should and read way too late!

Books and the characters and places they take me are such a huge part of my life, I can't image them not being there.

Karilyn Bentley said...

I read sitting beside the bed on the floor or in front of the couch on the floor. See a pattern? :) I love the escapism of a good read.

Kimberly Hill said...

I love to read any and everywhere. I loved reading on the beach when I was on vacation. But I am happy to lounge in the bed with a great book!

Eva's Flowers said...

I don't have a favorite place to read, I can read pretty much anywhere...I actually like reading with background noise, so I'll have the tv on, maybe the radio or my iPod...I carry my ereader in my purse, but at home I have tons of paperbacks also within reach :)


Wow! After lots of telephone repair stuff going on yesterday, I really was worried I missed something. I checked now and find all wonderful comments about reading and how much we love it. How we cherish it like a best friend and always have something with us to read.

Kathleen Baldwin said...
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