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December 6, 2011

What's on Your Christmas Wish List by Sylvia McDaniel

Yes, we are well into the Christmas season. Black Friday has come and gone and now we're on that roller coaster that takes us to the day the big man arrives. We're going to visit family and then take a quick, hopefully restful few days in the little town where I hope to someday retire. Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Nestled in the Rockies, it's cold and snowy, and we're going to go play for a few days. I will have a book bag with not only my notebook, but also my kindle. Can't wait to just rest, watch the snow and write.

So what are you doing as a writer/reader during this crazy holiday season to take care of you? How are you taking care of the writer? Are the holidays getting you off track and have you lost focus on the story you're working on? Are you keeping up with your daily page count?

As a writer, what do you want for Christmas? Don't give me the classic, cheesy line, a book contract. Yeah, we all want that. Do you have a wish list of presents and on that list, is something pertaining to writing? A list of books or a new Kindle, Nook or Tablet? A new reference book?

You see, I think what we put on our wish list says so much about us as individuals. Years ago, I asked for a new computer hard-drive. My husband told me I was a very weird woman. But I needed a better computer for my writing. Santa brought me a hard-drive. Then there was the year I asked for a class I wanted to attend, a David Freeman class. Santa paid for the class.

This year, I'm clueless as to what to ask for. So help me out and give me some ideas. What's on your list this year? What do you want Santa to bring you that is writing related?

Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you will give one gift to the less fortunate. If we all help just one person, the world will be a better place. So pay your good fortune forward!


Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, Sylvia: I haven't even thought about something for my writing. (I pray over it a lot!)

I asked for handbags; so I guess I'll have to write an article about handbags. LOL

Good post!

Diane Kelly said...

I'm hoping for a new laptop cooler. I stupidly tried to set my laptop on a table in the dark at a hotel recently and dropped the entire thing. It bent the two USB ports on one side (luckily there's one on the other) and broke the cooler. I was trying to be quiet and not wake my family, and instead they were awakened by crashing and cursing! I also want a stylus for my iPhone. I have freakishly long, skinny fingers but still can't manage to hit the right buttons when I text. : )

Sylvia said...

Hi Vicki,
Love handbags and if anyone can write about handbags that would be you. I think you can take anything and write a short story about it.

Sylvia said...

Hi Diane,
What is a stylus? You can see I'm kind of technology challenged. As for the cooler, is that the fan? Once again I'm technology challenged. By the way, I love your picture.

Pamela Stone said...

Hi Sylvia, I think some downtime in Colorado to read and write while watching the snow sounds heavenly. Or for me, possibly on a warm beach listening to waves crash. But either setting would work. Just time to do what I love. May have to look into a short post-Christmas trip.

Our Christmas is filled with family and that's the way I like it. All about the kids. However, since we moved two and a half years ago and left my beloved hot tub behind, my achy body has been craving a new one. So this year a new hot tub is our gift to each other. It's bought and hubby is having concrete poured and running wiring. WooHoo!. My aching joints are staring out the window in eager anticipation.

Sylvia said...

Ohhhh Pam,
I think a hot tub sounds wonderful. I have to admit I asked for a new refrigerator for our an anniversary present. Hubby has it ordered and I still received a dozen beautiful roses. I'm a lucky girl.

We don't have much family and they are all in either west Texas or New Mexico and we rotate the holidays between those two areas. So this year for Christmas we're in New Mexico. I keep promising myself a Christmas at home, but that hasn't happened yet.

Love the idea of the hot tub! I think that's an excellent writing gift. A new location to plot.

Sylvia said...

Ladies, I have to leave to attend a meeting that is scheduled for three hours, so I won't be back until after lunch. But I will return. This darn day job just keeps getting in the way of my fun.

Liz Lipperman said...

Sylvia, your Colorado trip sounds wonderful. We do Christmas at my house every year since this is where the kids are. I miss spending time with my siblings and their families, but I wouldn't give up the time with grandkids and my kids for anything.

As a spoiled brat, I asked for an iPad for a combination birthday and Christmas present. I already have it with a covet that has a wireless keyboard. I love it but so far, I am only proficient in the Bubble Explode game!

One of my other Christmas wishes did come true this year. As of 8 am this morning, my self published Romantic Mystery, Mortal Deception, went live on Amazon. It should be available for all downloads by tonight, but it is in kindle right now for $.99

Thank you, Santa.

Kathy Ivan said...

Sylvia, I never thought to ask for something writing related for Christmas! How could that have not even crossed my mind?

I'll probably ask for a wireless keyboard and mouse to use with my netbook, becuase that little itsy bitsy keyboard just doesn't work for long-term typing for me and I end up going back to the desktop to do any major writing.

Congratulations, Liz! Can't wait to read your newest, Mortal Deception.

Sylvia said...

Congratulations Liz. I'm going to go and download that this evening. I'm stocking up my Kindle for the drive and for our days in the house we're renting. I'm so looking forward to the rest. As for the IPAD, let me know what you think about it. I think I'm going to get hubby one for Christmas.

Sylvia said...

I always think of writing things for Christmas. Sometimes Santa brings me books I've been wanting. Anymore I'm so hard to buy for. I have a wireless mouse for my notebook, but I never thought of an actual keyboard.

Phyllis said...

I already got my 'writing me' the latest edition of Dragon Software
- the 11.5 version. Yea!

And I already know that Dear Hubby got me a new laptop.

I usually try to get several angel tree cards, especially for the seniors.

The rest of my Holiday time ks spent with family and dear friends.


Phyllis said...

Hey Diane,

Last I knew stylus doesn't work in iphones. I have one and also checked into getting a stylus. Got some and they don't work. I found my knuckle works pretty good!


Phyllis said...

Ah Pam,

Your talk of hut tubs and Sylvia's trip to Colorado reminded me of one night in a hot tub with a dear friend and bottle of wine, under the Colorado Snowy night....

(Colorado is my home state..)


Phyllis said...

Congrats Liz,

I now have to go get it!


Elizabeth Essex said...

I love this idea of something for the writer!

What I want Santa to bring is a few weeks of peace and quiet so I can get writing done. That would mean no laundry, no meals, no carpool, no trips to the drugstore .... nothing but writing, writing, writing.

I seriously doubt that's going to come my way. I'll just have to ask for an Ipad, since the oldest Essex spring accidently dropped my kindle and broke it. Sigh.

Thanks for the fun post! Cheers.

Sylvia said...

Hi Phyllis,
I'm checking out that Dragon speak. I'm thinking I could a lot more driving done if I was talking in the car. Of course it could be interesting as well.

I also know you're from Colorado and this Texan wants to move there so bad. Retirement!

Sylvia said...

One year Hubby gave me a certificate for one day of complete rest. I didn't have to do anything that day. No cooking, no laundry nothing. God Bless him, but I loved that gift. Yes, you can have a day of rest as a gift. I saved the certificate, it meant so much to me.

Sylvia said...

Well another blog day has passed and I just want to say Thank you for stopping by. I really appreciate it. I'm going to be laying low for the next two weeks while I finish a "little" project I'm working on and then we're leaving town. Everyone have a wonderful wonderful holiday and a safe New Year's Eve. May 2012 bring us all book contracts or lots of e-book sales.

Writes Wendy said...

Well, cherry amber earrings are just what I need to come up with active verbs. Perfume might inspire better sensory images. Chocolate could conceivably bring on visions of romantic scenes. And, dare I say it, wine set my muse on fire.

Merry Christmas, Sylvia!

Wendy Lee

Sylvia said...

Hey Wendy,
Merry Christmas to you. My Muse enjoys a good scotch and water occasionally, but I never knew that amber earrings helped you craft active verbs. Those are going on my wish list.

Have a great holiday!

Sylvia said...

Hey Wendy,
Merry Christmas to you. My Muse enjoys a good scotch and water occasionally, but I never knew that amber earrings helped you craft active verbs. Those are going on my wish list.

Have a great holiday!