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November 29, 2016

Tales from the Crate - Puppy Playtime by Karilyn Bentley #puppy #crazydog

Our cute puppy!
My puppy is growing! Which means, we now have a nickname for him, two actually. I call him Sir Poops A lot (for obvious reasons) and The Hubster calls him Little Monster (again, for obvious reasons). He's really cute, as you can see from his picture (and he's also pretty hard to keep still, as you might be able to tell from said picture). This time around the puppy playground, we have some help from our resident nanny, aka The Kraken.

November 17, 2016

Michelle Miles: It's the Movies, Not Your House

It's become a rare occurrence when the husband and I go to the movies. I take full responsibility for that because I detest the general public.

But we needed some fun this past weekend, so I requested a movie date. We saw Arrival with Amy Adams and Jeremey Renner. Really good flick. I recommend it!
Anyway, we purchased the tickets online and then picked them up at the kiosk at the theater. Things are getting so impersonal these days, you don't even have to talk to anyone to buy tickets. It's kind of sad, actually.

November 8, 2016

We All Need a Smile Today

Today our nation makes a decision on who will be our next President. After this very long, very nasty campaign, I thought that we all needed a laugh. Who knows how the next twenty-four hours will go, so let’s start our day off with a smile and some laughter. 

Here are 10 Dumb Blonde Jokes and I am blonde, so it’s okay for us to smile and laugh at these. After all, I should have been a rocket scientist. All of these jokes were taken from an article by Melanie Berliet on the Thoughtcatalog website. If you share them, please give her credit. 

November 1, 2016

.@VickiBatman - Seven weeks plus a few days #holidays #newbook #MFRWorg #anthology

Seven weeks plus a few days...

What does this mean? Seven weeks plus a few days until Christmas. Kinda scary. Did you get a panic rush about needing to do this and that?

I'm not so worried about Christmas. I'm worried about Thanksgiving.
For the first time, I am hostessing 25 (plus Handsome and myself) at my house.