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October 6, 2011


It's Temptation Thursday, so I thought we'd try something just a wee bit different today. I'm going to list a few snippets from books written by some of the Plotting Princesses that are already published and available. So, if you read something you like below, you'll be able to go and buy that book instead of having to wait. Instant gratification! Buy links are provided along with the excerpts.

Ready. . . set . . . here we go!

MAGICAL LOVER by Karilyn Bentley

His lids snapped open. “You’ve never done this?”

Uh-oh. He looked worried. Despite the shadows obscuring his face, she knew her virginity concerned him. After tonight it wouldn’t be a problem and there was no way she was stopping now. No way. He was hers.

ONE KNIGHT ONLY by Michelle Miles

“This is my true form,” Elyne informed her. “But you humans cannot look upon us for very long.”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s like looking directly at the sun.”
Meaning, it would burn my eyeballs right out of their sockets. I get it.

“Turn it off.”

I BELIEVE by Vicki Batman

I flashed my palms their way. "Point taken, except for nose picking. Did you ever stop to think maybe nothing jived between those bozos and me? No chemistry? That's what a successful relationship needs, as you well know."

Paige resumed knitting. A small, white bootie dangled from the needles. "The only chemistry you're familiar with is the one you almost flunked in high school."

DEADLY R & R by Ruby Vines/Alisha Page

She leaned in for another kiss, moving to his strong jaw, tasting a mixture of sweat and salt water, his stubble raw against her soft cheek. A wave swept beneath them, washing away the heart Tommy had drawn in the sand earlier in the day. Her heart ached at the image. Lacy foam bubbled over the wet sand,
erasing their names in the middle.

“Welcome to the Hotel California, such a lovely place ...”, the radio alarm blared, startling Shay from her dream with the old Eagles classic.


Before the night ended, she would be in bed with a total stranger.
Oh, God.

Taking a deep breath Dani Perez walked toward the hotel bar, her red stilettos clattering like a Riverdance audition on the black marble floor.

What the hell are you looking at? she wanted to scream when the desk clerk glanced up with a knowing smile. But she knew exactly why he was staring.


Tommy watched in silence as Steven stepped across the threshold, a heavy burden in his arms wrapped securely within a blanket. Steven walked toward the brass bed and gently laid his bundle down. With infinite care, he unfurled the blanket. A head and shoulders appeared, followed by a faint groan.

Tommy’s world seemed to freeze in stunned disbelief, his breath stuttering in his chest. Time seemed to slow to a crawl. Dear God above, he thought, his stare riveted to the now-occupied bed. He’s kidnapped somebody else.

A SENSE OF SIN by Elizabeth Essex

Viscount Darling, the one man in all the world whose good opinion had mattered to her, looked at her with such infinite disdain. As if he were a lion and she was too skinny a Christian to bother killing.


chris keniston said...

what a variety!!

such talented authors!

Pamela Stone said...

Love all the posts this week.

Patricia said...

Great way for me to find new books to read. Thank you. Good idea.

Liz Lipperman said...

Ooh, I'm intrigued. These little snippets are not enough, Kathy!! I want more.

I'm going to check out a few that I don't have yet.

Kathy Ivan said...

That's the point of these little snippets, Liz. Make you want to find out more, maybe intrigue you a bit. Plus introduce people to authors they may not have read yet.

If you want more then I (and my fellow authors) have done our job. :-)

Kathleen Baldwin said...

Superb story teasers. Great work everyone!!! Intriguing. Made me want to read the rest.

Fabulous Princesses.

Sylvia said...

Very good! I have to go out now and buy some new books.

Phyllis said... much fun.


Nancy said...

Okay, these were FUN! Yep, my book budget just stretched a little more!

Thanks for the snippets!

Nancy Haddock