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November 3, 2015

Michelle Miles: From Halloween to Christmas in 2.3 Seconds

It’s hard to believe it’s November already.

You know what else is hard to believe? That Christmas decorations were in the stores in September. At Hobby Lobby, they started putting them up in JUNE. Really, Hobby Lobby? School hadn’t even started, for gosh sakes.

Hubby, kid and I were in the mall this past weekend – ON Halloween, mind you – and we noticed they were starting to put up Santa’s workshop. You know, where all the kids can sit on his lap and tell him what they dream of for Christmas.

You know what I dream of? No Christmas before Halloween.

The mall also started putting up Christmas decorations, too. There was garland and big red bows hanging from the ceiling. Can’t we get past Halloween before we start the panic for Christmas?

I really feel like Thanksgiving gets shafted on the holiday front. Even Columbus Day gets a nod in the sales circulars. I mean, we start thinking about Christmas way too soon, in my opinion. Best Buy started running Christmas ads about a week before Halloween. Seriously, Best Buy? You’re already starting our buying frenzy and it’s not even November 1?

And I’ve been hearing that Black Friday for some stores has already started. Online shopping at its finest. I’m all for online shopping—stepping foot in the mall this weekend was a painful reminder of WHY I hate the mall—but then I think of all the stores that it could potentially hurt by shopping online. I’d rather pump my money into the local economy, anyway, than feed the Amazon beast. Of course, I say that now, but I know I’ll likely be buying online at Amazon for the simple fact that I’m suckered by their Prime shipping. Damn you, Amazon.

Anyway, back to Thanksgiving. I’m going to ignore the fact that there are Christmas things going on around me while I take a moment to think about Thanksgiving, why we have it and what I’m truly thankful for.

I’m truly thankful for my family, my friends, chocolate and wine.

What are you thankful for this year?

Michelle Miles wants holidays to go in consecutive order according to the calendar. Find out more about her and her books at her website.


Sylvia said...

Amen, Michelle!! And any store that opens on Thanksgiving day will not receive my money during the holidays. Thanksgiving day is to be spent with friends and family, not shopping. I don't care about stores bottom lines. I care about my family. Plus, they are devaluing Black Friday. They do sales earlier and earlier. This morning I saw a commercial for a car company talking about Black Friday savings. It's November 3rd. I shop on Black Friday, but I don't get up at the crack of dawn. I wait and let the crowds thin out and then if there is something I want or need, I go shopping.

Michelle Miles said...

That's what we do too. I'm not a fan of these sales getting earlier and earlier.

chris keniston said...

Oh how right you are - Christmas celebrating began after thanksgiving - an entire month to prepare - I do hate that it's turned into happy hallothanksmas

Kathy Ivan said...

I'm always shocked when I walk into a store in June or July and see Christmas decorations being put out. Six months ahead seems a tad overzealous. We never take the time to truly relax between Halloween and Thanksgiving, because everything is rush, rush, rush, in your face for Christmas.

I love spending a nice Thanksgiving with family and friends, when I can, and really am one of those people who get up at the crack of dawn and brave the Black Friday crowds, even though I rarely but a lot on that day. It's the rush of starting the last holiday of the season, and my sister and I have done this for many years, so it's become a tradition to get up while it's still dark, bundle up because it's always freezing outside, grab a hot cocoa and head out the door.

But, that being said, I don't like the blending of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all into what seems like one giant whoosh of time that speeds by without any definition, form or fashion. We need the break between each in order to pay the due respect to the reason for each season. Just my 2 cents.

Great post, Michelle!

Kathleen Baldwin said...

I like what you said about helping the local economy. I will try. :-)
The protest sign was great!

Liese said...

I do believe Thanksgiving is my holiday because there is so little hype about it, other than from the turkey and canned pumpkin suppliers. The emphasis is on enjoying family and friends (and food!).

Great post!

Karilyn Bentley said...

Great post Michelle! I 100% agree with you. I'm tired of Christmas running before Halloween. I mean, I LOVE Christmas, but come on. Put it back after Thanksgiving!

Phyllis said...

I worked for Hobby Lobby part-time for about six months and through the Christmas season. They, along with Michaels and JoAnn's, all start putting Christmas things out in June and July. The idea being that they are craft stores and they need to put out those items in such advance time for the crafters to get their supplies to make THEIR Christmas items in time for Christmas. As a crafter, this made total sense to me, but NOT the other retailers. They are just after the almighty dollar. Such a shame.

Kelly L Lee said...

I have a love-hate with Christmas. Love, because, CHRISTMAS - but hate because of all the consumerism hype, which has deteriorated the real meaning for so many people. Great post!

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