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June 5, 2012

What's On Your Summer Reading List?

To me summer officially kicks off with Memorial Day.  Usually the kids are getting out of school, people begin to travel and that weekend is always a time when we head to the lake.  This year we went to a state park that had a nice two-bedroom cabin you could rent.  We hiked the 2.5 miles through the east Texas piney woods around the lake and swam in the nice cool waters.  It was a time of just relaxing and when it became too hot outdoors we went inside to the air conditioning.  If you live in Texas, a/c is a must have over everything else in May, June, July, August and September. 

So what are your plans for the summer? 
Are you taking a summer cruise, going somewhere exotic or just hanging out by the pool?  I use to be jealous of my teacher friends who have the summer off, but I no longer envy them the headaches they have to put up with.

Whenever I know we're going on a long trip and there will be down time, I save a special book to read.  This summer I have saved the last book from Shades of Gray, a new Rachel Gibson novel, and Susan Elizabeth Phillips new novel, The Great Escape, which looks like a Runaway Bride book.  (Gosh darn it, I have one of those too!)

We're going to Los Angeles for the RWA convention and we're leaving early to spend a few days doing Disneyland, Universal Studios and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. So tell me what are you doing this summer and have you saved a special book to read while you're on vacation?


Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Right now, I'm reading mysteries by Julia Spencer Fleming, recommended by PP gal, Chris. I have loaded my kindle and am ready to travel. Nothing better than a good book.

Elizabeth Essex said...

I am writing this summer, and traveling with the whole Essex family to Lake Tahoe, as well as taking the oldest Essex sprig to Chicago for the Irish Dance National Championships. And then I'm writing some more.

As for reading, I haven't got any specific books lined up yet, although I have a new Ipad e-reader and can't want to get it loaded up. The only thing I've done so far is pre-order my own book that comes out in August. It just felt soooo cool to put that on my 'self' first.
Then I'm going to read some Deanna Rayburn. Love her sophisticated style. And then every historical romance I can get my hands on. :)
I agree with Vicki—nothing is better than a good book!

Sasha Summers said...

As far as plans - visiting Dallas (where all my coolest writer peeps and Princesses are), RWA, and a Port Aransas trip.
Books... Where to begin. Game of Thrones is first up, then we'll see what I'm in the mood for - LOL! Have a nice TBR list to work through.
I haven't read Fifty Shades of Grey (everyone is going on and on about it). Watching the hilarious Ellen Degeneres or Gilbert Gottfried YouTube video spoofs is all I need there, I think.

PamnTX said...

I'm in the middle of Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult, Certain Prey by John Sanford and Shattered by Karen Robards. That sounds a little ADHD! I also have your two books on my Kindle!

Liese said...

Whatever happens to be next on Kindle or book pile. Still working on "Death, Taxes, and a French Manicure" and "Outlander."

Unknown said...

*sigh* The only thing better than the change of seasons is when someone stops to be grateful for one of them and share it. Summer has its very own magic and did I hear you mention Rachel Gibson?? Love her. What I also love is how each season is handed down as a gift. We don't make those flowers bloom or that sun 'shine'. They are provided for us to enjoy, plan, and celebrate with our loved ones.

Thanks for provoking those feelings to stop and say, thank you, God, for summer.

Sylvia said...

Hi all,
Vicki you are so write, nothing is better than a good book. Liz, let me know how you like that new Ipad reader. I'm considering an Ipad.
Sasha, I love Port Aransas, take me with you. Yes that Ellen Degeneres spoof was a hoot.
Hi PamnTX, thank you for buying my books. It's so nice to hear. Also what do you think of Salem Falls. After the last Jodi Picoult book about the school shooting, I sort of backed off reading her.
Liese, -- Outlander? Loved that book.


Kay Thomas said...

Hey Sylvia,

Great topic. I'm saving Trial Junkies by Robert Gregory Browne to read on a car trip to see my family and I also have one of the Outlander books I haven't gotten to -An Echo in the Bone. Although that one will take more than one car trip to finish! There are some authors I get so absorbed in reading, I don't want to put them down. The last Robert Gregory Brown book I read, I stayed up all night to finish in one "sitting." : )

Kathy Ivan said...

Well, let's see. I have the new Nalini Singh book, the new Shayla Black, boot, the latest Janet Chapman book, the latest Amanda Quick book, and of course Sylvia McDaniel's books. They're all loaded on my Kindle. Now to actually find a quiet few minutes to actually dig into them. LOL

Kathy Ivan said...

Fumble fingers again, that should be Shayla Black book (not boot). I should never try to type on my phone--keyboard gets me every time.

Liz Lipperman said...

I'm jealous that you're doing RWA this year, Sylvia, but I gave up romance conferences a few years back (except DID, of course!!) This summer, I have BEEF STOLEN-OFF coming out in July, so there will be a promotional tour. I also have family coming for a whole week around the 4th of July plus we are going on a family vacation with all the kids and grandkids at the end of July. In August we are watching my 2 granddaughters for a week (1 and 3.)And did I mention I have an October deadline on a book that only has 50 pages written??

Depite all that, I am reading an awesome debut thriller by my friend Sheila Redling called Flowertown. She is the first featured author for Thomas Mercer Publishing (Amazon's mystery line.)

Sylvia said...

Hi Kay,
Trial Junkies...that sounds interesting. Isn't it funny how some books you can't put down and others I can lay down with no problem. And it's the same author many times.

Sylvia said...

Hi Kathy,
Oh that's so sweet that you included me. I'm learning a lot about this self-publishing. A great formatter can't be beat and one of our own PP girls did such a great job on one of my books. Shayla Black's books are hot. I've never read Janet Chapman. This is a great way to learn new authors.

Kathleen Baldwin said...

Well... sadly, I don't get much time to read these days, but I am a reading addict so I always have a book in my purse for whenever I get even a snippet of time. Right now I'm in the middle of Ms Elizabeth Essex's latest which is fabulous fun!

And on my kindle I've got Sylvia McDaniel's delightful ebook: Scarlet Bride.
Oh wait! that's you Sylvia, your book! ;-)

Cara Marsi said...

I have no summer plans, alas. We may go away in September. I don't have a summer reading list. I have so little time to read. I wish I had a list I could actually get through. My Kindle is filled and my office is stacked with books, all of which I have little time to read. Not going to National. I've been to three and enjoyed them, but I don't get much out of them for the money. Will probably go to the NJ conference in October.

Phyllis said...

Well, let's see...I have my Kindle loaded with a variety of books. I have Audible Books ready to listen to. More than enough of both to keep me well occupied. My plans for the summer will be to do much more writing than reading.

I will be traveling to Kansas at the end of June for my husbands 40th class reunion.

The BIGGIE trip will be our 10th Anniversary cruise to Alaska at the
1st of September. I'd read there....but very doubtful as I'll be in total awe of the Alaska scenery!

Karilyn Bentley said...

We just got back from vacation with our nieces to DC. It was great! I stuffed the Kindle full of books and didn't read a one! My next book will be for book club: Before I Go To Sleep. It looks interesting. Then I'm on to A Dance with Dragons, the 5th in the Fire and Ice series (i.e. Game of Thrones). Then the Kindle list. I love books!!!

Sylvia said...

Hi Kathleen,
The new Scarlet Bride has a fabulous formater who did a great job. Thanks for thinking of me. That book is one of my favorites.

I have to read one of Ms Essex's books. I just need to put it in my TBR pile.


Sylvia said...

Hi Cara,
I heard the NJ Conference is fabulous. If I lived closer, I would go. We'll miss you at Nationals.


Sylvia said...

Alaska!! I'm so jealous. That's our goal for next year. And a 40th class reunion! I went to my 20th and haven't been back.


Sylvia said...

Hi Karilyn,
What a fun place to take your nieces. I love DC. So much history in one place. My husband has never been, so we have to go very soon.


Sylvia said...

Thank you for stopping by today. I apologize if I've been sort of absent. My mother-in-law died yesterday. She was 88 years old and she was ready to go, but that still doesn't stop us from mourning her. Today, I've been juggling work and trying to get everything ready to leave tomorrow. We're driving to Albuquerque in the morning. So I'm off to finish packing and getting everything ready. We're not having a funeral for her, but rather a memorial where we will celebrate her life. I won't be checking in on Thursday and will be spending the rest of the week with family.

Again Thanks for stopping by and sharing your love of books with me.