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January 10, 2012

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Kelly Lee on Murdering Eve

The beginning of a new year is a time for fresh starts, resolutions, and optimistic planning about the future. But also a chance to reflect on the year that just ended, wonder where the heck it went, and whether or not you considered 2011 a "good year".
Overall, I would describe 2011 as pretty spectacular. I signed my first book contract and got "published." I became pregnant with my second child. I learned a lot of lessons about my work ethic, my family, and my friends…who supported me, and most eye-opening…who didn't. Some people in my life I found incredibly inspirational. Some (strangely enough) were inspired by me.
Unfortunately, the one resolution I had every intention of keeping for 2011 got shot to crap in May of last year. What was it, you ask?

Drink more champagne.

I figured life is reason enough to celebrate. Plus, my spectacular group of girlfriends is particularly dedicated to trying new champagnes. Peach champagne, one of our favorites, pops up regularly in our refrigerators. As does every imaginable combination of mixed drink made with sparkling wine. Mimosas, bellinis, poinsettias, you name it—we drink it. Yum-O.

Then, I celebrated my eighth wedding anniversary in May. Hubby and I went to Las Vegas. And I got pregnant. Hello, baby. Goodbye, champagne resolution.

I don’t mind admitting I had a few mixed emotions. After all, this was the first New Year's resolution I'd ever made I felt confident about keeping all year. But fate intervened, gifting me something precious instead. Quite frankly, getting knocked-up was the only thing I can possibly imagine that could have made me break my resolution.
So here I am, at the beginning of another year, pondering what to resolve in 2012. Surviving my second child's newborn-hood, that's a gimme. Writing the third book in the Four Realms Series, that's a must-do. But I need something fun, something to embrace. Something I can grab on to with both hands with childlike excitement like I did my Champagne Resolution. Quite frankly, I need some ideas.

What are your resolutions this year?

Here's my Blurb from Murdering Eve:
Eve Moore is very likely going insane. In one week’s time, she has clear memories of surviving a murderous attack by her dead husband’s mistress, teleporting to another Realm, learning her best friend isn’t human, and uncovering the existence of trolls, titans and mythical Gods. If she hadn’t gone off her nut, Eve wouldn’t be coming to grips with the fact that her mother had an affair with an immortal and she is apparently their love-child.

But since she’s getting pretty comfortable with it all, she figures she’s probably strapped down somewhere cold and antiseptic with drool dribbling down her chin. Except if she’s locked in sanitarium, as she must be, why is she so damn scared of the God of War who threatened to send her soul to the Underworld? And why does the mere glance from a gorgeous man, one she was tasked to find and return to Olympus, set fire racing through her veins?
Whether it’s reality or lunacy, Eve has no idea, but she is on one hell of a ride. If only she could get that red-headed harlot who tried to kill her the first time to cease and desist on the murder attempts, she could enjoy her psychosis in peace…

Thanks to the Plotting Princesses for having me as your guest! Happy New Year everyone!

Kelly's debut novel, Murdering Eve, won the 2011 Reader's Favorite award in the Romance / Fantasy – SciFi category. She can be found at, and would love to hear from you. Check out the Blurb and Cover from Murdering Eve, available for download at on Kindle, or for Nook. Also available in paperback!


Phyllis said...

Welcome to Plotting Princesses!
Murdering Eve sounds like a fun read. I wish you much luck with it.

Congrats on the baby. I hope baby gives you the time you need to keep up the writing!


Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, Kelly. Glad to have you here. Your title is fantastic. How did you come up with it?

Sasha Summers said...

The book sounds fabulous Kelly! Hope you're doing well with it. I have a bit of a soft spot for myth inclusive stories myself ;)
As far as New Years Resolutions that are fun and for 'me'? GOING to the movies more often. I miss it and love it and plan on going out (with or without the Man) more this year. AND - also fun - WRITING!

Kathy Ivan said...

Hi Kelly and welcome to the PP's blog.

Your book definitely sounds like a must read for me.

As far as New Year's Resolutions, I try not to make them because I can't ever keep them.

My wish list though is extensive, most predominantly getting more time to write. My day is so chock full of things that finding even 10 minutes lately has been nearly impossible. So I NEED MORE WRITING TIME. That's a ME wish.

Here's wishing all the Plotting Princesses have the need to dig out the champagne in 2012--sales for everobody!

Liz Lipperman said...

Hey, Kelly, peach champagne, huh? Sounds yummy. The new book sounds delicious, too. Welcome to the PP, BTW. We love hearing about our friends' books.

Kelly L Lee said...

Thanks Phyllis - I just hit send yesterday on the manuscript submission for its we'll see how much time I can dedicate to book 3 in the series while I'm on hard-core baby duty!

Kelly L Lee said...

Thanks Vicki - I struggled with the title a bit, to be honest. I was afraid it would give folks the idea the book was somehow about original sin...but went with my gut on it anyway. So glad you like it!

Pamela Stone said...

Hi Kelly,

New book sounds great. Congrats on the first sale, eighth anniversary and on the second child. Sounds like a fabulous year.

My 2011 wasn't quite so positive, but it did motivate me to gout on a limb and make a resolution for 2012.

My resolution is to do the best I can and help my friends and family where I am able, but NOT to stress myself out worrying about things that are out of my control to fix.

This letting go of things I can't fix will be a challange for me, but I'm determined.

Kelly L Lee said...

Hey Sasha! I'd love to make going to the movies more often my 2012 resolution, but with a new baby coming along in less than a month, I'm going to have to up my Netflix account options instead!

Kelly L Lee said...

Kathy and Liz - take my advice. Buy champagne by the case. Only good karma can come from that!!

Kelly L Lee said...

Way to go, Pamela Stone. If we all could adhere to your New Years Resolution, think how much more peace we'd all have in our lives. Have a wonderful day!

chris keniston said...

I loved the champagne resolution - how fun is that!! - I have a friend who tries different martini's when we go out - her favorite is still the choclatini. LOL.

I love babies - could hold them for hours - am so looking forward to some day (not too soon) becoming a granny- LOL. Until then let me know if you need a sitter!! : )

as for fun suggestions - the best I can come up with is dance in a fountain!! -

thanks for popping by and sharing Murdering Eve with us -

Kelly L Lee said...

Chris - I've always wanted to dance in a fountain! Think I might have to book a trip to Italy just to make sure when I do it, I do it right....

And you shouldn't have said that about babysitting - I now have it writing! :O)

Angi Morgan said...

PLAN for 2012:
Write. Revise. Promote. Repeat.
Setting a pattern for a career.

Best of luck with your release!! And the family life!