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February 16, 2012

Vicki Batman on...

Confession Obsession

My obsession is...handbags. I really, really love 'em. Clutch, tote, shoulder bag, carry-all, backpack.  And it isn't the very expensive ones either. I have bought one for as little as three dollars. I like distinctive. Here's a photo:

The word handbag works better for me. The old-fashioned term purses, a drawstring bag men and women used to keep their valuables in, never appealed to me.

But why bags? Some people collect shoes. My feet are small--really. Size seven, narrow. And, that's a hard size to find.

Handbags don't really have the same kind of size issues.

Why don't I get rid of some? Actually, I do. I toss the ones with scuffed corners. Torn fabric. Damaged handles. Just bought and then regretted. (Hey, we've all been there!)

What kinds do I have? A couple of cool ones from Italy. Mary Frances, Margaret Smith of Maine, Hobo, Enid Collins (yep, the spangled ones from the sixties), handmade felted, Coach, vintage ($3.00!!), gifts (decoupaged from the sixties), ones saved from high school.

How can one person use that many? I have a fav I'll carry for about a month, then switch. If I go out for a special evening, I swap for an appropriate one. I change for church because I want to match my outfit. Sometimes, I choose because of my needs for the day, like a backpack, or large carry-all for the mini-laptop and a drink.

Here's my confession: Usually the heroine in my story carries a note-worthy bag. *vbg*

And here's my latest with the cover from my short story collection, Man Theory and Other Stories:

So, share with me. Which are you? A shoe or bag lady?

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chris k said...

sorry girlfriend - I'm a shoehorse - : )

although - I grew up in an era when every pair of shoes had to have a handbag to match- and I still do have a few (here's a word for you) pocketbooks (yes in yankeeville we didn't carry purses we carried pocketbooks- don't ask) to match some shoes- usually evening shoes- and on that rare occasion when I really need to look 'sharp' for a special meeting of sorts- I grumble when I can't find a small purse to match my shoes de jour.

Funny how things come to mind - I'm remembering being six years old and going everywhere with my mother to find a purse to match my brand new lime green patten leather mary janes to complete my Easter outfit - lol. I should add - we found it!!

angela robbins said...

actually, neither.
i despise shoes that most women go ga-ga over. give me a pair of comfy tennis shoes, and that's it. and i have only two purses. both are miche, so i only have to change the cover if i want a new purse. i've got six purses for the price of two.
my obsession is these sexy vampires, weres, and the like on true blood and vampire diaries. i can't get enough of them!

Unknown said...

Definitely shoes. Obsession? That's for light weights. My shoes give life to everything I do. Most designer shoes have such personality - that's why shoes haves soles.

Because I walk everywhere around the village, I don't usually take a handbag (I even walk to church). However, I do have an iPad and found a lovely Burberry tote and I do have a fondness for Dooney & Burke (which I carried in my corporate years). But shoes....every color, every style, every occassion under the sun. Still not enough. There aren't enough window displays to appease me. Who would have thought a large walk in closet wouldn't be big enough.

I'm a relocation company's worst nightmare.

Love you Vicki and don't think I don't feel your passion for those fabulous handbags...I fantasize, however, at the shoes that must go with them.

Great post-put me in a passionate mood this morning.

Patricia said...

I own one purse and use that until it dies and is such a mess I can't carry it around any longer. Shoes? I wear men's Jordan basketball shoes and usually have two pair that I trade off wearing. I'm more obsessed with Jockey for Her undershirts and Abercrombie & Fitch tops. I have some in my drawer that still have the tags and I forgot I purchased!

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, Chris: I remember those days, but my mother wasn't as strict about our shoes matching the bags. Now, it's coordinate. (And I should add, she's seen all of the shelves. LOL)

Hi, Angela: Yeah, I'm not a shoe girl either. I adore flipflops. And have some stylin shoes. Can't wait for warmer weather. Now, about the werewolves, vampires thingy... lol

Hi, Karen: I knew you would be a shoe girl. And honestly, most of the bags coordinate with the whole ensemble, not just the shoes. Love you too!

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, Patricia: I can't remember if I said in the posting, but I have a handbag from high school. And friends have given me some, too. I have worn bags out thru the years and it's hard to toss them. But then I think I get to find a new one.

I have a lot of Eddie Bauer t-shirts too. :) Thanks for posting.

Sylvia said...

Hi Vicki,
I'm a recovering shoe addiction. I use to have even more, but since the ankle injury have been more careful about what types of shoes I buy. I like to have one in every color and if I like a pair of shoes, I'll go buy every color they have.

As for purses...I have two or three in my closet that I trade out. But I usually stick with one purse until I wear it out. Twice now I've bought purses at the State Fair that I absolutely loved. I'm not a name brand person as I always think I could buy three for the cost of that one.

I really like the purse that has your book cover on it. That's cool.

Pamela Stone said...

Oh gosh, don't hate me. I work from home - socks, very cool socks are my deal. Hate dress shoes. Shoes must be comfortable. Comfy boots or sneakers in the winter. In the summer, cheap flip flops. I guess if I have an obsession, it's the flip flops. Probably have twenty pair.

Purses/handbags - I find one I like and carry it until it wears out. I probably have a dozen that on rare occassion I change to, but for the most part my small Fossil handbag is just part of the look, good or bad.

Sasha Summers said...

I'm with Pam :). Since I'm home most of the time, I've become a fan of footie socks with no slip bottoms (I know - soooo not the image of a romance writer - giggle). But I spice them up now and then - with holiday footie socks. I like to take risks now and then - LOL!!!

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, Sylvia: RE ankle--me, too. As you know, my injury goes back to my drill team days. For a long time, no problemo and I wore heels everywhere. Being 5'8", with three inchers, I towered. Totally fun. Alas, all came to end when the ankle really went wonky.

You might be a good candidate for being a handbag gal. And I, too, abide by the rule "Buy One in Every Color."

Hi, Pam! Oh, I'd like to see your fun socks.

And yes, since I'm a work at the computer from home type of gal, I dress comfy, but not in the PJs. Jeans, tees, tops... Just skimp a bit on the makeup.

Hi, Sasha!! Spicy footy socks. LOLOL. You and Pam need to post together. If my feet are cold, I put on my UGGS. Yeah, quite a picture. Thanks, gal!

Kathy Ivan said...

Can I confess and say I have both?

I probably only have about 20 handbags right now, although I more fondly call them "suitcases" because they have to be big enough to haul everything with me. LOL And I have them in all colores, too!

As for shoes, what can I say, it's a gullty pleasure. I have way, way more than I can wear but they are sooo pretty, I can't resist.

Whenever Chris K and I go to dinner, it's usually either preceded or followed with a trip to the shoe store!

Great Post, Vicki!

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, Kathy: sure! You can do both, after all they do have to coordinate in most cases. I manage to find a bag most places. :)

Kelly L Lee said...

I've always been a bit of a shoe junkie, but as my feet keep spreading like butter across hot biscuits with each pregnancy - and the fabulous FMPs now cause me pain just by looking at them - I'm starting to swing your way. Handbags won't hurt me. :)

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, Kelly: My feet stayed the same. LOL. Handbags are mostly painless UNLESS you fill them with too much stuff and sling it over your shoulder. LOL Thanks for posting.

Liz Lipperman said...

For me, it's handbags, too. I love going to Sam Moon and looking at every single purse. (For those who don't know, Sam Moon is a gigantic Korean store that has a zillion purses and jewelry with budget prices.)

I have to have the ones with straps that are longer than normal, though since I sling them on my shoulder. Once when I'd been in a car accident and had a back injury, the ortho doc said, "Lose the big purse," to me. I've tried to carry smaller ones since then.

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, Liz: Sam Moon is fun and so is Marshall's! And eBay. And Etsy... I'm hopeless.

I gave up shoulder ones with the kids and their junk. Small ones fit into big ones if you need them to. Like on airplanes. LOL

EA Harwik said...

I don't have a handbag or shoe thing. In-fact I think I'd prefer skip on a hand bag and hold my shoes in my hand when I go out. At home I live with naked feet. --- Before you label me obsession free I'll confess to matching pegs on the clothes line and 'we' still have a teddy bear and a doll, both are as old as I am plus we have picked up a few younger extras to keep us company. ---- That must count for something in the obsession stakes.

Phyllis said...

Fun post, Vicki,

I can't say I have an obsession with either shoes or purses. I want a good leather practical purse that I can overstuff all the time. I find I do tend to color coordinate my shoes with an outfit on occasion, but they have to be comfortable or out they go! This kid hard wears heels much anymore.

I'd have to say my obsession comes from the crafting side of me. I just spend hours going through jewelry findings and beads imagining all I can create with them. It doesn't matter that I have tons of the stuff. I still go, pick and choose the lovelies and buy.

My other obsession comes from the writing….every kind of pen and paper catches my eye. Notebooks, folders, and organizers. I love it all and have tons of it. I figure that stems from the very early days when I wrote as a teenager. I’d be on such a roll where the scene is just pouring out of me and I’d run out of paper, resorting to writing scenes on paper lunch bags!

Karilyn Bentley said...

Shoes more than purses, but not the fancy kind of shoes. And lately I just wear sneakers for the most part. Not much into bags. But I love, love, love your Man Theory bag!!

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, Erin: there are all kinds of obsessions and I'm glad you found yours. I'd rather be shoe-free too.

Thanks, Phyllis, for posting. Something about the beading and paper goods catch your eye and you notice them every time. An obsession? Maybe. Admiration? Definitely.

Hi, Karilyn: Isn't that the most adorable bag? You should see the new one...shush.

Michelle Miles said...

I think you know mine ;)