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November 4, 2014

Coming Release -- Deadly: Lipstick and Lead Series Book 2

This Friday, the first full length novel Deadly, in my new series Lipstick and Lead comes out. The heroine in this story is one of my favorites and in fact all of the sisters in these books have been fun to write, but Meg has stayed with me.
We first met the sisters in the Novella, Desperate.
Meg's a woman forced by life to take over the care of her sisters, wear men’s clothes and when her father dies, she must find a way to save their family farm. After trying a typical job for a woman back in her time period, she and her sisters become bounty hunters like their father. It’s a profession they know, but they’re women chasing bad guys.
Only Meg has a dream. A dream of owning her own dress shop and dressing like a woman. And her hero…well let’s just say they have a past that involved her leaving him tied up and naked on main street.
Here’s an excerpt from Deadly:
Meg McKenzie stood in yet another hotel room, another dusty frontier town, on the hunt for yet another wayward criminal.  She pulled out her Baby Dragoon revolver from her holster, spun the cylinder and checked to make sure that a bullet graced every chamber. With a gentle tug she checked the leather case, and then she slid the weapons back into the holster, just a finger tip away.  
She wore her gun low on her hips just below the waist of her father’s hand me down pants. No fancy dress for Meg.
“The McKenzie sisters are about to strike again,” her sister Ruby said, as she slid her own gun into the hidden sheathlike case neatly tucked beneath her petticoats. Her saloon dress dipped low in the front to the edge of her breasts, the straps completely off her shoulder. She flipped her blonde hair back and checked her image one last time in the mirror. “How many men have we brought to justice?”
In the last year, they had learned the bounty hunter trade and continued the legacy of their father. With his death, the girls had been forced to find work in order to save the farm and in a desperate moment chosen their current path. Meg and Ruby chased wanted criminals and Annabelle maintained their family farm. At least until they returned and could join their sister once again. They never intended to make this their lifelong occupation. Just long enough to pay off the mortgage on the farm.
“At least twelve. Seems we’ve spent more time on the road than we have at home,” Meg said homesickness surging through her like an open wound.
“Just as well, with Sheriff Zach still coming out to the house looking for you.”
“Zach Gillespie, wants a quiet, retiring, woman who wears a dress and has tea parties. Do I look like that kind of woman?” Meg shook her head, her heartache was nearly healed, though she could never look at Zach again without smiling and remembering him naked.
Ruby laughed. “No, but you could if you wanted.”
Meg glanced out the window, the glow of the setting sun cast a shadow, but she could still see the dress shop down the street. After she’d spoken to this no name town sheriff, she’d spent time in the little dress shop, gazing and fingering the available dresses and the patterns of the latest fashions.  Inside these pants, a woman longed to emerge and live like a lady, not the rough, bounty hunter facade of a life she lived now.
Tell me do you have sisters? How close are you to your sisters? Let me know I'm needing some more sister stories.

Dangerous will be available in January and Daring March of 2015.
Deadly available at all major retailers on Friday, November 7th.


Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

OMG, Sylvia! I can't believe how prolific you are. I'd be exhausted. The covers are fantastic and the stories are so good. Congratulations, my friend.

Kathy Ivan said...

I'm marking my calendar right now for January and March. I'll definitely be picking up this one. Loved the intro book and can't wait to read these. I've been reading a lot of historical romance recently, and really loving the Westerns.

Sylvia said...

Thanks Vicki, I have been working very hard. I'm hoping to take a week off in December and recharge my batteries.

Sylvia said...

Hi Kathy,
Thank you!! Westerns seem to be hot right now. I'm enjoying the sisters.

chris keniston said...

oh goody- I've been waiting for this series - Yeah! Sylvia!

Bantering of a Beautiful Mind said...

I can't wait till the new book comes out! I don't have any sisters, blood anyways. I have one brother though. :-)

Phyllis said...

So glad for you Sylvia! It really helps in the storytelling when you can have so much fun with your characters. My wishes to you that they do very well for you!

Liese said...

I totally LOVE the idea of female bounty hunters! So clever!

I have sister that is six years younger and I have to admit I viewed her as annoying as a child. Now, however, I admire her strength and ingenuity. When we went to Scotland, she had a plan for each day we were there and even drove on the wrong side of the road! I'm not sure I would have been as adventurous.

Sisters coming of age might be a good theme....

Sylvia said...

Hi Chris,
Yes, life seemed to get in the way of these books being written. But I'm about halfway done with book 3 and I have book 4 all planned out. Can't wait to start it. Right now I'm dealing with middle book hump. Thee people want to talk and I want them to have sex! Gads!

Sylvia said...

Hi Kim,
Thanks for stopping by and I wish I had a brother. I have one sister, but always wanted more. The book will be out Friday. Can't wait.

Sylvia said...

Hi Phyllis,
If you're having fun, it's always good. I've decided I just can't write dark, angsty characters. They come across as just mean. Glad you came by. Can't wait for your new book.

Sylvia said...

Hi Liese,
It's been forever since I've seen you. I kind of doubt I'm going to be at the December meeting. We're celebrating our 20th anniversary that weekend and I have another event I've been asked to attend. We need to get together for lunch sometime.

I like your idea of the coming of age theme. Might have to use that.

Kimberly Dawn said...

Looking forward to reading this book! I have one sister. I probably better not share any stories in a public setting! Lol! (I'm just kidding. She's a great sister!)

Kathleen Baldwin said...

Hi Sylvia!
I'm chiming in super late. Midnight. But it is cool how many hot selling Western Romances you've got out there.
Of course you know I'm a big fan.
I'm looking forward to this new series!!!

Sylvia said...

Thank Kim for coming by and talking about your sister! Many people have great relationships with their sisters, so I feed off their stories. Meg's book was a lot of fun and somehow there seem to be a lot of rope tying going on.

Sylvia said...

Hi Kat,
I know you've been so busy working towards your deadline. Hope you're nearly finished. Thank so much for the kind words. This series has been a fun one to write.