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August 8, 2013

Childish Writing by Karilyn Bentley

I'm sure you've read interviews with authors that when asked how long they've been writing they reply since childhood. That's the case with me. One of my first stories was similar to Nancy Drew, a mystery where the sleuth found a key trapped in tree roots from a century before that unlocked some chest holding some treasure. I'm not sure what ever happened to that story, perhaps Mom has it hidden in her closet. <g>  But I did find another story I wrote in sixth grade and thought it might be fun to post parts of it here. Hopefully my writing has improved since then. <g>

This is the story of my childhood dog that I wrote for an English writing assignment. And as you can see in the pix above, I typed it on our ancient typewriter (that's me on the couch and my bro smiling for the camera while Mom pets Tasha). My teacher liked it so much she let the principal read it. His comment was: "Sprightly is a word that I think I have never used ('til now). I can think of no other which so fittingly describes this." The teacher said she loved the humor. After reading it now, I cringe at all the exclamation points. Yikes. Anyway, here goes the condensed version with all the exclamation points left in (get ready to cringe):

Hi! My name is Natasha Golden Amber, but they call me Tasha for short. I heard that you wanted my life story. Did you? I'm glad to hear that! I'll tell you all about me!

I was born January 24, 1980. I lived with my mother, my brothers and my sisters. My brothers, my sisters and I would play chase with our tails. It was great fun!

Now, do you know what my mother's master did? She put an add in the newspaper for us. She said that we were purebreed. One day this lady came in. She wanted a puppy. Wouldn't you know. this is a tough question... guess who she picked? Can't guess? I'll tell you. She picked me! She picked me up and paid my mother's master. Then she went out to her car and put me in the front seat next to her! Then she drove to her husband's work. She picked me up and took me inside. There were three people there. They each petted me. After that we got back in the car. I got carsick even when she held me in her lap. After a while we came to her house. About three o'clock she came home with two children. The lady, whose name was Sherry, said, "What do you want to name her?"
The girl said, "How about Natasha?"
Now do you know where they took me? They took me to the vet! UGH! He gave me at least twenty shots. That's about all I can remember about my early childhood, so I'll go on to when I was six months old. 

One day Sherry took me to Obedience School. I was the clown of the class. Sherry said I was extremely smart for a six month old Golden Retriever puppy. Sherry would tell me to sit and stay. So I stayed in a sitting position. Oh, look at that good piece of paper. Mmmmm, it looks so good. I think that I'll get it. Uh-oh! I'm supposed to stay in a sitting position. I've got an idea. I'll just "Scoot" over there in a sitting position, and get that good piece of paper. Hey! Why is everyone laughing at me? Oh, look at the instructor! She has turned around and is laughing! Oh no! Here comes Sherry. Hey! Give me back that piece of paper. That's mine! Rats! She won't give it back. She told me to sit again. So, since I wanted to please her, I did.

There's that good piece of paper. I think I'll get it again. Now, look at the instructor. She is dying laughing! Hey, Sherry! This time you're not going to get my paper. I'm going to shut my mouth. Ha! Ha! I see you're having trouble getting that paper out of my mouth... oh, Sherry, you're blue with laughter! UH-OH! You got it out. Hey! Don't scold me. I'm being good!

"Get your dogs lined up to jump the fence," the instructor said. "Okay, Tasha," said Sherry, "It's our turn to jump." Here I go. I'm running really fast. Oh, look at my master. She jumped that fence soooo good! Now, look at the people. They are laughing again. I love publicity. Oh, I really should enter Sherry in Master Jumping Class. She is so good. Hey! Don't pull me over that fence! You never listen to me!

Now, I'm sure that you're wondering how I got this typed and got the pictures, which are on the next few pages. So I'll tell you. I asked a friend of mine, who is a good secretary to type this story for me. Then I found these pictures on the desk and put them in the back for you to see. I hope you enjoyed my autobiography!!!

Anyway, it's Karilyn again. Hope you enjoyed my childish writing. <g> Has anyone else found writing from their childhood? If so, how badly did you cringe when you read it?
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Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

This is great fun! I began w poetry at age 9. No one knew cause I was too shy to share.

Karilyn Bentley said...

Hi Vicki,
I'm impressed! I can't write poetry. Do you still have the poems you wrote?

Wade Wilson said...

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