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December 26, 2012


The Plotting Princesses have been extra busy the last few months, writing and getting books out for you, our readers. Many of the Princesses have releases throughout the months of November and December and to make things especially easy, we've complied all our latest releases in one handy, dandy list for your buying pleasure.

Below are the latest releases by several of the Plotting Princesses (in alphabetical order). We've included a very short description, the cover photo, and links to where you can buy the books. Feel free to pass this list along to your family and friends and spread the word about the latest and greatest books by some of your favorite Princesses.

TWINKLE LIGHTS by Vicki Batman
Blurb: A do-gooder joins forces with a reformed delinquent turned lawyer to run a Christmas tree stand benefiting the children's hospital,but when the money goes missing, fingers are pointed.

Buy it HERE

A BREATH OF SCANDAL by Elizabeth Essex (releases 12/26/12)

Blurb: Shockingly brash and scandalously independent, the Reckless Brides are boldly rewriting the rules of love and marriage—one smitten bachelor at a time

"In the game of kiss and tell, there are no rules..."

Buy it at AMAZON or B & N

Blurb: An early Christmas gift, an unexpected trip and haunting dreams. Can the love shared between Ryan and Rose overcome grief and guilt and lend a little magic for a second chance at happiness?

Buy it at AMAZON or B & N.

ONLY FOR A KNIGHT by Michelle Miles (releases 12/13/12)
Blurb: Derron and Elyne return to the Otherworld to save it from the clutches of the Dark Elf, Lord Kieran. He wants total domination over the Otherworld and the human realm and he’ll kill anyone who gets in his way.

Buy it at ELLORA'S CAVE or AMAZON or B & N.

Blurb: Since his mother abandoned him on Christmas Eve never to return, Colin McDermott has hated Christmas and sworn never to have children. But this year two angels are giving him everything he didn't want. A Santa suit, a child and a chance at love again. This is his last chance to learn the true meaning of Christmas.

But it at AMAZON or B & N.

REINDEER WARS by Liese Sherwood-Fabre
Blurb: Can two coworkers' budding relationship survive a knock-down-drag-out competition to win the office’s “most outrageous holiday sweater?”

Buy it at AMAZON or B & N.


Blurb: All she wants for Christmas is for Hollywood to love her again. But once she meets him, her Christmas list changes.

Buy it HERE.

GALILEO'S HOLIDAY by Sasha Summers (A Galactic Holiday)

Blurb: Loner ice-miner Riley might lose her heart to rakish trader Leo - if raiders, ice storms, and man-eating cryptids don’t get her first.

Buy it HERE.

There you go, the newest releases hot off the presses by the Plotting Princesses. Don't forget, our Princesses have many other books available, so while you're checking out the list above, be sure to check out all the books available.

Happy Holidays again and keep reading!


Sasha Summers said...

Thanks for the book love, Princess Kathy! It's been a very busy December for me - but I'm not complaining ;)!!!
Happy Holidays AND New Release to you and all Dec. Release princesses too!!!

Paty Jager said...

What a great list of holiday reads!

Kathy Ivan said...

Thanks, Sasha and Paty. When putting together the list, I couldn't help thinking what a talent group of writers the Princesses are. There are some terrific stories here, the choices are spectacular!

Kathleen Baldwin said...

Oh this is so cool! It's sfun to see so many of our Princess's books all in one place.

We should do this more often!!

Sylvia said...

Love this and I have everyone's books on my TBR list. Don't forget that 10% of the sales of my book go to Puppy Rescue Mission.

Elizabeth Essex said...

Thanks for the book love. :)

I can't wait to finish my writing and settle down to some Christmas vacation reading. :)

Happy holiday one and all.