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July 7, 2015

Let's get to know: Author Melissa Keir & her book Crashing Into Love #contemporaryRomance #MFRWorg #anthology

For my Vegas wedding, my books and computer came with me but there wasn't enough room for my wedding shoes. It’s all about priorities! Currently living in the suburbs of Ann Arbor, Michigan with my darling husband, way-too-grown-up children and spoiled dogs, I enjoy getting away through a book to escape the harsh winters or summer road construction.

Speed Round :
Favorite movie: Valley Girl
Favorite book: Good Bones and Simple Murders
Last book read: Hog Wild by Jenna Jaxon
Favorite color: Green
Stilettos or flip-flops: Stilettos
Coffee or tea: Flavored coffee
E-book or paperback: Both
Pencil or pen: Pen
Favorite song: Melissa by the Allman Brothers
Streak or not: Oh yes!

Favorite dessert: Cannolis
Champagne or gin: Neither
Paranormal or Historical: Paranormal
Ginger or Mary Ann: Ginger
Favorite TV show: Criminal Minds
Hot or cold: Depends
POV: First and Deep Third
I'd die if I don't have: Internet

Can Rob and Keira's second honeymoon lead to romance, 
or will it crash and burn?

Once again alone with her thoughts, she turned toward her husband. They’d been married for seven years, and his looks still caused her stomach to flutter. I love running my fingers over his buzz cut. And his rough beard left sexy marks on my neck when we made love…not that it’s happened in a while. A part of the reason we’re on this trip is because of our lack of sex, tenderness. Of course, he’d have to be home in order to touch me.

Keira crossed her legs tighter as she glanced around the cabin. Her gaze fell to the cowboy two seats in front of her and across the aisle. That rancher is hot. His jeans really showed off his best assets when he walked back to the bathroom a while ago. His blue-striped shirt hugged his shoulders and guns. Those arms would hold a girl down or up and down all the while he loved on her. I bet if he and I were married, there’d be no need for counseling. She imagined running her fingers over his shoulders and down his arms. She uncrossed her legs and ran her hands down her jeans, shifting them.

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Ooh, Melissa, I'm hearing a seven-year itch in this story? What prompted you to write it?


Melissa Keir said...

You're right... There's a seven year itch in this story. A group of us got together and decided on the theme of plane crashes but the rest came from my mind. Right now I'm camping (in a small trailer- which is the only way to camp) but I know all the ways that roughing it can either bring a couple together or drag them apart! Thank you for having me.

Daryl Devoré said...

I'm a flip flop kinda girl, myself. Tweeted.

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, Melissa! Thanks for being with the PP girls today.

stanalei said...

Wow! Ginger... Don't find too many who pick her. You a most unique, Melissa.

Melissa Keir said...

Stanalei- I am probably more like MaryAnn but I've always wanted to be Ginger. She's my dream of what a sexy confident woman is. :) Thanks for stopping by!

Thank you Vicki for having me!

D'Ann said...

Great interview! Stilettos surprised me!

Jenna said...

Neither stillettos nor Ginger surprised me. :) I've always thought of you as the glamorous type, Melissa, just from your author picture. But I would have guessed you liked champagne! Great interview!

Melissa Keir said...

D'Ann- I love them, but I didn't say that I could walk without falling in them! :)

Jenna-Thank you. I was very fortunate to have a wonderful photographer. She did a whole set of boudoir shots for me and it was the first time I felt truly beautiful.

darkwriter said...

Fun interview. You were married in Vegas? So was I. Great place to get married and I enjoyed the excerpt.

Angela Adams said...

Enjoyed the excerpt!

Melissa Keir said...

Thank you Angela. :)

I was married in Vegas at the Graceland Wedding Chapel. Next year is our 10 year anniversary and we are planning on going back!

Karilyn Bentley said...

Hi Melissa and welcome to the PP blog! Glad to get to know you! Best wishes for many sales!

Kelly L Lee said...

I didn't get married in Vegas, but it's got a special place in my heart! Best wishes!