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May 16, 2019

blog w @VickiBatman - There’s No Escape! EMFRWauthor #readromance #escaperoom

Recently, #2son had a big birthday and when I asked what he would like to do, he said an escape room. I had read about different ones. My DIL and #1son had done some. So I was game to try.

Eight of us arrived and picked Alien Blood Bank Robbery. The hostess demonstrated how different locks worked. Gave us gear to wear—lab coats and head bopper headbands (the kind with hearts, stars, etc. which bob on a spring). We were told we could ask for three clues and had one hour to complete the task.

Here’s the background:

For decades, the aliens have been modifying human DNA. Eddie the Alien cleans the lab every night and has developed a secret love for humans. He wants to help and has left clues for us to use to break in and steal the blood samples.

Inside the first room, we found a school locker, table, various locked boxed. Magnetic board. We wandered around to get accustomed to the room, and secretly thinking something would magically pop out and we would be on our way. Yea, that didn’t happen. We asked for a clue. 

The clue enabled us to work one lock, which enabled us to work another lock, etc. Finally, a door opened to an adjacent room set up with more locks, boards, etc.  We solved those and eventually, were able to unlock a safe and procure the DNA. 

We finished with minutes to spare. LOL

Would I do an escape room again? Yes! Using our brains is a good thing. And our group worked well together. I’d like to try the Wild West Bank Robbery. All that bandana and hat stuff sounds like fun. 

Have you done an escape room?

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