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July 25, 2012


Well, here it is late July and lots of romance authors are swarming Anaheim as I write this post. The Romance Writers of America's annual convention is taking place this week. Industry professionals, published and aspiring romance writers all together under one roof. It gives a whole new meaning to "Magic Kingdom."

For those of us who didn't make the trek out to Nationals, I think its time to share some snippets of our current stories with our readers. You don't have to be a Princess to post up to ten (10) lines from your current story. Give your fellow romance aficionados' a glimpse of where the muse is taking you.

In the comment section, give your name, the genre of the story, its working title, and NO MORE THAN ten (10) lines. Just a brief moment of magic to whet our appetites for more.

I'll start us off below.

Author: Kathy Ivan
Genre: Paranormal sensual romance
Title: Reunited Souls 2: Here and Now

Across the lobby her eyes met those of a dark-haired man standing at the front check-in desk. A surge of electricity tingled through her. Her breath caught in her chest. A niggling of recognition teased her memory. Somehow he looked familiar but she couldn't place where she'd seen him before. His eyes widened as he stared back. He took a step forward toward her as the elevator doors slid closed and he disappeared from sight.

Why does he look so familiar? Her heart whispered, "Go back and find him." Her brain told her, "No, go to safety." Her brain won.

When she's not working the day job, Kathy Ivan can be found writing the next romantic suspense or paranormal romance. Visit the More On The PP Girls tab above for links to her web site and her book.


J. L. Hilton said...

Author: J.L. Hilton
Genre: Cyberpunk romantic thriller
Title: Stellarnet Prince, book two of the Stellarnet Series

Belloc scooped her up as easily as if she were a child instead of a tall, buxom woman, and strode down the center of the empty thoroughfare.

“My legs work.”

“Yes.” The edge of his mouth lifted in a half smile, a hint of the humorous currents that flowed beneath his stoic surface. And like the small shafts of sunlight on his cloudy world, she found his glimpses of happiness irresistible. “But this is romantic.”

“And heroic.”

“Is it?” He looked pleased.

Kathy Ivan said...

Yay! An excellent addition to the Stellarnet series. This snippet pulls me right into the story. I want to know what happens next! It made me smile.

Angela Hicks said...

Those are great snippets!

Thanks for sharing.

Angela Hicks

Susan Stovall said...

Author: Susan Stovall
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Short Stories
Title: Coffee Break Romance

Ten contemporary romance, quick-read short stories with a splash of humor perfect for a coffee break or just any time. Here's an excerpt:

"Justin didn't ask for the engagement ring back but why would she want to keep it now anyway? It would only be a reminder of her broken heart and the pain of her shattered dreams. So, she tucked it away in the ring box, on the top the closet. There it would stay. Along with her heart."

Alisha said...

Wow! These are fantastic snippets!!! I want to read more!!! Great job!

J. L. Hilton said...

Thanks, everyone. These are fun!

Istvan Szabo, Ifj. said...

Author; Istvan Szabo, Ifj.
Genre; Epic / YA Fantasy
Title; Crystal Shade: Angeni, Volume 2

Everyone said there is only light and darkness with nothing in between. But that's a lie. Every soul is born so innocent and fragile. And every soul hides in a chrysalis to turn into something greater and stronger, to be something else for the rest of their life.

It had no mother. It was its own mother. It had no father. It was its own father. A soul so different, so cruel. I’ve seen all the senseless killings, all the brutality It ever perpetrated. But I took vengeance for the lost ones. It was different, but in the end it was like the others; it screamed in endless agony when I took Its demented life.

Our greatest fears have passed, so as I heard. Yet my soul still can’t believe it. My soul still fears and waits for it just as it feared and always waited. But I don’t know why I wait for something that has already passed and no more.

I’m still waiting for something; redemption maybe? Is this what the little girl wanted to be? Is this what I was reborn for? What am I? Who am I? I don’t know anymore. My soul never came back from wherever I was. I’m a lost stranger in my known, yet unknown world. A guilty stranger waiting for something I can’t remember, because I don’t want to. And I don’t regret it at all.

All I remember; I’ve become the angel of death, the harbinger of doom, the destroyer of my beloved world. Nothing can change that.

Phyllis said...

Hey Kathy - what fun! I got my files fixed. Here is a snippett from my latest WIP - 'Hell Week" - loosely based on my experiences as a cop. Enjoy all.....

Cops and bikers being social in the same bar. That’s not something you see every day.

Members of a notorious biker gang sharing the same space with us is a little unnerving. The bikers were at one corner and the cops at the opposite end. If you had a boxing ring in the center the whole scene might make sense.

Kathleen Baldwin said...

These are fun reading! Thanks for suggesting this Kathy.
My current ms (undergoing severe editing)

Author: Kathleen Baldwin
Genre: Historical YA
Title: Stranje House, A School for Unusual Girls

Miss Stranje set aside her mending and stood up to greet a young gentleman. He limped into the room and bowed curtly.

“Oh my,” Jane murmured. “Is that…? It is. It’s him, isn’t it?”

“Lord Ravencross,” Sera mouthed in awe. “I knew it. He’s—”

“So much younger than I thought he’d be,” murmured Jane. “And taller. And rather well–”

“Yes.” Sera took a quick breath. “He's exactly as I’d imagined.” She exhaled with finality.

Alisha said...

Wow, Istvan, your snippet really drew me in!!

Oh, Phyllis, this sounds soooo good!! I can't wait to hear more. How much more do you have left on this WIP?

Phyllis said...

Thanks Alicia - actually this is the start, but it seems to be coming right along. The events are real - the love interest is not, which is making this really fun!

Phyllis said...

Ah, I am enjoying all the snippets here. Such a wide variety and full of talent.

Keep them coming!

Lynn Hallbrooks said...

Author: Lynn Hallbrooks
Genre: Short Story
Working title: Many is the Dream

“...Did you sleep well?”

“Yes, thank you. I dreamed of reaching through my computer screen and eating chocolate bunnies. Some were deep dark chocolate with white whiskers.”

“Funny that...” Mr. Drakes caught himself short with a nervous laugh.

“I know, it’s silly to think one can actually reach through a computer screen and eat something. Well, it might be considered stealing but then again they are only pictures.”

Kathy Ivan said...

Wow, these are really great. Keep 'em coming. I'm having a blast reading them and can't wait for some of these books to come out.

Michelle Miles said...

Author: Michelle Miles
Genre: Futuristic Romance
Title: Pleasures Unbound

“Bring in the last girl.”

The soldiers shoved Mya toward the room, leaving her no choice but to enter. Not that she had one anyway. They had purchased her from the mining colony on Kuming-14 a few days ago and herded her onto a transport ship with a dozen other dirty-faced girls. When one of them asked where they were going, a soldier quickly reprimanded her with a backhand to her face, splitting her lip and bruising her cheek.

They were not to question the soldier’s authority. Mya heard one soldier tell him the High Mistress would not be happy with the violence. He merely laughed in response and looked the girl up and down, licking his lips. The first soldier clamped a hand around his biceps, warning him the girls were to remain unspoiled, that there would be time for that later.

Istvan Szabo, Ifj. said...

Alisha. Glad you like it. :) Check out Crystal Shade: Angeni, Volume 1, the first episode of this series. You may find it on Amazon, B&N and few other places. Or click on my name to visit the website and learn more about it.

Or better, here is a 26 pages long free and downloadable PDF, so you may learn more about this fantasy world. I'm the graphic artist of this book as well. I hope you'll like it.