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November 29, 2016

Tales from the Crate - Puppy Playtime by Karilyn Bentley #puppy #crazydog

Our cute puppy!
My puppy is growing! Which means, we now have a nickname for him, two actually. I call him Sir Poops A lot (for obvious reasons) and The Hubster calls him Little Monster (again, for obvious reasons). He's really cute, as you can see from his picture (and he's also pretty hard to keep still, as you might be able to tell from said picture). This time around the puppy playground, we have some help from our resident nanny, aka The Kraken.

Our resident nanny, The Kraken
We have so much help from her, we've kind of been letting her train the puppy. Which she excels at. She seems to know when he's bothering us, as in, before we can tell him "leave it", she hops over to him and shoves him out of the way, starting a game of play. But if she's not around, he likes to play a lot.

By play, I mean, he's currently in the human finger chewing stage. Unless he's out cold, if you try to pet him (which you really want to do b/c he feels like one of those plush teddy bears), he considers this to be a form of play and tries to chew on your fingers. Luckily, his teeth aren't anywhere near as big as The Kraken's and his mouth is very easy to pry open (unlike hers, who as a puppy could be lifted by her Frisbee two feet in the air, her teeth clamped firmly around the thing), so he doesn't hurt, but still. It's not a very guest-friendly type of thing (so sorry friend, the puppy sheds and gnaws on your fingers, hope you don't mind! Yeah, right). Removing your fingers from his mouth and replacing with a chew toy doesn't work. Unfortunately, the chew toys don't taste as good as fingers. (Hey, dog toy manufacturers, make a chew toy that looks, smells and feels like fingers, and you'll make a fortune!)

Another game is the chase game. Sir Poops A Lot and The Kraken LOVE to run around the backyard chasing each other. Chase always seems to end in tackle-and-roll-around-while-growling-and-sounding-ferocious. We've had two dogs before (Jaws and Hell Hound), but they sure didn't play like this. It's fun to watch these two roll around, tags wagging while growling and sounding for all the world like they are about to rip out each other's throats (don't worry, they aren't going to, they are playing).

Playing is an important part of a dog's life, apparently. Just like it is with children. Like it should be with adults. As we grow up, we seem to loose our desire to play, although sometimes it comes out in little ways. Like hobbies or reading.

Speaking of reading, I have a third book in the Demon Huntress series coming out sometime next year. The first two books, Demon Lore and Demon Kissed, are out now! If you haven't checked them out, you should try them. Amazon has them discounted.

Until next time, keep those fingers out of puppies' mouths and Happy Reading!
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Michelle Miles said...

Your dogs are cute.

Puppies are so fun! I'm trying to talk the husband into getting a dog. :)

chris keniston said...

oh heavens, I don't have the patience for puppy training, i get my fur babies from a rescue so I know they're past the chew and puddle stage LOL. Yours are so cute though!

Liese said...

My son brought his puppy with him for Thanksgiving. His other dog (now a permanent resident at our house--how'd that happen?!) would play some, but not near enough for the puppy. Not sure how much he appreciated that "guest."

Looking forward to your latest release!


Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

What adorable tales from the crate, Karilyn. Glad all is working out with them.

Kathy Ivan said...

I love your Tales from The Crate stories, Karilyn. I'm still puppy-less but plan on doing something about that after the New Year. I so miss having a dog around, though they can be a little hard on the fingers, as y ou've stated. But look at all the joy you've gotten from both your fur babies! Can't wait for the next intallment.

Sandra Dailey said...

You have perfect timing with this post. My fur friend isn't feeling well and I needed the laugh.
It seems my buddy, Archie, got into something in the yard that's made him sick. I just got the recipe for a week long diet to make him better. The vet says to mix Chicken broth, white rice, and plain yogurt in equal parts. I'm on my way to the store now, but I hope this helps anyone else who has a pup with a tummy ache.

Angelina Jameson said...

I love the nicknames you guys give your dogs. Awesome. :)

Karilyn Bentley said...

Thank you Michelle! Good luck talking the hubby into a puppy. Dexter is adorable!

Thanks Chris! We got ours from rescue groups too. Kraken had been abandoned at a high-kill shelter and SPAL was born at a shelter, one of thirteen! Shelter dogs are the way to go!

Hi Liese! Not all dogs like puppies. My SIL dog wasn't very impressed with our puppy. :) At least The Kraken likes him!

Thank you Vicki! :)

Thank you Kathy! Puppies are very hard on fingers. And feet. And legs. :) At least this one doesn't chew our bedding!

Thank you for stopping by Sandra! I'm so sorry to hear about your fur friend. I hope he gets feeling better soon!!

Thank you Angelina!! :)

DeeDee Lane said...

Hi Karilyn, Your puppy is adorable. Have fun and happy writing!

Sylvia said...

That puppy is too cute for words. Our vet told us to clamp our dogs mouth shut with our hand whenever he tried to bite us. When we first got him, he thought our fingers, our hands, our arms everything was to go in his mouth. It only took a couple of times and he learned don't do that. Now he licks us non-stop, which is actually kind of gross. By the way, the new series is great.

Karilyn Bentley said...

Thank you DeeDee! :)

Hi Sylvia! We've tried that. He just shakes loose and grabs another finger. He's teething. :) He'll grow out of it. :) Glad you like the series! Happy Writing!

Unknown said...

Have you tried making a high pitched yelp sound when he nibbles? Worked like a charm in my training classes. As soon as you yelp they stop and that's when I'd hand them a toy instead to chew on. Love puppies and their antics

Unknown said...

Just got a new puppy myself, and know first hand—or first FINGERS—how much work puppy training is. And I don't have the Kracken to help!!!

Best of luck with the pup!

Ilona Fridl said...

Absolutely love puppies! They may be a mess to take care of, but they're fun to watch. Great post!

Karilyn Bentley said...

Hi Karla! Yes, I've tried the squeaky noise. He'll stop. For a second. When he stops, I'll stick a toy in his mouth but he usually spits it out and goes for the fingers again. I'm sure he'll stop when he finishes teething. :) Thank you for stopping by!!

Hi Elizabeth! Puppies are adorable! Good luck with yours!! :)

Thank you for stopping by Ilona!! Glad you enjoyed the post!