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July 16, 2015

WOW 20 Beach Reads for Only 99 cents or Free!

How long is your To-Be-Read book pile? Mine seems to get bigger every day.  I admit I'm a sucker for a happy ending. Which is probably why I write romance. But I especially love a good summer beach read. Give me a goodhearted man, a strong woman, throw in a sunny beach, and I'm right there picking up a new book to add to my list. And who doesn't love a bargain!

Every once in a while we as authors get to participate in fun opportunities to bring great reads to our fans.  I am so thrilled to be part of a three day Summer Book Sale Extravaganza! Twenty authors of Contemporary Romance have come together and for three days from July 16-19, one of our books will be FREE or 99 Cents.  There's a little something for all tastes: Sweet, Sexy, Military, Sports, and so much more.

As for me, the first book in my Aloha Series—Aloha Texas—is only 99 cents for this sale event!  

Former US Navy diver Nick Harper is loving his new life as captain of a dive boat in Hawaii. Powerhouse attorney Kara Lynn O'Conner's world revolves around her small Texas town where life is easy and safe. Six year old Bradley Russell is about to change everything. 

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And here's a glimpse at the other books in this Summer Book Sale available now at most online retailer. Click on the book cover for more information.                    
         99 cents                                          Free                                         99 cents
         Free                                   Free                                Free                             99 cents
          Free                                 99 cents                            Free                             99 cents
          Free                                 Free                            99 cents                             99 cents
          99 cents                        99 cents                       99 cents                          99 cents

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Liz Lipperman said...

Wow! What a terrific sale. I can't wait to read all of them.

Phyllis said...


chris keniston said...

Yep - a little bit of something for everyone's taste ! And at a #Bargain Price too ! :)