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March 1, 2012

I HEART BOOKS by Kathy Ivan

I was very fortunate. My lovely sister gave me gift cards for my birthday, so I could load up my Kindle Fire. Wasn't that sweet of her? Anyway, I ordered a few books I'd wanted to buy, from authors I know and have read in the past, which is always fun. But I want to try something or somebody different. So, in the spirit of finding new authors, I'm going to open up today's blog for your suggestions and recommendations.

If you are a reader, I want your inside scoop. Who are you currently reading? Is it a print book or are you into E-books?

If you are an author, you can list information about one (and unfortunately only 1) of your releases. We have to keep the space limited—if you post more than one book the additional ones will be deleted. To keep everything consistent and to keep my head from exploding from too much information, please follow the format below. (Hint: I'll list mine here, so you get an idea of what I'm talking about.)

TITLE: Desperate Choices
AUTHOR: Kathy Ivan
PUBLISHER: Carina Press
GENRE: Romantic suspense with paranormal elements
FORMAT: E-Book only
AVAILABLE AT: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Carina Press website, and wherever E-books are sold.

BLURB: When psychic Theresa Crawford's former beau walks into her New Orleans New Age shop, she senses trouble. Big trouble. Max Lamoreaux hasn't come to discuss their relationship--the private investigator is on a case, and he needs Theresa's help. Max's godson is missing. The police have declared Tommy a runaway, but Max's gut tells him otherwise. While he's highly skeptical of Theresa's abilities, her visions provide the only clue as to who's taken Tommy. The longer Max works with Theresa, the harder it is to resist his desire for the sexy woman. As they inch closer to finding Tommy, Max and Theresa also discover that time hasn't diminished their powerful attraction. But Theresa harbors her own dark secrets from her past. Secrets that broke them up before--and could drive them apart again, unless Theresa can learn to trust Max with everything...

Just a reminder: As this is an open blog, please keep your blurb short and definitely PG-rated (the kiddies might be looking over your shoulder—you never know).

As stated, if you are a published author, please feel free to list one (1) book with your information—hey, it's free publicity.

If you're a reader, feel free to give me recommendations galore. I'm always on the lookout for new authors and new genres to explore. I have a huge love affair with reading, and I intend to gorge myself on a smorgasbord of new books for my Kindle.

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Now if I could just finish my next work in progress . . .


Sylvia said...

Hi Kathy,
My favorite of my books is A Scarlet Bride, which will be released on Amazon on March 5.

A Scarlet Bride by Sylvia McDaniel

Alexandra Thurston wants revenge. Revenge on the husband who wrongly accused her of infidelity and divorced her, tainting her as a scarlet woman. She vows she will reclaim her good name and never marry again. However, her father wants grandchildren to be heirs to his banking fortune and he' s determined to find her a husband. He has no luck , though, until she finds herself caught in a compromising position with the handsome plantation owner, Connor Manning.

Connor Manning loves only one thing, his family plantation and he’s desperate to save River Bend from the tax man. Desperate enough to agree to marry Alexandra for cold hard cash , never dreaming that this spirited woman would ensnare his heart, leaving him yearning for a marriage more than in name only, even though their marriage is based on a terrible betrayal....

Great Idea Kathy!

Autumn Jordon said...

I love books and can't enough of great ones, so I'll be watching for suggestions.

I am an author. Thank you for the opportunity to tell your readers about my book, In The Presence Of Evil.

Author: Autumn Jordon
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Format: E-Book & Print
Available: Amazon, B&N, TWRP & wherever e-books are sold.

BLURB: Senior loan officer GINA RIZZO becomes a pawn between two predators rivaling for the head of a Russian mafia family. One wants her gone. The other wants her alive.

When Gina Rizzo is framed for the murder of her boss by a Russian mafia hit-man, her only hope to stay out of jail is to accept the help of the man who broke her heart years ago.

Staring death down is easier for Marine Cole Hanson than facing the woman who stole his soul and then betrayed him. However, when Cole sees Gina in handcuffs, old feelings flare and even though he doesn’t trust her with his heart, he willingly steps up as her alibi.

Gina’s life is threatened and staying alive while hunting down a murder becomes their objective. Can they learn to trust each other again? And if they do, will their rekindled love be their demise?

Liz Lipperman said...

One of my favorites is MORTAL DECEPTION currently written as Liz Roth and available wherever ebooks are sold. It's a Romantic Mystery/Suspense that deals with how far someone will go to save a dying child. In another week or so, it will be available as a print book with a new cover AND a new pseudonym, Lizbeth Lipperman. Here's the blurb:

A mix of deceit and lies rocks the world of a dying child, an ex-cop on a mission to clear her dead husband's name and an anesthesiologist who desperately wants out of a loveless marriage. To save her nephew's life, the young widow seduces the doctor accused of murdering his wife. But even as she collects evidence that proves he's the killer, she can't stop her heart from falling for him. Until the game turns DEADLY...

Here's the trailer.

I can't wait to hear everybody's choices. Great idea, Kathy.

Kathy Ivan said...

These all sound terrific. I'm keeping a list. Keep 'em coming.

Rae Renzi said...

Hi Kathy, thanks for this great idea!

RIVERTIME by Rae Renzi ** EPIC finalist, 2012**

“From cover to cover, RiverTime is riveting… a gripping, breathtaking, beautifully told tale. Thanks to this new author for a spellbinding, vicarious adventure.” Long and Short Reviews

Casey Lord needs a break. Her great-on-paper boyfriend, Reed, is pressuring her to marry him—but she's not sure if he sees her merely as an asset to help his political career. A river-rafting trip in the remote wilderness provides the perfect opportunity to clear her head. Until a flash flood sweeps Casey away from her group—and straight into the arms of Jack, a mysterious man also stranded by the flooding river.

Jack won't tell Casey his last name, and her innocent questions about his life are met with evasive answers. Yet they have to trust each other to survive, and as the pair await rescue, their uneasy truce slowly blossoms into friendship—and love. They agree to keep secret whatever differences may separate them in the real world.

When rescue finally arrives, will it spell an end to their budding relationship or can they find a way to stay in RiverTime?

Janis Susan May said...

What a lovely idea!

I'm so proud of my new book, which is being released by Carina Press on Monday, 12 March! It's the first real Gothic I've written in years, but with a high fantasy spin... like nothing I've ever done. Thank you for giving me a chance to tell you all about it.

AUTHOR: Janis Susan May
PUBLISHER: Carina Press
GENRE: Traditional Gothic Romance
FORMAT: E-Book only
AVAILABLE AT: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Carina Press website, and wherever E-books are sold.

Aurora Mathis is coming back. Back to Merrywood, an estate she doesn’t remember. Back to the house in which her father died by his own hand. Back to where she witnessed his death.

Charles Mathis captivated millions of readers with a series of eerie fantasy novels before taking his own life when Aurora was just a toddler. Aurora tried to hide from his infamy but now she wants to learn about the man she never knew.

She agrees to attend a convention honoring her father’s work but on arrival is filled with a gnawing sense of unease and soon begins dreaming of the strange, inhuman beings who populated her father’s books. When she starts receiving odd gifts and seeing mysterious robed figures in the halls of Merrywood, Aurora worries she may be losing her mind.

As the days pass and the happenings around her turn from odd to dangerous, Aurora begins to wonder if the magical world her father created may not be completely fictional…

Thanks again,

Patricia said...

Hi! My name is Patricia Yager Delagrange and my first book MOON OVER ALCATRAZ came out on January 6th of this year. It's women's fiction with romantic elements.
"Following the death of their baby during a difficult birth, Brandy and Weston Chambers are grief-stricken and withdraw from each other, both seeking solace outside of their marriage; however, they vow to work through their painful disloyalty. But when the man Brandy slept with moves back to their hometown, three lives are forever changed by his return."
Available at these sites:
Musa link:
Amazon link:

Barnes & Noble link:

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

TITLE: Man Theory and Other Stories
AUTHOR: Vicki Batman
PUBLISHER: Ink Lion Press
GENRE: Romance
FORMAT: E-Book only
AVAILABLE AT: Amazon, Barnes and Noble.

Ouch - Who knew a yoga class would be so dangerous...and romantic?

Man Theory - When a geeky co-worker espouses his theory on love, a friend risks her heart.

Tommy and the Teacher - A young boy steals from the school’s book fair causing interesting possibilities to arise.

Mona Karel said...

Thank you for this opportunity, not only to talk a bit about my first book but also to get more reading ideas. Can we ever have too many books?
TITLE: My Killer My Love
AUTHOR: Mona Karel
PUBLISHER: Black Opal Books
GENRE: Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
FORMAT: e-book or print
AVAILABLE AT: Black Opal Books, Amazon, Barnes and Noble.

Upon her grandmother’s death, Kendra inherits a cottage deep within the sequoia forest, along with the powers given only to certain women in her family—powers she doesn’t know she has. Recovering from a vicious attack, Kendra returns home to the remote cabin determined to heal both her body and her spirit. But the forest is ailing, too. Evil lurks in its dark places, turning its quiet glades into a battlefield. When a strangely beautiful man appears at her cabin intent on punishing her for a crime she didn’t commit, Kendra needs all her strength to protect her forest, her life... and her heart. Can she learn to use her powers and to trust Mykhael in time to save the ancient forest?
Throughout his long life, Mykhael has struggled, often in vain, to please the Atrahasis, immortal overlords of the sacred places in the universe. Now they have given him one last chance to redeem himself. He must punish the person they think desecrated an ancient forest. But when he meets Kendra, he realizes he’s doomed to disappoint them yet again. Not only is she innocent of the crime, Kendra is the missing part of the soul he didn’t know he still possessed. Can he defy the Atrahasis yet again and live long enough to save the only thing in his life that matters?

Alex Taylor Wolfe said...

Love this idea. I think I'll have to do it on my blog as well!

If you enjoy clean romance, here is one for you and your readers:

TITLE: Sweetwater Springs
AUTHOR: Alex Taylor Wolfe
GENRE: Clean Historical Romance
FORMAT: E-Book only
AVAILABLE AT: Amazon kindle. Free to Amazon Prime Members

BLURB: In the spring of 1900, Katie O’Hare returns to Sweetwater Springs ten years after being orphaned by a murderous act that left her with nothing but an old pocket watch and scattered memories. Reluctantly she begins to fall for Tyler Reynolds, a rugged young cowboy with a troubled past. As their romance deepens, they find themselves tragically connected to a secret that puts their love and their lives in danger.

Romance, suspense, danger and action. Sweetwater Springs is a Great Clean Romance.

Cathy Perkins said...

What a great idea Kathy! I'm always on the look-out for a new author with a terrific story.

The Professor was my Golden Heart finalist, so I'm happy to announce it was released last month.

TITLE: The Professor
AUTHOR: Cathy Perkins
PUBLISHER: Carina Press
GENRE: Listed as Romantic Suspense, but heavier on the suspense :)
FORMAT: E-Book only
AVAILABLE AT: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Carina Press website, and wherever E-books are sold.

BLURB:Set in South Carolina, stopping the serial killer who is terrorizing college campuses drives the plot of THE PROFESSOR. The tension and stakes build as the characters’ wants and needs set them on a collision course: Charismatic State Agent Mick O'Shaughnessy wants more from life than work and a pretty face. Fiercely independent graduate student Meg Connelly always wanted a loving family and professional success, but has to learn to trust in order to get either. The Professor knows the only way to get what he wants is to take it—and taking Meg’s life will destroy Mick with the same stroke of his knife.

Someone is murdering women on South Carolina's college campuses: three women, three different schools. The Governor's order to State Law Enforcement Agent Mick O'Shaughnessy is simple: make it stop. More political maneuvering diverts Mick to nearby Douglass College. There, instead of another dead body, he finds Meg Connelly, grad student and faculty advisor for the latest victim.
Determined to finish her master's degree, Meg doesn't need anybody's help - including her estranged family - to succeed. There's something irresistible about Mick, but the last time she let someone get close to her, she lost everything except her self-respect.
As the investigation heats up, so does their relationship. But Mick's interest in Meg doesn't just endanger her heart—it puts her in the sights of the killer.

Anne Marie Becker said...

Hi, Kathy (my "Not Your Usual Suspects" sister)! Thanks for the opportunity to share our books...I'll play. ;) (And I'm loving everyone's excerpts!)

TITLE: Only Fear
AUTHOR: Anne Marie Becker
PUBLISHER: Carina Press
GENRE: Romantic Suspense/Dark Thriller
FORMAT: E-book (currently), will be available through Harlequin's Direct-to-Consumer Program in July 2012, Audiobook at
AVAILABLE AT: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Carina,


After a violent incident with a patient leaves scars on both her mind and body, psychiatrist Dr. Maggie Levine craves isolation. A radio talk show host seems to be the perfect profession, a job where she can help people from a distance while staying safe. When a strange caller begins stalking her on the air and murdering people to get her attention, Maggie realizes she can no longer close herself off from the outside world.

A personal security expert, former Secret Service Agent Ethan Townsend is no stranger to tracking down the most violent monsters of society and bringing them to justice. Still, it will take all of Ethan's skills to protect his new assignment, the irresistible Maggie, from a man intent on teaching her the ultimate lesson in fear…

You can find out more about me and my books at:

Thanks again, Kathy! And happy reading, everyone!! :)

Anne Marie

angela robbins said...

A book near and dear to my heart is Beast of Burden, a new release coming in November 2012.

TITLE: Beast of Burden
AUTHOR: Angela Robbins
PUBLISHER: MuseitUp Publishing
GENRE: YA Paranormal
WILL BE AVAILABLE AT: MuseItUp Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble...see Muse link above for more info.

BLURB: When a werewolf kills her father, Kat copes the best she can—she rips out its throat. Kat’s a werecougar and her secret’s safe as long as she wears grandma’s amulet. Yet there are some things not even a werecougar can outrun.

Hiding from the killer inside, once-popular Kat walks the halls of Alpine Ridge High, cast out of the in-crowd, alone in a sea of former friends. When they target her as the butt of their jokes, Kat struggles to keep her claws retracted.

Even if Kat’s almost given up, life hasn’t forgotten about her. New boy in town Remi Gere has all the makings of a knight on a white horse—hot, sweet, and chivalrous—an unexpected breath of first love. But when Kat discovers who Remi really is, will she go for his heart—or his throat?

Thank you, princesses, for letting me share with you and your readers.

Please come visit me at the following:

Alisha said...

My debut novel was re-released today with a brand new cover! Thanks for this fantastic opportunity! I'm jotting down all the books so I can load my ereader!

TITLE: Canyon Wolf Bride
AUTHOR: Alisha Paige
PUBLISHER: Grapevine Press
GENRE: Sensual Paranormal (Werewolf) Romance
FORMAT: E-Book only
AVAILABLE AT: Amazon, Barnes and Noble for .99!

When Olympic ski champion, Sean Wilson, takes his
best friend’s widow, museum curator, Paige Wellington, on a vacation to The
Grand Canyon, he’s attracted to more than the beauty of his companion and the
magnificent scenery. Sean discovers an entire pack of werewolves thriving in a
canyon paradise. The Havasupai, known as the people of the blue-green waters,
share his genetic defect, the werewolf gene. Paige learns the secret of the wolf
tribe and struggles with her decision to end their relationship, unable to
imagine herself married to a half-man, half-wolf creature. Sean wars against the
beast within. Even as the werewolf, he is an intelligent and keen animal, never
losing touch with the man lurking beneath the fur and never losing sight of the
woman he loves. Will the wolf gene keep them together or tear them

Cathy McElhaney said...

Hi Kathy! While I have not been published, I am writing, but today I will promote one of my all time favorite books...Canyon Wolfe Bride by Alisha Paige (you might have heard of her!). It is an awesome tale.
Also The Georgian Embrace by Sky Purington is releasing today. I had the pleasure of editing it and I recommend it highly!
One of these days I will be promoting my own!
Cathy McElhaney

Susan Macatee said...

Thanks for this opportunity. I had a new historical romance release last month.

TITLE : Cassidy's War
AUTHOR: Susan Macatee
PUBLISHER: The Wild Rose Press
GENRE: post Civil War romance
FORMAT: Ebook and print
AVAILABLE AT: The Wild Rose Press, Amazon, Barnes and noble and All Romance Ebooks

BLURB: The Civil War is over, but Cassidy's War is just beginning.

Cassidy Stuart longs to attend medical school. Training beside her physician father and serving as a nurse during the war have only increased her desire to be a doctor with her own practice. When the man who left her at the altar returns, she’s determined not to let him upset the plans she's set for herself.

Until his mission is accomplished, George Masters must hide his identity as a Pinkerton agent as he investigates a physician living in George's former hometown, a short distance from Cassidy's home. When he finds Cassidy hasn’t married, he hopes he can rekindle their love while trying to protect her and the townsfolk from the evil Dr. Madison.

Can their love be renewed despite the villain's desire for revenge against them both?

Josie Malone said...

Hi Kathy,
Great idea - I love it.

I write as Josie Malone and will have a new release in April from BookStrand that is a spin-off of my first mainstream western romance, A Man's World.

Author: Josie Malone
Publisher: SirenBookStrand
Genre: Mainstream Western Romance
Format: E-book & Print
Available: SBS,B&N,Amazon & wherever e-books are sold.

In the wilds of Washington Territory in 1887, it's A Man’s World so Trace Burdette masquerades as one, fooling everyone but new neighbor, ruggedly handsome Zebadiah Prescott. With their love on the line, they must deal with the past and the outlaw who stalks her.

And in April, A Woman's Place picks up a few months later when a homicide detective crosses through time and meets the marshal from A Man's World.

Kathy Ivan said...

These look like some amazing reads. My list just keeps getting longer and longer.

Keep giving me ideas and I'll keep reading. LOL

Cara Marsi said...

Thank you for this great opportunity. I'm a romance author and a romance reader. I love my Kindle and now read more ebooks than print books.

I just released a contemporary romance which is a revised, re-titled sensuous version of my first published book with Avalon Books.

Author: Cara Marsi
Publisher: Independent
Genre: Contemporary romance
Format: Ebook
Available: Exclusively at Amazon for the next 90 days


There's more than business brewing between two old high school flames...

Stubbornly self-reliant Mary Beth Kendrick needs financial backing to keep her catering business cooking. A looming corporate buyout forces her to accept help from Tom Sackett, the man who broke her heart and left her distrustful of men.

Unable to forget Mary Beth, Tom sets out to win her forgiveness. As he gets to know her again through their shared business interests, he realizes he wants more than forgiveness from her. He wants her in his life.

Grateful for Tom's support but unwilling to trust him, Mary Beth vows to keep their relationship strictly business. But his attentiveness, culminating in a night of passion, starts to melt her icy resolve and shows her the caring, sensitive man Tom has become.

Can Mary Beth learn to love and trust again? Will she and Tom open their hearts to a second chance at love?

Christine said...

A friend of mine sent me this post, and I have to say that this is a great idea! I can't pick a favorite of mine, so I'm just listing the information on my latest release:

TITLE: Heart of Gold
AUTHOR: Christine Pope
PUBLISHER: Dark Valentine Press
GENRE: Gaslight fantasy romance
FORMAT: E-book and print
AVAILABLE AT: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance Ebooks, Apple iBookstore.

BLURB: In a Victorian England not so different from our own, Lavinia Greene has been raised to be a proper young lady. When she receives a summons to Romania from her eccentric Uncle Malcolm, Lavinia finds herself drawn into a web of mayhem and murder as foreign agents attempt to seize her uncle’s latest invention. She flees for her life, accompanied by her uncle’s assistant, the diverting Joshua Jones, but when he fails to join her in England, she fears the worst has happened. However, she attempts to put the disastrous events in Romania behind her, even as she draws the attentions of the oh-so-eligible Earl of Langdon. As Lavinia finds solace in the earl’s arms, she begins to realize that the secret her uncle had been hiding affects not only her, but the entire world as well.

Nancy Jardine Author said...

Hello there,
I feel deprived if I don't read something every day. Thanks for the opportunity to share my first novel, MONOGAMY TWIST, published last year.(another coming soon!)

Author: Nancy Jardine
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: contemporary, sensual, history mystery
Format; print and ebook
Available from: The Wild Rose Press,, Barnes and Noble
Luke Salieri thought he'd seen everything. But when he inherits a dilapidated English estate from a woman he's never heard of—and with quirky conditions besides—it’s a mystery he wants resolved immediately. There must be a woman out there who can meet his needs. But how far will he have to go to persuade her? Lucrative employment for a whole year? The job of researching the old house and its fantastic contents is enticing – but Rhia Ashton can’t see herself living with gorgeous Luke Salieri and not wanting his body as well. Can she live and sleep with him for a whole year and then walk away? Rhia has her own ideas about what will make it worth her while.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I added several titles to my "TBB" list! Thanks, Kathy! :)

TITLE: Under the Moon
AUTHOR: Natalie J. Damschroder
PUBLISHER: Entangled Publishing
GENRE: Urban Fantasy Romance
FORMAT: E-Book and print (mass market paperback release 9/12)
AVAILABLE AT: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and wherever E-books are sold.

BLURB: Their power gives them strength…and makes them targets.

Quinn Caldwell is the epitome of a modern goddess. Her power source is the moon, her abilities restricted only by physical resources and lunar phase. She runs a consulting business and her father’s bar, serves on the board of the ancient Society for Goddess Education and Defense, and yearns for Nick Jarrett, professional goddess protector and the soul mate she can never have.

But someone has developed the rare and difficult ability to drain a goddess of her powers, and Quinn is a target. With the world thinking Nick has gone rogue (whatever that means) and that Quinn is influenced by “family ties” she didn’t know she had, keeping themselves safe while working to find the enemy proves harder each day.

But not as hard as denying their hearts…

Cheryl said...

Thanks so much for letting us post our books!

TITLE: The Man in the Boat
AUTHOR: Cheryl B. Dale
PUBLISHER: MuseItUp Publishing
GENRE: Romantic mystery
AVAILABLE in March AT: MuseItUp website, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and wherever E-books are sold.

A lakeside cottage is a peaceful place to consider divorce.
Until a man, drunk or stoned, slams his boat into the bank right beside Steve (Stephanie) Early. But he's neither drunk nor stoned. His face is beaten and his shirt bloody. He's near death.
“Emily,” he gasps.
When Steve runs for help, man and boat vanish.
Back home, she asks her husband about Emily. Mark doesn't answer; he's concealing something from her. Which is the whole problem with their marriage. She's lived with his emotional detachment for six years because she loved him—still loves him—but no more. Divorce is inevitable.
A home invasion that night validates her decision. Even if she finds temporary safety in Mark's arms, she can't trust him. Especially when armed strangers pursue them.

To survive, they must figure out the connection between the man in the boat and the men who threaten them. And maybe, along the way, if she and Mark can be completely honest with each other, they'll get one last chance to save their marriage.

Janice Seagraves said...

I am both a reader and a writer.

My daughter and I are reading The Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I heard good things about this series, before I started reading it. The story centers around several warrior vampires that are keeping the citizen vampires safe from the Lessors. In this series the vampires are living and the Lessors are dead. An interesting spin on a vampire tale.

Now for my book.

The sole survivor of a plane crash, Megan is alone on a deserted island in the Bahamas until she finds a nearly-drowned man washed up on shore. Another survivor, this time from a boat wreck. With only meager survival skills between them, will they survive and can they find love?

Windswept Shores available at Amazon for the kindle:


Unknown said...

Erotic Deception

A Novel by: Karen Cote’

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Words: 50993

Price: $5.50

Warning: Contains some sensual scenes

Back Cover:

Her brother was dead. He’d practically raised her and stood by her during a miscarriage that left her barren. He’d been the sole person she’d had left in this world. How had Dr. Lily Delaney with a PhD in Psychology missed the psychotic signs of Anthony Capriccio, the Kansas City District Attorney and her ex-fiancĂ©? Now at twenty-nine she was on the run to hide from the impending threats to her own life. But on the road to a safe secluded lake community, Lily crashes into the path of a new dangerous element, literally. One with deep blue eyes who totes a badge and carries a gun. And would their budding relationship be threatened when Lily finds out her own doctor had lied and discovers she really can have children? How would the sheriff take knowing she’d gotten pregnant when she’d already heartily assured him she wasn’t?

After his experience as a detective in Kansas City, Missouri, Jet Walker enjoyed his life as sheriff of the quiet lake community, Windom Hills. However, when Lily Delaney literally crashes into his car and life, his world disrupts into chaos. Couldn’t the woman do anything normal? Between fighting to protect her and fighting against his growing attraction for her, the previous peace Jet had found was now falling apart. And how could he possibly trust another woman after the trick his ex-wife played in trying to pass off another man’s child as his?

Thank you Kathy! What a generous soul you are to list all our books and let us know about all these others.

Loreen Augeri said...

Thanks for the great idea, Kathy.

Title: Tormented Hearts
Author: Loreen Augeri
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical romance
Format: paperback and e-book
Available at: The Wild Rose Press, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, All Romance, Fictionwise and wherever e-books are sold. Buy links can be found on my website

The world of Brett Armstrong, the Earl of Tremont, collapses when his wife and unborn child die. Determined to punish himself for the part he played in their demise, he turns his back on society and retreats to the country. Hard, physical labor during the day and mind-numbing gin at night help to keep at bay the demons that threaten to devour him. Until Catherine Hammond creeps into his world. Not wishing to resurrect his dormant emotions and the resulting pain, Brett struggles against the sensuality she exudes and battles to defeat his rising desire.

Abused by her aristocratic husband, commoner Catherine Hammond flees from his cruelty. Her hope is to hide and create a new life. She vows to never again associate with the upper classes that have heaped unbearable pain upon her family. Escaping without funds, Catherine is forced to work as a servant in the Earl of Tremont's household. His tantalizing, amorous advances ignite a fire within the cold regions of her heart, but she refuses to fall in love with a man who may destroy her.

MJFredrick said...

To celebrate Texas Independence Day tomorrow, I'll mention my Texas historical ;)

TITLE: Sunrise Over Texas
AUTHOR: MJ Fredrick
PUBLISHER: Carina Press
GENRE: western historical
FORMAT: E-Book only
AVAILABLE AT: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Carina Press website, and wherever E-books are sold.

BLURB: Kit Barclay followed her husband into the wilds of Texas only to be widowed. Stranded with her mother- and sister-in-law to care for, with no hope of rescue before winter sets in, Kit has only one goal: survival. So when a lone horseman appears on the horizon, and then falls from his mount in fever, Kit must weigh the safety of her family against offering aid and shelter to the handsome stranger.

Trace Watson has lost everything that ever mattered to him. Trying to forget, he heads to the frontier colony of San Felipe, not caring if he lives or dies. But when he wakes to discover he's being nursed back to health by a brave young widow, he vows to repay her kindness by guiding the three women back to civilization, no matter what the cost.

Soon, Kit and Trace are fighting the elements, Indian attacks and outlaws—as well as feelings they both thought were long buried...

Thanks for this opportunity!

Karilyn Bentley said...

Hi Kathy,
This is a great idea! I've picked up several new books to read. Here's my book:
TITLE: Magical Lover
AUTHOR: Karilyn Bentley
PUBLISHER: The Wild Rose Press
GENRE: fantasy romance
FORMAT: E-Book or print
AVAILABLE AT: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, TWRP website, and wherever E-books are sold.

In a world where men can become dragons, Thoren is one of the most powerful. As a shape-shifting Draconi, Thoren wants nothing more than to continue searching for Halfling children, and returning them to Draconia. The last thing he wants or needs is a mate-until he meets Keara, an outcast unaware of the power that lies within her.

Keara doesn't know what to make of Thoren or of the magic he practices. She learned early to keep her magic hidden-her witchy red hair and green eyes are burden enough. When Thoren offers his hand in place of a forced marriage with Lord Simon, Keara jumps at the chance to leave her town behind. But she fears Thoren will shun her when he discovers the truth about her abilities. Can Thoren convince Keara she is his lifemate, or will her secret talent be the wedge that drives them apart?


Kate Willoughby said...

I've been addicted to books since I was three. Now I write them! Love it. Thanks for the promo!

AUTHOR: Kate Willoughby
PUBLISHER: Ellora's Cave
GENRE: Fantasy/Paranormal Erotic Romance
FORMAT: E-Book, print anthology (with Book 2 of the Be-Wished series)
AVAILABLE AT: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ellora's Cave website, and wherever E-books are sold.

BLURB: All In, Book One, Be-Wished Series

When three close friends made margarita-fueled wishes on magical woven bracelets, none of them ever dreamed that their sexy wishes might come true. But then a real-life fairy appears with Universal Wish Federation credentials and a ludicrous claim that Mariah's wish is her command. And before Mariah can say bippidy-bobbidy-boo, old flame Tucker arrives in town…and in Mariah's bed.

Life on the road is a lonely one, but when Tucker bumps into Mariah again, all that changes. Sparks immediately fly and it's all he can do to keep his hands off her. As things deepen between them, he swears he'll be damned before he passes on a chance to reconnect with a woman he never forgot.

But wishes aren't always simple and Happily Ever After is never guaranteed. It will be up to Mariah to go all in and make her wish last a lifetime…or lose Tucker forever.

Laurie Kellogg said...

TITLE: The Memory of You
AUTHOR: Laurie Kellogg
PUBLISHER: Indie Published
GENRE: Nostalgic Romance
FORMAT: E-Book and Paperback

She can’t forget him—He can’t remember her
Together, they must discover the healing power of unforgettable love

The day Second Lieutenant Matthew Foster departed for his so-called ‘tour’ in Vietnam, he never expected a sudden change in his itinerary would include an extended stay in horrific accommodations like the Hanoi Hilton. Six years later, he’s finally released with the other POWs during Operation Homecoming. Unfortunately, his memories before his capture were erased by the complimentary physical and emotional torture generously provided by the hotel’s concierge. Due to prior facial injuries and the beard concealing his gauntness, he looks nothing like the boyish photo in his military file.

When the Army informs Matt he has a wife and he was mistakenly declared dead, he’s sure Abby must have made a new life for herself. He doubts the bitter man he’s become can salvage the boy she once cared for, so to be fair to her, he decides to simply write a note to wish her well and leave. But before he does, he can’t resist going to Redemption, PA, to catch a glimpse of the woman he’d loved enough to marry.

The irony of the small town’s name is totally eclipsed by Matt’s dread that he’ll discover he’s lost something truly worth remembering. That fear becomes reality when he learns Abby is engaged, and he’s a daddy! Luckily, his wife doesn’t recognize him, so Matt could still walk away from the beautiful stranger who’s been starring in his X-rated dreams. However, he could never, ever abandon his sons.

The clock is ticking. Any day, the military will inform Abby he’s alive, and her wedding is in only six weeks. It doesn’t give Matt much time to discover if he can reclaim the love the war stole from him.

Rachael Johns said...

I really shouldn't read this post because my TBR pile is already ridiculously high but who can resist adding more?

And I'm an author and would love to share my blurb for ONE PERFECT NIGHT.

Author: Rachael Johns
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: E-Book
Available: Carina Press, Amazon, B&N, etc.

Peppa Grant's fellow employees may call their new CEO Mr. McSexy, but she's also heard that he's aloof and distant. Cameron McCormac certainly seems cold toward Christmas when she meets him at the company's annual party...but he's also the sexiest man Peppa has ever seen. And when he offers to forgive the damage she accidentally caused to his expensive car in exchange for accompanying him to his family's holiday get-together, she agrees.

Cameron needs a date to the family party to get his matchmaking relatives off his back. Their chemistry is instant and undeniable, leading to an incredible one-night stand. But Peppa wants love and family, while Cameron's only interested in temporary pleasure. When their relationship takes an unexpectedly serious turn, will he run the other way—or will he give love a second chance?

Thanks for the opportunity to share and learn about so many fab books :)

Tawny Stokes said...

Thanks for the opp to talk books...

My faves right now, the Game of Thrones series, absolutely brilliant, and if you haven't read Blood Red Road by Moira Young, it's YA, you dont' know what you are missing..

Here is my YA book...

author: Tawny Stokes (aka Vivi Anna)
publisher: meself
genre: YA
format: ebook and print
available: Amazon, B&N, Sony, etc.

During a year-long coma--literally spent in hell--seventeen-year-old Caden Butcher developed a special power. He can speak to demons in their own language. Awakening with this new ability, Caden takes over the family exorcism business and becomes known as the young whiz-kid exorcist to the stars, obtaining most of his work from Hollywood. But what others don't know is the exorcisms are all staged with the help of his best buddy, Dantalion, a demon he met in while he was in hell.

When an exorcism goes wrong, Caden discovers the demon inside a teen girl is not your normal malicious entity, but an adversary from down under who is hell-bent on Caden’s destruction because of what Caden did to him while in hell.

Now with the help of Dantalion and Caden’s girlfriend Aspen, a skilled necromancer, Caden must track down the rogue demon before he can expose Caden as a fraud and end his reign as the one and only Demon Whisperer.

JD Faver said...

Hi Kathy,
My favorite book is always whatever I'm working on, but readers seem to love my contemporary romantic suspense, KILL SHOT. I think it's the hero, Oz. He's easy to love.

KILL SHOT-Mystery/Suspense-Spicy Romance
When she shoots the wrong subject, Micki Vermillion, a free-spirited photographer runs to the arms of Oz Osmond, her ex-lover, an over protective alpha-male cop. She chose to carry on in her father’s profession rather than become the wife everyone expected her to be. Now, she has a second chance at happiness if she stays alive that long

Kill SHOT is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and affiliates

BonSue Brandvik said...

Thank you so much for the opportunity to post about my paranormal (ghosts) romance novel, "Pearls: Spirits of the Belleview Biltmore."

- Software developer Honor Macklin believes she’s equal business partners with her philandering ex-husband, but when family responsibilities take her to Florida, she discovers her ex may have cheated her in more ways than one. Spirits at the Belleview Biltmore hotel try to help Honor by invading her dreams to share memories from the life of Darcy Loughman, a young Victorian woman with big problems of her own. When the two worlds collide, Honor and her new lover, Josh, along with his clairvoyant four-year-old son, try to figure out how Honor can use lessons from the past to change her destiny.

The setting for this novel is the famous and currently endangered historic Belleview Biltmore Resort in Belleair, FL, built in 1896. I'm working with preservationists, hoping to find investors willing to save the wonderful hotel from demolition. For additional information, please visit: and/or

“Pearls” is currently available in these locations:
E-book: Kindle, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo Reader, & Sony Reader

Thanks again for allowing me to post here. I will absolutely sign up for your blog!

Unknown said...

Kathy, my fave book right now, is Poughkeepsie and my fave series is the Fifty Shades of Grey series by E L James. :)

Here's my book, The Last Rising

After paying two millennia’s penance to Osiris, world-weary Phoenix Ice has had enough. Saving souls without any hope for her own redemption isn’t how she imagined spending eternity. Fed up, she decides her next death will be her last. But when she sacrifices her own life for a sexy Texan in a catastrophic plane crash, she has no idea the consequences will be so great…or that she’ll end up back in his life for her next assignment.

Now that Turner Alcott has survived the worst, finding a wife and mother for his son matters more than ever before. When the mysterious Ice comes into his life, Turner knows she’s the one—but love is the last thing Ice wants. If he wants to win her heart, Turner must teach Ice how to forgive herself, and prove that love is the ultimate sacrifice.

I love that you're letting us share. Thanks!

LynnRush said...

HI!!! What a fun blog! :) I found you via Sasha. (Thanks, Sasha!).

Right now I'm reading The Rainbow Man by Deborah Lamoreaux. It's really good.

My debut novel released in September 2011 and it's called Wasteland (
It's a New Adult Paranormal Romance published by Crescent Moon Press. :)

Here's a blurb:
Salvation comes with a price…

Bound by the blood contract his human mother signed four centuries ago, half-demon, David Sadler, must obey his demonic Master’s order to capture fifteen-year-old Jessica Hanks. But as he learns more about her, he realizes she may be the key to freedom from his demonic enslavement.

The only obstacle—Jessica’s distractingly beautiful Guardian, Rebeka Abbott. He must not give in to their steamy chemistry, or he will lose his humanity. But fresh off a quarter millennia of sensory deprivation as punishment for not retrieving his last target, he may not be able to resist temptation long enough to save what’s left of his human soul.

Have a super weekend, everyone!!! :)

Unknown said...

TITLE: Mask of the Gladiator
AUTHOR: Georgie Lee
PUBLISHER: Carina Press
GENRE: Historical romance
FORMAT: E-Book only
AVAILABLE AT: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Carina Press website, and wherever E-books are sold.

Rome, 41 AD

Livia Duronius is driven to seek out a gladiator after watching him triumph in the Colosseum. His touch arouses a sense of hope she hasn't felt since Rome fell under the tyrannical rule of Caligula—and her late husband betrayed her. Though in danger of losing more than her heart, she vows to see him again, even after she learns her uncle has arranged her marriage to a senator.

Senator Titus Marius cannot resist indulging in a passionate encounter with the veiled woman who waits for him after the games, though he faces execution if his true identity is discovered. Bound by honor to wed another, and embroiled in a plot to free Rome from madness, he never expects to see the mystery woman again.

When the fates reunite them in the marriage bed, Titus vows to protect Livia at all costs—even from the lecherous eyes of the emperor...

Sasha Summers said...
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Kelly L Lee said...

Hi everyone... as usual, I'm a day late, but I'm here! If you want a full length novel with a novella price of $1.99, download today! It's got a sassy heroine, a female assassin, and a lust inspiring hero...

Title: Murdering Eve
Author: Kelly L Lee
Publisher: Noble Romance
Genre: Urban Fantasy / Romance
Format; print and ebook
Available from: Noble Romance Publishing,, Barnes and Noble

Have a great day everyone!

Cindy Young-Turner said...

What a great idea! Thanks for the opportunity. I'm currently reading The Hunger Games. Everyone I know has raved about it. Here's the info for my book.

TITLE: Thief of Hope
AUTHOR: Cindy Young-Turner
PUBLISHER: Crescent Moon Press
GENRE: Fantasy
FORMAT: Print and e-book
Sydney, a street urchin and pickpocket in the town of Last Hope, has managed to evade the oppressive Guild for years, but there is no escaping fate when she's sentenced to death for associating with the resistance.

After she's rescued by a wizard, Sydney is forced to accept that magic-long outlawed throughout the Kingdom of Thanumor-still exists, and the Tuatha, a powerful faery folk, are much more than ancient myth and legend. When the wizard offers a chance to fight the Guild and bring Willem, bastard prince and champion of the Tuatha, to the throne, Sydney embraces the cause as a way to find her own redemption.

But Sydney's fear of the Guild, distrust of authority, and surprising connection to the Tuatha threaten Willem's success. Can she untangle the strange threads that entwine her life not only to the fate of the kingdom, but also to Willem himself?

Seleste deLaney/Julie Particka said...

As an author, thanks for the opportunity. (I'll post as a reader next :P)

TITLE: GunShy (Cupid's Conquests #1)
AUTHOR: Seleste deLaney
PUBLISHER: Evernight Publishing
GENRE: Romance with paranormal/fantasy elements
FORMAT: E-Book only
AVAILABLE AT: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Evernight Publishing website, and wherever E-books are sold.

BLURB: Banished from Olympus with orders to restore love to the world, Eros starts with a match no one sees coming. No one but him.

Straight-laced principal Kira isn’t looking for love, especially not right after getting dumped. Then a chance encounter leads her to Jesse, and damned if she isn’t drawn to the bad-boy with a heart of gold. A night of reckless abandon leaves her confused. Was there something there, or did she imagine the connection between them?

Jesse knows lying to Kira is a mistake, but she's the first woman in a long time to see the man and not just the rock star. When his plan to come clean goes terribly wrong, Kira bolts, leaving Jesse in the dust.

Now Eros has to nudge the star-crossed lovers together and prove to Zeus that love does exist, even among the gun shy.

Seleste deLaney/Julie Particka said...

As a reader, some books that I've really enjoyed...

A Brush of Darkness and A Sliver of Shadow by Allison Pang (sexy Urban Fantasy with a lot of snark)

Bloodlines (and the others in the Demons of Oblivion series) by Skyla Dawn Cameron (urban fantasy)

On the young adult front, I LOVED Incarnate by Jodi Meadows (alternate world dystopian)

Rox said...

Hi Kathy,
A lot of great responses here. Please add my book to the stack.

Title: The Amazing Wolf Boy
Author: Roxanne Smolen
Publisher: L&L Dreamspell
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: ebook and print
Available at: your favorite bookstore

Blurb: Cody plans to become a doctor. Instead, he becomes a werewolf. At the first sign of fang and fur, his parents ship him off to Podunkville to live with his black sheep uncle. As the new kid, he makes more enemies than friends. It seems the whole town hates him. Then he meets Brittany and falls head-over-tails in love.

But a murderous pack of lycanthropes howl into town. They want Cody to join them. When he refuses, they kidnap Brittany and threaten to kill her at moonrise. Cody must master his untried superpowers or the girl he loves dies.

Sasha Summers said...

Yay Lynn! Glad you dropped by. She's awesome and so are her books.

I'm going to toot my own horn. July 21st will see the release of my contemporary romance Hollywood Ever After through InkSpell Publishing.

Tagline: She wasn’t meant for movie stars, Hollywood, or happy endings. And then she met him.

Cover reveal will be April 1st!!!