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September 26, 2013

Top 10 Blogging Questions for YOU

Hello, again, everyone.

Last time I blogged, I questioned whether blogging was on life support. You all responded with a resounding NO! I also told you what I like to see when I'm reading the blogs I personally follow, but I'd like to find out what YOU want to see when you're reading a blog.

What are you looking for? Here are my top 10 questions just for you.

1. Do you prefer more info on writing and craft-related topics or do you tend more toward reader-related stuff like posts on our dogs, vacations, wedding anniversaries, etc.

2. Do you prefer group blogs or are you looking more for individual blog site?

3. Do you follow blogs by your personal favorite authors or is most of your blog reading outside of the author/writer sphere and into other areas of interest?

4. How often do you like to see a blog published? Once a week? Twice a week? Every day?

5. Do you like to see authors post excerpts and/or upcoming scenes from their books? Do you like seeing a separate post whenever a new book is released?

6. Do you prefer an interactive blog where we do things like round robin writing where you as the reader get to participate or would you rather read what others have written?

7. How long do you think a blog post should be? 250 words? 500 word? 1000 words?

8. Do you like blogs to hold contests/giveaways (i.e. copies of books/e-books or gift cards—I'm not talking about huge prizes here those are usually handled outside the regular scope of blogging)?

9. Do you like having guest authors visit and answer questions about their books and where to get but or do you just skip over it when you see a guest author posting?

10. Finally and here's the big one: What would you like to see on the Plotting Princesses blog that we're not currently doing.

Here's you chance. Tell us what we can do to help make the site better, improve the content and keep you coming back every Tuesday and Thursday to spend your time with us. Let me know in the comment section.

Kathy Ivan writes hot sexy romances with lots of suspense and a dash of paranormal. She currently lives in Texas, where she'll do just about anything to avoid the heat. She's currently deep in her writing cave, plotting her next suspense-filled adventure. Her latest book, Losing Cassie, is available now.


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