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February 20, 2018

Where Did You Get that Story Idea? by Kathleen Baldwin #CreativeInspiration

Good morning! I’m Kathleen Baldwin, author of the award-winning Stranje House novels. Like most authors, the question I’m asked most often by readers is, “Where did you get the idea for your books?”

Every author has her own answer. 

I love adventure in real life and in books. Guess where I get my ideas for my adventurous heros and heroines . . .
You guessed it. For me, adventuring in the wild is a powerful source of inspiration. I love being out in nature. But hey, I also enjoy doing research. How's that for a dichotomy?  Dusty musty old books are often a source of inspiration as well.

TRUTH: Inspiration comes from many places. 
Here's several wonderful authors answering that question.


 When Allison B. Collins is dreaming up ideas she turns to two of her favorite places for inspiration; songs and Pinterest. She found this photo of a frozen lighthouse on Pinterest and it was the inspiration for a story she is still writing.  

I'll wager a song helped inspire her for her lovely story, A Family for the Rancher, about a two broken-hearted people finding a unique path to hope and love.

 The extremely imaginative Michelle Miles finds inspiration in beautiful gardens. She has a Pinterest board devoted to them. 
Artwork by the amazing Anne Stokes is also a strong source of Michelle's inspiration.

Don’t miss Michelle’s wonderful fantasy, On the Hunt for the Wizard King. This series will delight your imagination. 


Pushcart Prize nominee and all around brilliant writer, Liese
Sherwood-Fabre is inspired by questions like, "What if?" or "How did this happen?"

After living in Russia for several years, Liese wrote a masterful post cold war Russian suspense exploring the question, “How far will a mother go to save the life of her child.”

Her current work in progress resulted from the question "How did Sherlock Holmes become Sherlock Holmes?" Meet Sherlock at age 13 when he and his family must prove his mother didn't murder the village midwife. (I can't wait to read it!)

Some of Liese’s inspiration also surfaces while doing extensive research into Victorian England. She published some of her work in a collection of essays, The Life and Times of Sherlock Holmes, Essays on Victorian England. It’s available everywhere.   

Karilyn Bentley, who always has exciting stories, gets her inspiration while taking a shower. Karilyn is NOT going to give us a photo of herself in the shower!

 So, I found this one of a cute guy, and maybe it will inspire you?

Karilyn says, “There’s something about standing under the hot water that gives me all sorts of writing ideas.” 

One of those intriguing hot water inspirations became her latest book, Devil Take Me. Oooh, that sounds fun!

The extraordinary Elizabeth Essex has an art history degree! So she is often inspired by historical art. 

For her upcoming novel,
Mad, Bad & Dangerous To Marry, Thomas Gainsborough's portrait of the young Mr and Mrs William Hallett, also known as The Morning Walk, (from the National Portrait Gallery) was the impetus to write about a wonderfully compatible couple who seemed very much equals, but also very much in love. And the story just spun itself out from there…

So what gets your creative juices flowing?  

Tell us in the comments. We'd love to hear. 
We are always eager to test drive new creative stimuli. 


Karilyn Bentley said...

Loved the post Kat! Thank you!

chris keniston said...

when I'm stuck it's people - other authors are great springboards to my imagination. Occasionally I'll be in a situation that I find absurd or funny and think - there has to be a book in there somewhere :)

Michelle Miles said...

I love reading how we all come up with our ideas and what inspires us! Great post, Kat! :)

Liese said...

How differently these princesses get their ideas! And yet all inspired writers! Thanks for putting this together! Liese

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