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December 9, 2014

#PlottingPrincesses welcome guest author Anne Ashby, a fan of Kris Kristoffersen #MFRWorg #RLFblog #romance

Anne Ashby is joining the Plotting Princesses today. Let's get to know her:

Anne Ashby lives in New Zealand and writes clean contemporary romance using her homeland as an added point of difference to her stories.  Her interest in family, genealogy and rugby often feature. "Leath's Legacy" is her sixth book.  

Favourite Movie: The Sound of Music
Favourite Book:  Any by Essie Summers
Last Book Read: A Mother’s Wish by Debbie Macomber
Favourite Colour: Yellow
Stilettos or Flip-flops:  Flip-flops
Coffee or Tea:  Neither
E-book or Paperback:  Paperback
Pencil or Pen:  Pencil
Favourite Song: Any by Kris Kristoffersen
Streak or not:  Not
Favourite Dessert: Pavlova
Champagne or Gin: Neither
Paranormal or Historical: Neither, Contemporary only
Ginger or Mary Ann: Mary Ann
Favourite TV Show:   Packed to the Rafters
Hot or Cold: Hot
POV: Male
I’d die if I don’t have: My Family

Leath's Legacy:  Hope of allaying their guilt drives them in a collision course

Excerpt From Leath’s Legacy:
“What do you want?” he demanded. “Name your price and I’ll match it.”
Her eyes boggled and her eyebrows rose. Was he serious? Yes, it appeared he was, from the way he waved an agitated arm around.
“Come on. Name it,” he snapped. “Everyone has their price. What’s yours?” His Machiavellian smirk conveyed his certainty.
Frowning, Leath stared up at him. “You mean if we asked for, what, ten million dollars, you’d give it to us?” She shook her head. “You’re crazy.”
She didn’t believe for a moment he’d seriously consider that sort of amount and gasped when he replied almost immediately.
“That’s your price, ten million?”
“No, Mr. Buchanan, that’s not our price!” Leath feared he might reach for his cheque book. “That was just a stupid figure plucked out of the air. We’ve already given you our answer, twice.”
Seeing a very slight slump in his shoulders and something odd in his expression, Leath softened the blow. “I’m sorry if you’re disappointed.” She even smiled up at him, “but it’s not going to change. We like the place.”
“But you have to sell it to me!”
Stepping back at the ferociousness in his voice, Leath bit her lip.
“I have to have it.”
His apparent desperation caused a sympathetic response from her. “I’m sorry.” She felt compelled to soften her voice. “We’re not selling.”
“But you must.” He stretched out and would have grabbed her arms if she hadn’t stepped back once more. “It’s ours and I mean to have it back.”

Find Anne at: website            
Connect with Anne at: email
Find Leath' Legacy at: The Wild Rose Press

So Anne, why Kris Kristoffersen songs?


Anne Ashby said...

Hi, thanks for having me stop by to visit with y'all today. Why Kris Krisoffersen? I'm not sure. I'm into country music and I just loved the stories his songs told. They were sad, challenging, hopeful, mournful, occasionally happy. I especially loved the ones he shared with Rita Coolidge. He visited NZ about 15 years ago and I was able to go see him - and Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings. I thought I was in Heaven lol

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, Anne! So you are a country music gal, kinda an old school one. That's way cool.

I loved your excerpt. I went wow!

Wishing you much success with your book.

Sylvia said...

Hi Anne,
I wish you much success with your book and thanks for being a guest on the PP Blog.

Kathy Ivan said...

Hello! I'm a huge country music girl, too! Love the older stuff, George Strait, George Jones, Reba. I have all the country stations tuned in on my car radio, and sing along as I'm driving. Living in Texas, it's not hard to find a country station.

You book looks great, and the excerpt pulled me right into the story. Congratulations on your release, and wishing you many sales!

Karilyn Bentley said...

Hi Anne! Welcome to the PP blog! I loved the excerpt, it really pulled me into the story. Congrats on your release and I wish you many sales!!!

Phyllis said...

Hi Anne! Welcome to the PP blog today. I wish you much success with your book. The excerpt drew me in. Now I want to know why he wants the place so much!

I grew up in a country music house, but the very old (whiny) stuff. I'm like like Kathy - more of the Reba, Garth Brooks and George Strait type songs.

Still I prefer the 70's and some 80's pop. What can I say? I was in my 20's during the disco era!

Anne Ashby said...

Good morning, thank you for making me feel so welcome. My apologies for delay in responding, I'm just out of bed ready to face a new day. I loved travelling across the southern states from LA to Georgia earlier this year, all that country music, we don't usually have any on our radios. I'm so glad you liked my excerpt, its hard to choose a few words to entice a reader, I appreciate you all giving me a big tick in that box

Beth T Irwin said...

Good excerpt!

Ashantay said...

Enjoyed your answers, and I'm a Mary Ann girl, too. (smiling) Just watched A Christmas In Connecticut, the remake with Kris Kristoffersen and Dyan Cannon. Unfortunately, he didn't sing in the movie, but he did show off some muscles! Best wishes on your book!

Anne Ashby said...

Thank you Beth and Ashantay, appreciate you stopping by and your comments

Brenda Gayle said...

Hi Anne, I'm a Kris Kristofferson fan, too. He's written some great songs. I think my favourite is Help Me Make It Through the Night. Fun interview and best of luck with Leath's Legacy.

Ilona Fridl said...

I'm not a big country fan, but I do like some of his songs. Your book sounds great!

Anne Ashby said...

It's been great being with you guys, thanks so much for having me visit. I've enjoyed the interaction and hope I managed to bring a few new readers to your blog. Thank you to everyone who took the time to leave a comment.

Taylor Bara said...

Here is an info for all my fellas. Cheers!