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November 4, 2015

Release Day! IRON DEFIANCE, By Kelly L Lee

IRON DEFIANCE…. A sexy new release in the Four Realms Series
How far would you go for love? Would you defy your family? Your loyalties? Your sworn allegiance to your Queen? 
Amelee, a princess of the Seelie Court, is engaged to one man out of duty, but desperately loves another. She’s accepted her fate, willing to deny the deepest longings of her heart in service to her queen.
Arganos has secretly loved Amelee since the beginning of time, but she is Fey royalty and he is a hardened warrior, reviled by her kind for the sins committed by the God of War he serves. Though Arganos is prepared to sacrifice his own happiness to ensure Amelee’s, he refuses to intervene even though he knows her fiancé isn’t what he seems.
But when tragedy strikes, Amelee turns to Arganos, the forbidden war captain, instead of her fiancé for help. Fueled by Faery Court politics and a treacherous Queen’s rule, will the secrets they discover drive Amelee and Arganos apart forever, or will they defy everything for love?

“Amelee. Stop.”

She stilled under his hand. Her manic searching dissolved into violent trembling as sobs wracked her whole body. Arganos pulled her up from the floor, enveloping her slight frame in his arms. She collapsed against him.

When her crying subsided to small, snuffling sounds, he realized he’d never put his arms around her before. She felt so small, as if he could snap her lithe body like a twig. The thought provoked a primal, protective instinct. He wanted to protect Amelee and safeguard the small haven she and Zoey shared from harm. Even if he never called the women, or their home, his own, Arganos knew he would fight to his death to defend them.

Amelee lifted her head once she calmed down, but she didn’t move away. Neither did he. Arganos had no intention of letting her slip out of his embrace. She looked up at him through watery eyes.

“Zoey didn’t run away, did she?”


Fresh tears welled up, threatening to spill over again. She valiantly blinked them back, but a single tear escaped. Arganos brushed it away with the back of his forefinger.

“Who took her, Arganos?”

“I don’t know, but I’m going to find out. I’m going to bring her back to you, Amelee.”

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Kathy Ivan said...

Congratulations on the new release, Kelly. It sounds like a winner. I'll be adding in to my to be read pile.

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