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December 18, 2012

Michelle Miles: Let's Have Some Christmas Cheer

I don't know about you, but I'm having a hard time getting into the spirit of things this year. I don't seem to have the amount of Christmas cheer as I once had.

Maybe it's because I'm all the way grown up now (I think), or maybe it's because stores start putting out Christmas stuff in October. It's like this great big build up - all the holiday shopping, the decorations, the treats, the meals, the planning, the wrapping, the baking, the everything! - for one day and then *poof* it's over in a flash.

I think that's what disappoints me. And don't even get me started about the new year. Blech. I hate the start of a brand new year (though I try really hard to have a better outlook on that. I really, really do.)

This crazy Texas weather is not helping either. Where is my cold December? I need it to be at least COLD for Christmas. A few little snow flurries would be nice (no ice, though, please?). I'd totally be okay with my face freezing off since I know it's that time of year. I did manage to get all the presents wrapped this weekend. I even whistled a Christmas tune or two. And I didn't curse at the wrapping paper. Much. (Don't you just hate that wrapping paper that is so thin when you roll the package over to tape it, it rips? Man, I hate that. But, hey, my wrapping is getting better.)

Anyway, I think I need some more Christmas cheer. Just to get me really in the spirit of the season. Along with a spiked eggnog or three. How about some Santa man candy?

Works for me! How about you? And this one:

Yes, I'm starting to feel a little bit more cheer now. Thanks. Think he needs some help with those lights? I'll volunteer.

How about this?

Is that a Thomas Kinkade or am I imaging things?

Okay, I'll behave. Let's go for something a little more serene. How about this?

I don't know about you but I feel better now. :)

What gives you Christmas cheer? 

Michelle Miles is published in contemporary, paranormal and fantasy romance. To learn more about her books, visit her website, on Facebook or Twitter.


Sylvia said...

Michelle you naughty girl. Loved the pictures. Yes, I have not had the Christmas Spirit this year. It's HOT! I know a lot of people love our warm winters, but I would so prefer to be cold. That's why I love going to see my husband's famiy in New Mexico. We had several white Christmas's there. But this year we're going to West Texas to see my family. I'm trying to stay positive because my shopping is done, the gifts are wrapped, the credit cards charged up...crap did I just say that. Oh yeah, I should have a lot of frequent flyer miles to travel with in 2013. Merry Christmas everyone. I'm raising my glass of SPIKED eggnog to you. May you be gathered around the FIREPLACE on Christmas.

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, Michelle. I have to say the man candy is nice, but not the spirit. Mine is being with friends and family, sharing stories, food, playing games, watching holiday movies.

Put on your music and sing!

Wrap-a-thon here I come!

CBarton said...

Family, GFC = Cynthia Barton Thank you for the giveaway. Happy Holidays

Karilyn Bentley said...

Loved the pix! :) I'm like you though, it's not feeling like Christmas to me either. Probably because of the weather. My favorite Christmas things are to spend time with family and friends.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you!!

Leela Lou said...

I love being with my family and eating good food. We see each other at other times during the year but it just feels special at that time.

I don't like colored Christmas lights but I'm rethinking my stance on it. There are times when they are displayed very well ;)

Thanks for being a part of the blog hop and Happy Holiday

Leela Lou

Anonymous said...

The (animated only, please!) Grinch and Peanuts specials help!


Unknown said...

I'm part of the hop, but wanted to stop in and say, hi! Great blogs, I'm having a blast learning about everyone :)

Patty1671 said...

I love christmas lights