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June 13, 2016

Pondering #Writing, #Birthdays, and #Thor

The last year has seen some incredible highs and devastating lows. On the up side, I think I'm stronger because of it. I know I'm abundantly blessed. I have a day job, a dream job, four awesome kids, and a tribe of amazing friends to keep me going. The days of, 'I'm bored' are long gone - which is a good thing. I like to feel accomplished. Even if I'm sometimes scrambling to get even part of what needs to be done. (How my two teenage sons, barely a week into summer vacation, proclaim boredom has already found them, I'll never know. Too bad they don't see doing laundry as a solid means of boredom prevention.)

I'm 42 years old today. 42. Not so old. Not so young. I'm thinking it's just right. I like me, so that's comforting. I mean, are there things I'd change - sure. I'd find my waist, for one thing. I'd worry less and laugh more. I'd churn out more pages in less time. I would have no idea what procrastination means (yes, this post should have been up at 5am). I'd be better friend/wife/mother/writer.

So I thought I'd share a Five Things I want to do or be better about before I'm 43 here:

1. Exercise (weight isn't the issue - health is)
2. Do more with my kids - vague I think quality is the key here
3. Stop procrastinating and start doing
4. Travel someplace new
5. Learn to dance - dancing lessons maybe

Okay, so some are more tangible that others but they're all do-able!

Where does Thor come into this? He's my hero. Like-always. And I believe Thor makes everything better. Including birthdays and rambling blog posts about a middle-age woman on her birthday. Here, see... Better? Right?
You're welcome.


Sloane B. Collins said...

This is a great post - made me laugh several times as many of my goals are the same! (Except my 4 kids are cats - and when they get bored...things get shredded.)
Have a wonderful day!!!

Kathy Ivan said...

Happy Birthday, Princess Sasha!

I just knew Thor was gonna show up somewhere in this post -- after all what's a post from you without a little bit of Thor thrown in? LOL

Great post.