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April 14, 2015

Princess Chris Keniston has Landed--In London

The Americans have Landed—in London!

Some opportunities in life can't be turned down. So when I was asked to join a booksigning sponsored by Kobo #UksignKobo, I couldn't refuse. Which of course meant a trip to London!

First shock to British sensibilities came when a blonde from the west coast and myself sang along to Carly Simon's You're So Vain in the ladies room at Heathrow airport!  But I must say I think I'm adapting quite well. I adore the civilized practice of stopping mid afternoon for tea.    And just yesterday I heard myself comment on the peacocks at an English Manor – I believe my exact words were "Loud little buggers aren't they?"  And again leaving the country shop I heard myself say, "So many lovely bibs and bobs."

I'm not completely sure but I think a bib or bob is halfway between bits and pieces and knick knacks!  Of course there's a learning curve when speaking English.  While I was happy as a clam to have stumbled across a pair of trousers (apparently pants are underwear in England) with a high waste at the Marks and Spencers store– Had I been English I'd have been happy as Larry.  Though no one is quite sure who Larry is or why he was so happy! 

All this local fun leads up to what I'm most excited about. The book signing on Friday April 17th in London. I'm honored to be signing books with fabulous bestselling authors like Jillian Dodd and HM Ward and so many others!  If you're in the London area, pop in and say hello.  You can find more information here:

Just in case romance in the sun is more your style, have fun with my handsome navy heroes in my contemporary romance Aloha Series.  Until next time!  Cheerio !

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Chris Keniston said...

So happy to share my fun with everyone. It's already 8 in the morning here and I'm off soon to the London Book Fair - But I hope everyone enjoys the pretty peacock - so nice of him to open his feathers for me - and of course tea time. Such a civilized tradition LOL. Will pop back later ladies !

Liese said...

Enjoy the book signing! If you get a chance, there is a GREAT French restaurant next to the John Snow pub. And then visit the pump he disabled to stop the cholera epidemic.

Cathy McElhaney said...

Sounds like fun! I have an on line friend in England that I would love to go meet someday! She is about an hour from London, I believe.
I am sure you will enjoy the book signing! Have a safe trip back home!

chris keniston said...

Thaks liese - will see if I can find it - and Cathy I too have friends outside of london - the manor house with the peacock is in Suffolk!

Tell your friend to come see me - I could use a few friendly faces :)

Phyllis said...

Have fun, Chris! Love the peacock.

Chris Keniston said...

thanks phyllis - I was so surprised to see him spread his feathers -and then he kept them that way long enough for me to walk right up to him - I'd never seen that before !

Karilyn Bentley said...

Enjoy the book signing!! Sounds like you are having fun!

Kathy Ivan said...

Oops! I came by and read the blog post, but then got rushed and forgot to leave a comment! LOL Story of my life.

Have a great time in London. Enjoy the sites and may the booksigning be fabulous.

The peacock is beautiful. I don't know if you've ever been around peacocks for long, but they can be really noisy buggers (especially at night). But they sure are pretty.