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October 2, 2012

A Confession by Sylvia McDaniel

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I love Football! Shame on you! You were thinking I was going to confess something dirty.  Believe me Fifty Shades of Gray is not my life. But back to football.

I could spend all day Saturday and Sunday watching football.  I would love to go to high school football games and watch the young players, the cheerleaders and the drill teams, but I don't.  Most weekends are spent either doing mundane chores around the house or writing. If the Denver Broncos or the Dallas Cowboys are playing I record the games and watch them later when my mind is fried, and I just need to veg.

My husband is not an avid sports fan. He would rather be outside working than sitting in front of a game. If the TV is on he'll watch football, but he is not the die-hard fan that I am. Driving back from San Angelo a couple of weeks ago, I turned the radio on and listened to the Dallas game in the car while we were driving. He was not impressed.

Some of my first memories are going to Mertzon, Texas, where my mother grew up and watching the local team on Friday night. In a small town, if you can walk, you go to the high school game and support the hometown boys. It's a place to visit with other people, pick up the latest gossip, sit outside and enjoy the fall breeze. Remember in Texas, high school football reigns supreme.

As I got older, I dreamed of being one of the girls who twirled the baton. I loved homecoming when everyone wore mums, and they crowned the king and queen at halftime. When I grew up, my school didn't have a baton twirler. In high school, my team was the worst in the city. But one night magic happened. We beat the cross town rivals, and the bleachers exploded with enthusiasm. I think it was the only game we won that year, but you would have thought we were on our way to the state championship.

I have watched the Dallas Cowboys since I was in junior high. Through the good years, the bad years, the Tom Landry years and now the Jerry Jones years. I remember when Texas Stadium was built and now Jerry's palace. I even remember Don Meredith being the quarterback. If I were younger, I'd be a Tony Romo stalker. I think he's just the cutest.

But it's not just the Dallas Cowboys I watch. I would watch every game if I had the time. I love the sound of the players when the ball snaps and they grapple trying to get to the ball. I love it when a player catches a great throw and runs up the field for a touchdown by outrunning all the men chasing him. I love it when a good runner sneaks in-between all those hard bodies and makes it up the field. It's just fun to watch.

It's the only sport that I honestly follow, and after the Superbowl, I always feel a little depressed as the season is over. So now it's your time to confess. Is there a sport that you love, and follow?  Or are you a football widow? Let me know your thoughts about the game and America's Team.

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Jennifer August said...

Woohoo Sylvia! That's what I'm talking about... I'm a huge baseball fan and my BF is not. But he, too, puts up with it. He even went years without television because he watched all he wanted online but in our 2nd year of dating he secretly had cable installed so I could watch the Rangers in the post season. Isn't that sweet and romantic?

Phyllis said...

Yea, Sylvia and Football! Me too!!

I also love football and follow it on the PRO level. Other than my husband's college team, I don’t watch much college football. Being from Colorado, I follow the Denver Broncos as well as the Cowboys. I was there when Denver won Super Bowls in the late 90’s.

I belong to two fantasy football leagues and my season thus far is dismissal. I didn’t have good draft standings so my picks weren’t the best. Well, somebody has to come in last, right?

I look forward to football season every year and like you, I get ‘depressed’ when it is over. I also don’t follow other sports.

Are you sure we aren’t related??

Looking forward to the new Boyfriend series.

Sylvia said...

Hi Jennifer,
I've never been a baseball fan, but your BF sounds so sweet to have cable installed so you could watch the Rangers. That's true love. My husband loves cars and I have sat through many a show about cars.

Sylvia said...

Hi Phyllis,
I think we must be related! I would love to get involved with fantasy football, but I won't let myself because that takes away from writing time. I remember when Denver won! After last nights Cowboy game, I just wanted to cry for Tony Romo. He's got to get it together.

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, Sylvia, football not so much and I was even on the drill team. lol What can I say? I loved the dance.

I've always preferred baseball. I don't watch much throughout the year, but concentrate on the playoffs and world series.

And I love car shows, too!

Sylvia said...

Hi Vicki,
That's right you were on the drill team. I love the dance too. Wish I'd tried out for the drill team. Baseball has never been very exciting to me. Not like the hard crunch of bodies on the field.

Yes, my man is a car guy.

Patricia said...

I told my husband the other day that all I want is to be able to watch the Miami Heat play sometime before I croak so I can see LeBron and Kobe. But I want up-close and personal seats.
I'm still waiting...

Sylvia said...

Hi Patti,
Isn't it funny which types of sports we all like. I think your husband should buy you tickets and surprise you some day. After the way our Cowboys played last night, I may have to switch sports.

Phyllis said...

Never switch sports!!!

Phyllis said...

Never switch sports!!!

Kathy Ivan said...

Oh, no, you've found me out. I am a football fan, too! I LOVE football. (Although I have to admit even though I live in Texas, I don't care for the Cowboys.) Being born and bred in Miami, I've always been a Miami Dolphins fan, since their inception. I've followed them through the good times (Yes--can you say undefeated season!!!) to the bad times, i.e. their last several seasons. They've definitely let me down the last two games, both going into overtime, only to result in loses.

My secret is now out, yes, Sylvia, I'll confess, too! I HEART FOOTBALL!!!

Sylvia said...

Hi Kathy,
It's great that we came out of the closet together.

Kathleen Baldwin said...

I did not know this about you! I would never have guessed, you shameless football hussy. ;-)

I think it's cute a little tiny blonde like you in love with football.

Is Project Runway considered a sport? If so I'm addicted.

My husband was a baseball player - a catcher. And my son in law is a football coach, so I try to be supportive. My daughter was varsity basketball. So we cover several seasons of sports. My youngest is a rock-climber like I was. I could watch that all day long. But it isn't usually televised. ;-)

Diane Kelly said...

I'm only a fairweather sports fan, but anytime you've got a guy in tight pants I'm willing to watch no matter what he's doing. : )

Elizabeth Essex said...

I'm late to the (tailgate) party, but my confession is that I am a rabid fan of ... professional cycling. In the height of the summer cycling season, my children don't like to watch TV with me. I have been known to scream at the TV or even cry when someone crashes. I know all their names as if they were my sons. I know all the teams as if they were plastered on every bus around town—which they are NOT. I follow the intrigues, and root for my favorite racers. But what I like best of all is the gamesmanship. Cycling is like a moving chess game with different riders playing different roles in the race. It's never just about the guy or gal who gets across the line first—it's about HOW he got there.

See—rabid fan. And clearly mad as a hatter. :)