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Alisha Paige

Alisha Paige lives in the deep South with her husband and three children. She writes under the pen names Alisha Paige (paranormal, fantasy and vintage romance), Ruby Vines (romantic thrillers and romantic comedies) and Wolfgang Pie (children’s fiction and young adult novels). Canyon Wolf Bride was her debut novel in 2007. The book was nominated for best paranormal romance of 2007 by Long and Short Reviews and received rave reviews by Night Owl Romance, My Book Cravings, Two Lips Reviews, Coffee Time Romance and Fallen Angel Reviews. Her paranormal romance, Circle City: Lord of the Wolfen sat on the bestseller’s list at Amazon for ten weeks, causing a stir among the romance reading community, labeled by some readers as too dark, argued by others as seductively rich, dark paranormal romance at its finest.

She loves to mingle real life history with fiction while blending genres. Her characters have lived in Colorado, The Grand Canyon, Alaska, traveled to the Salem Witch Trials, visited the Italian Renaissance, traveled to Hades and back, romanced in Palm Beach, Florida, London, Africa, and Montego Bay, Jamaica. They have suffered through the Texas Dust Bowl, The Great Depression, The Holocaust and lived through the last great Ice Age when sabre tooth tigers and woolley mammoths walked the earth.

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