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Kathy Ivan

Kathy Ivan - I can’t remember a time when books and reading weren’t a part of my daily life. I was blessed with a mother who instilled the love of reading in me at a young age. That progressed into a passion for the written word in all forms, which led to my writing. Every day I have new stories and new ideas roaming through my brain, the characters chomping at the bit for their turn to be front and center and have their story told. Today that love of storytelling translates into my desire to write and share my stories with others. I write in many genres, but I’m currently concentrating on romantic suspense and paranormal.

My day job is about as uncreative as it gets. I do medical transcription, spending numerous hours at the computer each day trying to decipher the mumbled, garbled and often unrecognizable words the physicians are dictating, in an effort to make a complete and comprehensive patient record. It’s almost as bad as trying to read their handwriting!

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, I’ve lived in various places throughout my youth, from California to Hawaii and back to Florida (Key West), before finally settling in Texas.

I am a member of Romance Writers of American and the Dallas Area Romance Authors (DARA), where I’m an active member; you can find me at the local meetings each month. I love talking with other readers and writers, so feel free to contact me.

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Find her books at:  Amazon | Carina Press | Barnes & Noble | Audible


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