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October 18, 2018

Blog: Quilting Magic with Ties #holidayanthology #crafting #readromance

A lot of you know I call my husband Handsome. When we first married, he gave me a card signed with Handsome Husband. I shortened it. (And Handsome is a pretty nice looking guy. )
I grew up when working men wore suits to their job and to church, to shows, etc. I like the look. Handsome’s career began at a large accounting firm and he wore the “uniform” too. He especially liked ties and for a long time, never threw any away.
An employee at his company makes quilts. After a chat, he decided to have one made into a quilt. Take a look:

He had her put on the back his philosophy about ties: 

The good news is he culled through his ties again and had a second quilt made, and a third one: 

Here’s the sash detail and labels:

Some people are soooo creative.
Creativity abounds in this holiday anthology, the Whispers of Winter, featuring my romantic comedy short story, The Great Fruitcake Bake-off:


Melissa Keir said...

Those are great and what a wonderful way to commemorate a job well done! Or even for a wife or child who's father passed on. :)

Richard Majece said...

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