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August 16, 2018

Plotting Princesses: Vicki Batman - You know what’s really annoying? #MFRWorg #readromance #householdchores

I try not to be a gripey person. I take on tasks I dislike and finish them. There is one household chore I really dislike, and I think you’ll be surprised when I say... 

Changing out the toilet paper tube for a fresh roll.

Yep, the springy thing bouncing all over the room, getting on hands and knees and finding it, and pushing all just so to get it back in the holder drives me crazy. I wish I had installed the kind where the roll slips over the rod.

Silly, isn’t it?

A few years back, Handsome informed me he intensely dislikes putting sheets on the bed. I have to admit our bed can be challenging. Even using deep pocket sheets, tugging the corners into place takes a strong man. Handsome has ripped a few. Finally, I decided to just cover the thick top pad only. Problem solved? Yes; however, he still hates helping. He’d rather wash the dogs.

Sometimes, writing drives me crazy. There will be a story I’m working on with a difficult problem and I am reluctant to go back and tackle it.  My head will worry and worry and I’ll get some ideas. I write them down, saving for when I’m ready. But the project is always there, almost nagging me. Eventually, I do go back and when I do, HALLELUJAH!

The truth is the problem may or may not be solved. I usually chip away at it through rewriting and editing, and then my issue will be resolved. Not ideal but is the truth.

Many years ago, I critiqued six 1,000 words short stories for a friend and in doing so, learned how to write short stories. I also learned what is really important for very short stories. Other authors say they can’t write that short. I believe it is just a matter of keeping an eye on the word count and determining what is needed for the story.

A little hard work. Totally worth it. Better than changing the toilet paper roll.
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What's your least favorite chore?


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