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June 20, 2017

Guest Princess Tena Stetler! #Plotting Princesses #ParanormalRomance #amwriting #amreading

Please give Tena Stetler a warm Plotting Princesses welcome!  We are so pleased to have Tena as a guest Princess today. 

Tena Stetler is a paranormal romance and cozy mystery author with an over-active imagination. Any given day you can find her at the computer with paranormal creatures gathered around her telling their tales. Her books spin the adventures of magical kick-ass women and the mystical alpha males that dare to love them.

Speed Round:
Favorite movie: Avatar
Favorite book: Witness
Last book read: Immortal Unchained
Favorite color: Red
Stilettos or flipflops: Flipflops
Coffee or tea: Tea
Ebook or paperback: Ebook
Pencil or pen: Pencil
Favorite song: Roar
Streak or not: Not
Favorite dessert: Chocolate
Champagne or gin: Champagne
Paranormal or Historical: Paranormal
Ginger or Mary Ann: Mary Ann
Favorite TV show: Scorpion
Hot or cold: Hot
POV: Third
I'd die if I don't have: Pizza

Years ago a sacred ceremony at the Dragon’s Moon Coven, turned deadly.
Excerpt from A Warlock's Secrets: 
Inside the house, a shadow passed by the huge bay window. She held her breath. Am I really going to go through with this? 
Walking up the steps to the house, she paused. Why would he leave such an expensive car sitting out when he had a four-car garage?  She was stalling. Straightening her shoulder's she used the brass doorknocker. There was no answer. She knocked again.
The heavy oak door creaked open. Tristian stood shirtless, his abs rippled as he raised one muscular arm to lean on the doorframe. The skintight blue jeans hung low on his hips and his hair tousled as if he'd not been awake long.
When he stared at her, with those huge blue-gray eyes, tingles careened up her spine. She covered her mouth in case drool pooled in the corners her mouth.  He was one sexy male. She sucked in a breath and opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. A brow arched, he peered questioningly at her then twisted to glance backward into the house. The sunlight streaming through the doorway accentuated several scars across his chest, rib area and a healed slash across his back. Who gets those kinds of battle scars and lives to tell the tale? Not going to ask. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.
The corner of his mouth curved up in an inviting sexy-as-hell grin.  "Good morning, Hannah.
What a surprise."

Find Tena Stetler at:
Find A Warlock’s Secrets at:  Amazon


Liese said...

Great excerpt! Definitely have read more!

Thanks for sharing!

Tena Stetler said...

HI Liese, Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out A Warlock's Secrets. Have a wonderful week!

Barbara Bettis said...

Enjoyable excerpt, Tena. And I salute you for being able to answer all those questions with one word! :)

CB Clark said...

And so...we learn more about you. I really enjoyed reading this speed round interview. Fun. Good luck with your new release, Tena. It's going to be a winner.

Wild Women Authors said...

what a fun blog!!!
Tena, you done good with one word answers.
where do I go to sign up for this puuppy?
Kat Henry Doran


Nice! I'd have trouble with one-word answers too. Good luck with the book!

Tena Stetler said...

Hey ladies thanks for stopping by! Glad you liked the excerpt Barb! True, Christine one word answers give a bit into what you are really about. LOL It is a fun blog, sign up is on the home page Kat. Yes, Jennifer, I couldn't believe how hard answering in one word really was! But fun! LOL Everyone, thanks for the well wishes for my book! Have a great week!

chris keniston said...

So glad to have you with us today! I'd kill for an imagination that can make up great paranormal books! And I love the TV show Scorpion too !

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, Tina! fellow flipflop and Mary Ann lover. Thanks for being with the PP today.

Sylvia said...

Enjoyed the excerpt. Good luck with the series and thanks for being on the blog today.

Tena Stetler said...

Hey Chris, I loved being here today. I couldn't believe what a challenge one word answers could be. I've had an overactive imagination since I could walk and talk. Don't you just love that graphic scorpion when the show starts? LOL

Vicki,glad you stopped by gotta have flipflops.

Sylvia happy you enjoyed the excerpt. Thanks for the kind words and allowing me to be a plotting princess for a day!

Mary Morgan said...

OMG!I watched Avatar on my plane trip, Tena! So love that movie! Wishing you all the best!

Tena Stetler said...

That's the first time you watched avatar? Wow! I love that movie I've seen it over 10 times and bought the Bluray welcome back !

Karilyn Bentley said...

Hi Tena! Congrats on your release! I loved the interview. :) Am looking forward to reading the book. Best wishes for many sales!