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June 24, 2014

A Report from RomCon14

Last June almost all of the Plotting Princesses attended RomCon13 a reader conference in Colorado Springs intended to celebrate all things Romance, and I was lucky enough to have my book, A BREATH OF SCANDAL named the winner of the Reader’s Crown for Historicals.

This year the RomCon14 was held in Denver, Colorado, and only two of us, Sylvia McDaniel and myself, were able to attend. But what we found was more of the same wonderful interaction with readers that we had come to expect from a small, regional con like RomCon.

The reader to author ratio was an intimate six to one, and as the conference is still fairly small, both Sylvia and I (and many other authors) were able to participate in multiple sessions per day.

Together we (and a few other authors) sponsored Bridal Shower Mania and The Naked Hero games for readers, while Sylvia also sponsored “We Love Cowboys” and “Candyman,” and I struck off with a few other authors for “Mimosa Madness” and a reading of “Magical Firsts.” We also participated in a very well attended signing.

But my favorite part of the weekend, was the ‘Intimate Chat” I got to have with 15 readers who had specifically requested time to speak with me. It was really wonderful to sit and talk about what inspired each of my Reckless Brides books with people who had read every line, and were as attached to my characters as I am.

All in all, the conference was a resounding, if exhausting success. Its very smallness and intimacy is what makes it special, and affords each author plenty of one-on-one time with enthusiastic readers. I already know I’ll be going back next year!


Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, Ms. Essex! I missed going so much because last year was so fantastic. I loved the speed dating we did last year and chatting with all the readers. I'm so glad you enjoyed.

Jerrie Alexander said...

I couldn't have worded it any better!! This was my first time to attend and I loved every minute of it. I was lucky enough to be selected for one of the intimate chats, too. What a great time, chatting and answering questions from readers.

Great post!

Kathy Ivan said...

I so wanted to go to RomCon again this year but it wasn't meant to be. I'm glad that you and Sylvia represented the Plotting Princesses in fine style.

RomCon is a great conference both for writers and for readers, and if you get the chance to go, you won't be disappointed. Great picture.

Unknown said...


We sure missed having the other Plotting Princesses there, Vicki. But We still had a great time, and did what my mother always told me to do when I went out the door each morning—make new friends. :)

Unknown said...


It was so lovely to FINALLY get to do an event together. I had a blast making mimosas and popping the corks all over the place. Glad I didn't put anyone's eye out.

We'll definitely have to come up with something smiler next year. Cheers!

Unknown said...


I definitely missed you, and couldn't do such an intense plotting session in the car—but the sprig helped a little, and wrote down some scenes as I thought of them. :)

The picture is from the signing, and I thought it was exceptionally well-attended. I nearly sold out or my books, and I took two large boxes! :)

I'm already starting to plan for next year. :)

AquarianDancer said...

I loved seeing you and Sylvia again this year! This is the only conference I've ever been to, so I don't have anything else to compare it to but I have been four times out of five.

Phyllis said...

Sounds like fun. With my book coming out next year, I guess I get to look forward to these! Glad you guys had fun!

Sylvia said...

It was a great readers conference once again. I just got home and I'm totally wiped out. I did four events and let's just say...OMG. It was so much fun. Can't wait for next year.