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November 25, 2014

#PlottingPrincesses : @ChrisKeniston asks are you Brave or Crazy? #MFRWorg #skydiving

Brave or Crazy? 

Not very long ago my daughter and I had a conversation about why would anyone want to jump from an airplane.  My views are fairly simple. No amount of money could get me to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.  I wouldn't even consider jumping out of a crippled aircraft. As a matter of fact, had I been a passenger on Air Force One with Harrison Ford, I would have taken my chances with the terrorists. 

Imagine my surprise when one Sunday morning my daughter and I have the following conversation: 

"By the way, Mom, I went skydiving yesterday." 

"That's nice, dear."
"You don't believe me?" 

"No, dear." 

Teasing mom with the absurd was nothing new in our family. Except my disbelief was corrected when photos of my daring daughter appeared on the internet the next day. Holy Silk Parachutes. I watched the video.  She really did it! In order to celebrate a friend's birthday my child, who only a few days before had agreed with me that nothing could make us jump out of a plane, did just that.  Terrified. The most fear she's ever felt in her life. But she did it.  

It took me a good long while to get over the fear of what might her friends come up with next to celebrate a birthday and move from the "she has to be crazy" into the "how awesome and brave is my daughter for overcoming fear" camp. 

I freely admit my daughter is a better woman than I am. There is still no way I would ever willingly jump out of a plane.  On the bright side, I'd been struggling with where to go with the next book in my Aloha Series. Well, that book – Dive into You – is now available at all vendors and if I do say so myself, I do love my former navy, skydiving hero!   

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Are any of you brave enough to try skydiving? What was your brave adventure?


Unknown said...

Hi Chris,

I've done lots of things in my life. Raced go-karts, water skiing, body surfing, driven cars way too fast, ridden in a speed boat, hot air balloning, even used to hang out at street races as a teen. I worked for an airline for years and it simply never made sense to me to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. So, I guess I have my limits.

Unknown said...

Chris, That's incredible and extremely scary. How very death defying for your daughter. How long did it take for your heart to get back to normal after seeing the pics? I love flying in planes but don't think I would ever want to jump out of one. Thanks for sharing her bravery/insanity.

Sylvia said...

Years ago, I wanted to skydive, but now I'm too old and I hate heights and, it's not going to happen at this stage in my life. But your daughter was brave to overcome her fear and jump out of an airplane. Sometimes life is about overcoming fear, but I'm still not jumping out of an airplane.

chris keniston said...

Pamela I'm in the no good reason camp and staying there

Karla - It took weeks! And even now I get jittery thinking about it ! lol.

Sylvia I agree she's braver than I and I. And possibly crazier too!

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, Chris! I'd do it. I would. Just haven't organized.

Linda Steinberg said...

Sky diving is not on my bucket list, not even at the tail end. I don't even do carnival rides, even the kiddie roller coaster had me more nervous than my four year old granddaughter. I did zip-lining once. That's it for my extreme sport. I am a certified chicken.

Liz Lipperman said...

Sky diving is not something I think I need to do in this lifetime, but I admire anyone who wants to do it and does. Kudos to your daughter for overcoming her fear. And I have to say she's got to be one helluva woman if you say she's a better one than you!!

chris keniston said...

Thanks, Liz - she really is something else !

Vicki- you are braver than I

Linda - not even zip line is on my to-do list. I'm thinking I'll hold the handbags and souvenirs while y'all get adventurous ! :)

Karilyn Bentley said...

Your daughter is much braver than I am! I had friends in grad school that would go sky diving. Completed freaked me out!

Congrats on your new release!!!

chris keniston said...

Karilyn, she was so scared - it was the calm and steady instructor who got her through.