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February 17, 2015

# My True Love Story by Phyllis Middleton

Thirteen years ago yesterday – February 16th – I met my future husband for the first time. We both knew before we saw each other that we were destined to be husband and wife.  And you ask, “How did you know that?”  Well, it’s like this….

Frank and I both joined the Christian matchmaking site – eHarmony the year before.  We were one of the first to join the service and answered 29 separate sections with a total of 500 questions.  It took a while, but on November 27th, 2001, the computer matched us together.

We communicated through the site email at first and then exchanged personal emails.  Since he was in the Dallas, TX area and I was in western Kentucky caring for my mother at the time, emails were the best way at the time.  Then we decided to stop communicating until after the holidays. I was very busy making costumes and acting in the church Christmas play and he was equally active. So we set a time in the first week of January to continue our ‘talks’.  I finally agreed to give him my phone number and when he called on that Saturday, January 5th, 2002, we talked for about four hours.

For the next month, we talked by phone just about every night and sent emails to each other.  We asked and answered the hard questions.  Discussions included every topic, money, work, sex, hobbies, pets, children, etc.  
We found that we were both on the same page.  Literally.
I pulled up his eHarmony profile and compared it to mine and there were like only two things different and they were not critical areas.  Frank and I seemed like we were preverbal two peas from the same pod.   

Then there came a time. He drove from Texas to Nashville, Tennessee to meet with me, my mother, my grandmother, and my aunt – all for the first time.  The man had guts!  When he got in the area, he called and I met him at the service station to drive lead him in to my aunt’s house.  We got out of our vehicles, went to each other, hugged, and kissed.  Our first kiss.

Frank wowed my family.  The supper table was full of ladies and he was wonderful with them all.  When I tucked my mom into bed later, I asked her what she thought.  With her little crippled fingers, she put her thumb and index close together and said, “Oh, I like him and a little bit in love.”  I lost my Mom in April, but she knew that Frank and I would be together.

He proposed in June and we were married October 12, 2002.  There was no sense waiting to marry when we already knew we were destined to be husband and wife. 

So for those out there who have found their true love, how did you find them?


Kelly L Lee said...

My goodness, Phyllis. What a truly lovely love story. I wish you both unending happiness... :)

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful love story, Phyllis. So happy for both of you.

Pamela Stone

Phyllis said...

Thank you, Kelly and Pam,

I consider myself very fortunate to have him in my life.

Unknown said...

That is such a beautiful story, Phyllis. Thanks for sharing it.

chris keniston said...

What a lovely story Phyllis. So glad to see happily ever afters in real life :)

Kathy Ivan said...

Knowing both you and Frank, I can say you are both definitely two peas from the same pod. You are great together and deserve every happiness.

Though I don't have a significant other at the current time, I'm such a firm believer in true love I always stay open to the possibilities out there. My own personal "Frank" may be right around the next corner.

Kathleen Baldwin said...

Awwhhhh. A lovely meet up story. And what a guy to brave all those ladies.

Thanks for sharing this. I'd not heard the story.

Sylvia said...

What a great story Phyllis. You two seem so happy and though I haven't met Frank, he's great because he takes care of you. I met my husband taking a Push Dance class. We became friends first and then one night after dancing he walked me to my car and kissed me. I was shocked. We've been together ever since and it's been wonderful. Even in the bad times, there is a foundation there that I never doubt for a moment that we won't find a way to work things out. Love him more every year we're together.

Phyllis said...

Thanks, Linda. It was fun going back in time for the time to write this.

Chris - This seemed very much like a story book romance and so we still have the happy ever after going on.

Kathy - Ah, Kathy, Yes, Frank is a good guy. Remember this - It is never too late to have that special love in your life. It is true...when you least expect it!

Kat - You got to meet him when you came to the ICU to see me. He's been so very good to me. Truly the love of my life.

Sylvia - You are going to have to tell me what a Push Dance is. Don't you just love those first kisses!
Thanks for sharing about you and Don.

Karilyn Bentley said...

Awesome story Phyllis! I love reading how we met stories. Yours is really sweet. So happy for both of you. You caught a winner!

Unknown said...

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