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August 20, 2015

.@VickiBatman - My first Lipstick #makeup #fashion #cosmetics #beautysupplies

Once upon a time...

I was very young--Big Surprise! 

Seriously, when I was younger, I was extremely shy. Painfully shy. My mom always said she could send my six year-old sister to buy milk in the convenience store over sending me. 

Thankfully, in my high school years, I grew out of that mess.

Around age ten, a new girl came to my elementary school. Her name was Joann and she seemed quite sophisticated to me. I was all skinny, ugly glasses, and --remember the shy thing?-- shy. Joann wore lipstick. One day after lunch, I said
it looked pretty on her and she passed me the tube. The lipstick was sorta purply pale colored. But I didn't care. By putting some on, I, too, would be cool and sophisticated like my new friend.

I passed it back; however, she told me to keep it. My insides went yipee!!!

After I walked home from school that day, my mom noticed the lipstick I wore. She asked me where I got it and being the obedient child I was, I showed her my gift. She took it away from me. Tears flooded my eyes. I wouldn't be cool any more. What would I tell Joann when I didn't wear it? Mom didn't care. No ten year old of hers would be wearing lipstick. 

I ceased being cool.

In high school, I was able to wear some lipstick, a bit of colored eye liner. And by college, I delved into more. I modeled in college and learned from fashion shows what suited me best. 

As the years rolled on, I continued to put makeup on every day. Even when sick because my aunt said she always felt better with her hair and face done. She was right, but I'm thinking the good shower played the biggest part. 

The past five years, I've cut back my routine. I fix my hair and put on some eyeliner, mascara. Sometimes, I add a swipe of blush and powder to my brows. I save the warpaint for the special occasions.

So what was your first big makeup item?

“Look, I don’t know what you’re thinking. The only worms I know about are for fishing.”

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JM Maurer said...

I honestly don't remember my first go with any type of make-up, which is probably why I don't use it today. But if there was one morning ritual that was completely necessary, you know, back in the day to be cool, it would have been Aquanet hairspray. ;-)
I think you're cool, Vicki! No worries with the lipstick.

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, J M! OMG, Aquanet. I think many a helmet do was made with it. LOLOL. I probably SHOULD have used it. Oh, thanks bunches. Maybe I'm cool now. I finally graduated.

Melissa Keir said...

I'm a lipstick whore. :) I love lipstick like you love your handbags. I have so many of them and get really upset when one of my favorites isn't available anymore. :) I wore lipstick and a little mascara first when I was in high school. Today I wear about the same, just adding a little powder to my face and I'm good to go. I hate putting on the heavy makeup and never learned how to do it without looking horrible.

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, Melissa! and a "lipstick whore"???? I have one I've worn for, er, a LOT of years--Revlon's Wine With Everything. One time, my sister was driving us somewhere and I remarked I liked her lipstick. She handed me her tube and said to take it as she'd just opened it. I dropped the lipstick into my bag. Later on, I really looked--yup, Wine With Everything.

I developed a problem with lipstick drying on my lips and almost burning them. I have to put a bit of Vaseline on top. Quite annoying as I wore lipstick all the time.

Thanks for posting. :)

Angela Adams said...

Eye makeup...When I was 12-years-old, I started wearing eye shadow and mascara. When I was 16,my mother let me wear eye-liner. Thanks for giving me a few minutes for a walk down "teenage memory lane." (smile!)

PRM said...

All I've ever worn is mascara and didn't start that until college or maybe even after. There's something about looking in a mirror and trying to decorate my face...the image is backwards to what I'm trying to do and generally I can get the stuff on the eyelashes of one eye better than the other. Or end up jabbing the tip of the brush on my nose or between my eyes.My younger sister wore enough makeup for both of us. The Maybelline Queen...

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, Angela! Was it blue eyeshadow? I remember all the girls wore it. lol. But not me. Brown eyes, brown shadow, just a hint near the lashes.

Hi, Polly! A Maybelline Queen!!! I always, always, always wore Ultra Lash until it was discontinued. Now, I wear 2 kinds, one with a teasing little brush and then top with a fuller brush. Seems to work. I'm with you, most days a mascara and a tad of liner. Thanks for stopping by.

Unknown said...

Squee! Makeup!!! I adored makeup since I was about 9. But, long story short, I couldn't wear it because of my upbringing. It wasn't until I was in my twenties that I started to play around with it. I guess, that's why I still love playing with it--all those years without it. Ha! Seriously though, I still adore makeup. I think there is such power within it. I had a friend who lost all her hair from chemo and I loved drawing on her eyebrows everyday. Yes indeedy, I do love makeup. :)

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, Red! My upbringing sounds similar to yours. I wonder if your friend could get her brows tattooed back? I know some others who have and they look great.

A pretty funny story about eyeliner brows: Once a worked in a store as a department manager. The upstairs ladies manager had shaved and drawn on her brows every day. Once, she was speaking with the new store manager and found out later, one brow was wiped away.