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December 3, 2013

Die Hard A Christmas Movie?

Die hard.jpgYes, my husband insists that every year we watch Die Hard. This is our annual Christmas movie and while it is rather gruesome, I have to say I still love the message. This man loves his wife and would do just about anything to save her and restore their marriage. Even fight supposed terrorists. So I was surprised to see it’s number 6 on the Rotten Tomatoes Holiday Movie List

My favorite Christmas Movie is the classic Jimmy Stewart, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” The line I will never forget from that movie is “When a bell rings an angel is receiving his wings.” That one grabs my heart and squeezes it every time. Whoever the screenwriter was, he knew just how to grab your emotions and rip them apart. I still tear up when he goes back and sees how the town would have been if he hadn’t lived. Love the concept and one of these days I want to write a modern version of that storyline.

Miracle on 2nd Street. It doesn’t matter which version you watch the newer or the older one, I love them both. They both have such a great story and yes I’m a sucker when it comes to children and Santa. That’s why I wrote The Reluctant Santa, one of my two Christmas books.

Scrooge – Loved this show. Yes it’s dark, but the message is so good that it gives me hope about people. What a masterful way to show our lives and their effect on the people around us. It's truly a second chance at life movie.

Santa Claus – Tim Allen becoming Santa is hysterical and all I can say is that the screenwriter did such a good job in making his character change and grow. And the little boy…sigh.

While You Were Sleeping – Love it. Talk about an amnesia story. This one is the best. Yes, I consider it a Christmas movie. Who doesn’t love Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman. Oh Bill, you were so good and the family. Loved the family. 

What is your favorite Christmas movie and does your family have any movie traditions for the holidays?

I have two Christmas books. The Reluctant Santa is a contemporary and the Christmas Bride is a novella from my best-selling western historical romance. Whoever leaves a comment will be entered into a drawing to receive one free copy.

Movie photos were taken from Wikepedia.


Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

I have never thought of Die Hard as a Christmas movie. Since I'm in a house of men, one of our favorites is Stalag 17. A WW2 movie taking place on Christmas. It is magnificent and William Holden rocks in this one. Other favorites include Love Actually and Millions. Hugs!

c said...

I have so many favorite christmas movies but they're all older-

I love The Bishop's Wife with Cary Grant - I think that's my favorite

Christmas in Connecticut with Barbra Stanwyck- that's just a laugh movie

Pocketful of Miracles with Bette Davis. This is just a feel good movie that isn't necessarily Christmas but it feels like a Christmas movie and it has got so many wonderful actors inclusing 'introducing Ann Margaret'

A recent movie I like only because it reminds me of the old fashioned movies is Queen Latifah in Last Holiday

and I agree with you on Miracle on 34th St - but to me the original with the postal deivery scene is the best!!

chris keniston said...

well isn't that strange - I was typing in my name and the thing posted before I got past the C - hmm- lol

Sylvia said...

Yes in my house full of men Die Hard is the movie of choice and the guys are so bummed that the actor from Fast and Furious was killed this past weekend. Those were their favorite car movies. For the next three weekends they don't know it yet, we're watching Christmas movies...Old Christmas movies. So I'm going to check out The Bishop's Wife and maybe even Pocketful of Miracles.

Sylvia said...

I'm going to check out several of the movies you suggested. I love old movies and my time to pick the movies just came up, so we'll be watching some older flicks.

Barb Han said...

There are so many great holiday movies! I'll be checking out a few on Chris's list this year!

Pamela Stone said...

Along the same line as Die Hard, I associate Three Days of the Condor with Christmas. They actually play Silver Bells in the store in one of the first scenes. And it's cold. And it's Redford. Any excuse works.

We also watch White Christmas and Elf. I know, nothing alike, but still.

Pamela Stone said...


Wasn't there a later version of Christmas in Connecticut that stared Dyann Cannon and Kris Kristofferson? Or was that a different movie plot?

Sylvia said...

From the weather experts are saying we may get a chance to stay in and watch movies this weekend. I'll be checking out some on Chris's list.

Sylvia said...

Ohhhh...don't tell my boys about Three Days of the Condor or we'll be watching that this weekend. I like White Christmas. I've never seen Elf, but I'm not a big fan of the actor in that movie.

Unknown said...

I am a total "It's a Wonderful Life" junkie. I ADORE that movie, especially the scene you've got pictured, when they are both listening to the same phone and the chemistry and awareness is just simmering out of the pot!!!!! Love it.

Never actually seen Die Hard. :) I've somehow escaped seeing Alan Rickman doing one of his best bad guys. Sigh. Maybe this year. :)

Cheers, EE

Sylvia said...

Liz, You have to see Die Hard. He plays the best bad guy I've seen in a long time. So cunning and creepy and even Bruce Willis has a strong performance. It's probably one of his better movies. Lots of shooting and violence, but there are some funny parts as well. I don't like violent films and I enjoy this one.
Yes, It's a Wonderful Life is my favorite and it's going to be perfect for our upcoming chilly weekend.

Kimberly Dawn said...

I have to admit my favorites are the Christmas classics. Like Rudolph and Frosty and all of those. I also love watching all the new Hallmark Christmas movies each year. But nothing beats Rudolph! I'm just a big kid at heart!

Linda Steinberg said...

"It's a Wonderful Life." Saw that for the first time in 1974 in New York when it was bitter cold and I think that was the first ever showing on TV after the movie was resurrected or the patent found or whatever that deal was. We had it on VCR but never used it because whenever we got ready to watch it, it was on TV again. Best line? My husband actually cried, ever year, at "To my big brother George, the richest man in town."

Pamela Stone said...


I'm not crazy about the actor in Elf either, but it is an interesting movie. You might give it a shot.

Also like the animated ones like Rudolph, Frosty and Charlie Brown.

Sylvia said...

I never liked the Rudolph one. I don't know why, but I loved the Charlie Brown Christmas. In fact we saw a tree at a Dollar store the other day and I told my husband it was Charlie Brown's tree.

Sylvia said...

I love that line in the movie. Oh my gosh, we're going to watch that movie again this weekend. I'm so ready for it. Thanks for sharing.

Donna E said...

I guess I have several favorite Christmas movies -- Miracle on 34th St with Maureen O'Hara; It's a Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart; The Bishop's Wife with Cary Grant. A newer one would be Tim Alan's The Santa Clause.
My hubby said he thought his all time favorite is the George C Scott version of A Christmas Carol.

Nancy said...

My fav Christmas movie is White Christmas. Love the "Sisters" number with Bing Cosby and Danny Kaye. The Santa Clause and its follow ups are fun, too. I can also get into the Lifetime and Hallmark schmaltzy holiday themed movies. I do love the old movie channels and this time of year brings a bonanza of Christmas movies ... usually. :)

Happiest of holidays, and stay warm and safe as the weather turns!


Eva's Flowers said...

I'm a bit odd, one of my favorite Christmas movies is National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, in fact I just watched it two days ago and can't wait to see it again. My next favorite would have to be Nightmare Before Christmas, and this one I watched a few days ago as well!

Bantering of a Beautiful Mind said...

My favorite Christmas movie is A Smokey Mountain Christmas! I have loved that movie since I was a kid!