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February 25, 2014

Phyllis Middleton: Creative Multi-Tasking

There are several Plotting Princesses who love doing crafts and I am one of them. I don’t do them all the time, but when I get started on a new project, I keep going to for a while until I've made family and friends new little trinkets or something to wear. 

 For years, I've made jewelry.

 I so enjoy seed bead weaving.

 Lately, I've discovered Loom Knitting. Me! Knitting on a loom! I’ve always been able to crochet and make pretty things, but I packed those needles and yarn away for more than twenty years.  Then the new scarf craze hit and I crocheted a number of ruffle scarves. Those were my Christmas gifts for family and friends.  But let’s get real…there are only so many scarves I can do. 

That’s when I discovered the looms. Short ones, long ones, round ones and others I can adjust to any size! Now, I have baby blankets to make, afghans, more scarves with hats and who knows what else I will make.

The really cool thing about all my craft work is that my mind is totally free to wonder. That's how I work out troublesome writing scenes. When I have absolutely NO  clue what to put down on paper, I listen to my creative music, get my fingers to working on some kind of craft items and eventually, the scene works!

So do you have a favorite hobby or craft? 


vicki batman said...

Hi, Phyllis! I had no idea about loom knitting. That is way cool and something I could probably do...if I gave up my needlepoint. Nah, not yet. I'm doing my third handbag. Squee!

Phyllis said...

I'll be glad to show you the stitches. Who knows? I MIGHT just steer you in another direction!More likely, just get you hooked on another craft.

Seriously, when my hands are busy, not only is my mind thinking on other things, my hands are busy and I'm NOT putting food in my mouth.

Thank you for stopping by.

Liese said...

I can vouch for Phylliss' creative nature--both on and off the page!

Great pictures!

Liz Lipperman said...

Love the jewelry, Phyllis. I used to knit a long time ago, and I loved sewing. Nowadays, with arthritis settling in my fingers, I've had to give up all that, although I still do crafty things like fringed blankets, quillows, jewelry carriers, and curling iron covers for my kids. Unlike you, I have to have total concentration when I plot, so no go on doing that while I am "crafting."

Phyllis said...

Thanks, Liese

Phyllis said...

Liz, Perhaps the loom knitting could work for you. You don't use the fingers as much and other than the loom, there is only one tool to hold.

Fringed Blankets are fun. What is a quillow?

Oh geez,If I couldn't think of other things will crafting, I'd got nuts!

Thanks for saying hi.

Pamela Stone said...

Well, lately my main source of enjoyment is family and writing. And writing is a job, so not sure it even counts. Ha. I used to sew a lot. Sometimes latch hook, embroidery, and make homemade Christmas ornaments. My grandmother tried one summer to teach me to tat. I tied some fantastic knots.

Barb Han said...

Your jewelry is beautiful! I'm in awe.

Phyllis said...

Hi Pamela

I've attempted to Tat,but haven't got that figured out yet. I also am interested in making Irish Lace. Both Tat and Irish Crocheting seem somewhat similar, but with different tools.

Maybe you can show me some tatting moves!

Phyllis said...


Thanks for stopping by and the compliment. If you knew really how easy it is, You'd be amazed. I bet I could teach you!

Kathy Ivan said...

As the recipient of one of her ruffled scars, believe me, Phyllis, you are one talented lady. I don't have the patience to do that kind of handcrafts any more (or the eyesight). I'll stick to writing. LOL

Phyllis said...

Thanks Kathy. I understand about the eyesight thing. I sometimes have to just take my glasses off ( I'm near sighted) because even my bifocals can't do the job.

Michelle Miles said...

Fun! I cross-stitch. I love it. Since I do counted it doesn't leave any brain power for other thinking :)

Phyllis said...

HI Michelle,

I did counted cross stitch about thirty years ago. I cross stitched on tee and sweat shirts. Some pieces made it to my wall. I agree. You can't think of much else but the count and the stitch.

Linda Steinberg said...

I used to do needlepoint but I haven't done it in years. It is nice to do something with your hands while your mind is somewhere else.

Phyllis said...

Hi Linda!

Amazing how many of the Princesses have done or still do creative things...other than writing, I

chris keniston said...

oh what memories- my grandmother taught me to crochet - but I had so much fun as a youngster making pot holders from a loom and selling them to neighbors- I really ejoyed the weaving aspect- bet the stuff you do is WAY nicer!! LOL

Phyllis said...

You just jarred a memory for me..I had to about 8 or 9 ( still more than 50 years, ugh..)...back to the subject, Mrs. Epley, an elderly neighbor taught me to crochet those tine stitched doilies.Oh, what a memory! Thanks Chris!

Karilyn Bentley said...

I love your jewelry! So pretty! I've never been able to knit. Tried to crochet but it wasn't pretty. :) Keep up the loom knitting!

Phyllis said...

Thanks Karilyn!

I've never been able to knit either. Haven't been able to get both hands to go where they needed to be at the same time. That is why I enjoy the loom knitting. I get the knit look with a loom.

Elizabeth Essex said...


I love that you work out plot problems while you are doing craft work, and I am really jealous of that down time, when your brain is free to wander and come up with ideas. I feel like I'm always on deadline, and always forcing myself to write without any down time.

Maybe I'll try to add in a little more 'creative multi-tasking!" Thanks for the great ideas.

Cheers, EE

Phyllis said...

Hi Ms. Essex,

Well, you are such a gifted and wonderful storyteller you are in high demand and that is a good thing!

That is the good thing about not being deadline pressure. Just the pressure of getting it out there.

I'll be glad to show you some of my craft techniques someday. Not holding my breath, however, you are super busy!