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August 16, 2012

Tinkerbell's Magic Wand

I love Tinkerbell.  Since I was a little girl, I always loved the little fairy that flew at the beginning of the Disney show that came on every Sunday night. I loved to sit down in front of the television and watch all the different shows that Disney produced. When the show didn't come on, I remember crying. You have to remember those were the times before Videos and DVD's or even DVR's. You missed a show and too bad.

So many of my favorite movies were Disney movies. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Mickey Mouse, Sleeping Beauty and so many others. I loved the way that Tinkerbell would wave her wand and the castle would appear and you knew you were on your way to story land.

Last month, my husband and I, who are way too old, went to Disneyland in Anaheim, California before the Romance Writers of America's convention started. We wore ourselves out riding the rides, seeing the sights and watching small children wearing Mickey ears on top their head.

Before we left the park, we went into a store and were shopping. I found a little crystal Tinkerbell that I bought to sit on my desk at work. But then after I'd bought the little one, I found a big one that had such a powerful message on it, that I bought that one to sit on my desk at home. Tinkerbell is standing on a flower and underneath on the pedestal it says,  "Let Your Dreams Blossum."

I grabbed that sucker up and before my husband could say 'what are you doing', I paid for it to be shipped home.

Now she's sitting on my desk, where I can see her every day. When my dreams seem impossible to reach, I can just look over at Tinkerbell and read her message to me. My dreams aren't big and splashy, but rather simple. I want to make a living writing full-time and retire to Colorado. So Tinkerbell and I are hoping that my books will blossom and grow and lead me to the mountains.

So what are your dreams? How can you help them blossom? Today for every new person who joins the Plotting Princess blog, I'm giving away a copy of my new book, My Sister's Boyfriend that is due out later this month.  


Eli Yanti said...

hope i can be a writer :)

i love watching tinkerbell too. This book sounds great :)

KSR Writer said...

Just joined the site and would love to read My Sister's Boyfriend! Thanks! kathyrygg at hotmail dot com.

Kelly L Lee said...

I liked Disney as a child, but didn't love it until I had my children. Tinkerbell, in particular, never seems to get old in our house. Congrats on the new release!

Sylvia said...

Hi Eli,
Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoy Tinkerbell as well.

Sylvia said...

Hi Kathy,
Welcome to the Plotting Princesses. Hope you enjoy our blog. I think we're a fun group. By the way, this book does not have any Tinkerbell in it.

Sylvia said...

Hi Kelly,
Funny how when you have children, how important Disney suddenly seems to become. Our son watched Lion King over and over until I think I knew every line. But it kept him entertained.

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, Sylvia. I want to read!!! LOL

I loved Disney movies. Knew all the songs from Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid. Those were the days.

I wish for you to have your dreams. ox

Sylvia said...

Hi Vicki,
Isn't it great how Disney always had songs in their movies that you learned and sang along with. They have stimulated children's creativeness for so many years. It's wonderful. I also wish for you to achieve yoru dreams. ox.

Elizabeth Essex said...

I think I like your dream better than mine, Sylvia. (Although last night my dream did include Viggo Mortensen, so I've got that going for me! :) )

I was never much of a fan of the Disney Princesses when I was a kid. They just seemed to sit there and wait for somebody else to make things happen—fairy godmother, or hard-working dwarves, or some prince who had a way nicer horse. I like the later stories where the heroine takes her fate into her own hands.

But Tinkerbell seemed to be a creature on her own, with her own powers, and I think that's what has always appealed to me. :)

Thanks for the inspiration this morning. I'm going to go think happy thoughts and see if I can fly. :)

Pamela Stone said...

Hi Sylvia,

Boy did you bring back good memories of Sunday nights filled with Disney. Two words. Peter Pan. My first love. So yes, I love Tink too. So does my granddaughter.

Dreams - dreams keep the world going. As I retire in a couple weeks, my dream is to get back into my writing and make it a success.

Sylvia said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Your dreams seem to be coming true! But I think your fairy godmother has her work cut out to keep you in line! Hah! Yes, I know I'm a sap for prince with a goodlooking horse. I have to say I saw Brave this year and I wanted to rewrite the ending. Just wasn't satisfying for me.

Addison said...


What a fun post! And you're never too old for Disney!!! :-)


Sylvia said...

Hi Pam,
Those were fun nights. I think I forgot Peter Pan and I loved that show.

I'm so jealous about the retirement, but hope that you enjoy your time off. You deserve it! I hope all your dreams come true.

Sylvia said...

Hi Addison,
Thank you! I'm not going back to Disneyland without my grandchildren in tow. Since I don't have any grandchildren yet and my son doesn't have a girlfriend, the odds are very slim for me to return!

Linda Andrews said...

I wasn't aware Disneyland had an age limit. I'm thinking 150, right? I love Disney movies and even though my kids are mostly adults, I still drag my husband to see them when they're in the theatres. Then I buy the DVDs and watch them until I have them memorized. I miss the Disney movies they used to play on Sunday night and remember rushing to catch them before they were too far gone.

Sylvia said...

Hi Linda,
I don't think Disneyland has an age limit, I think I'm just getting too old. It was fun, but walking around all day and the crying kids and the heat made for a long day. I think I enjoyed it more when you have kids with you who are excited.

Yes, Sunday nights were always fun because of Disney.

Liz Lipperman said...

Ah, your post brings back memories. And I agree that you're never too old for Disneyland.

Like you, I'd like to earn a living off my writing and one day have someone recognize me from a cover. That would be really hard to do right now since my picture isn't on any of my covered!!

I have something very special on my writing desk, too. When I first started writing seriously again, I hooked up with Shelly Kuehn to critique with. She was a jeweler in another life, and she found out that I absolutely love black onyx. She gave me a chunk of the stone with a hole in the middle and the plan was that when I sold I would get a pendant made. I couldn't do it. Since I see this onyx as my good luck charm, it still hangs with a pretty red ribbon on my computer.

Phyllis said...

Ah, Sylvia, what a fun post. I agree you are never too old for Disney. I'm like you...I love the rides and go with such glee in my heart...sadly, my body doesn't move with the same glee, but that doesn't mean I don't try!

I have the same dream, making my writing sustain me giving up on the day job life. HOWEVER, you cannot go to Colorado without taking me along with you!!! There are times I really miss my home state. One of those times is when friends talk about moving there.

For me, I have signs all over my house of one word - which I made my theme word during my DARA Presidency - 'BELIEVE'. If I believe in my dreams, they will come true.

Sylvia said...

Hi Liz,
What a neat good luck charm. I'm with you, I wouldn't have a pendant made fro the stone either. I hope you're dreams come true!

Sylvia said...

Hi Phyllis,
My body really got tired and I think it was from standing in line waiting. I don't have the patience anymore.

I bet you're missing your home state right now with the temperatures hoovering around 100. I've taken to keeping a live streaming video from Pagosa Springs on my work desktop. Ever so often I go out and look at downtown and see their weather. The have different cameras around the city and right now I'm looking at people walking through town shoppign at the little shops. I also see the traffic.

My Tinkerbell says Belive and that's why I bought it. You are welcome to come with me to Colorado. I can't wait.

Liese said...

Oh, this blog brings back so many memories! I LOVED Peter Pan. My friends and I would sprinkle sawdust on ourselves to see if we could fly. We'd play "Peter Pan" and I always wanted to be him. I didn't care much for Wendy. She was too tame for me!

My dream at the moment: to get an email telling me they want my novella I submitted a while ago. I'm checking my inbox religiously and nothing! ARGH! (now I sound like Capitan Hook!)

Sylvia said...

Hi Liese,
I love the way you say dream at the moment. Isn't it funny how our dreams change over time. I'm thinking believe and it will happen for your novella.

Kathleen Baldwin said...

"Let your dreams blossom." What a lovely message. I adored Tinkerbell as a kid, too.

Fun post Sylvia! I wish you all the best with the new book. give us an excerpt next time. Can't wait to read it!