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January 10, 2013

Princess Jillian Burns has a crush on... Read this!

A Special day!
Jillian Burns is in the house &
(sing a long) there's a giveaway!!!

Welcome, Jillian & Relentless Seduction.

Last year, I blogged a lot about all the Non- Americans I had a crush on. It seemed like all my heroes had an accent. Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Russell crow, Daniel Craig, Eric Bana, and Clive Owen. But today I’m here to bring it back to the good old U.S. of A. Finally, an American actor I can sink my teeth into. So to speak.

A couple of years ago, I started watching an old TV show I’d completely missed when it was actually airing on primetime: ROSWELL. I rented the 3 seasons on DVD and could hardly stand to stop watching. I’d stay up until the wee hours of the night enthralled with the story line and the characters, and the romance. But I have to admit, it was mostly due to the actor who played the teenage alien, Max, Jason Behr.

Isn’t he a cutie? In Roswell he is SO romantic, so handsome, so sweet and yet so strong. Jason hasn’t made a lot of big blockbuster movies since that show. Mostly, he seems to choose quirky, small budget films, or niche horror flicks. But he is such a sexy, angsty guy in Roswell that I had plenty of inspiration for my latest Blaze hero, Rafe Moreau. This is how I picture Rafe in Relentless Seduction.    

Rafe owns a vampire bar in New Orleans and has a dark secret he doesn’t want anyone to know about in his past. Especially not the nerdy tourist who is clearly out of her element in the seedy bars just outside the French Quarter.

After he played Max in Roswell for 3 seasons, one of the roles Jason Behr played was a werewolf in a movie called Skinwalkers,
  which had a very hot sex scene in it and showed off Jason’s sexy chest and biceps. And in another movie he starred in called THE TATOOIST, he had almost his entire body covered with tribal tattoos, which inspired me to have my hero, Rafe, have similar tattoos on his chest.

 Jason’s voice is also a huge inspiration for my hero Rafe. It’s deep, but very soft and fits his general personality, which is unassuming and gentle. I admit, I like a strong, alpha male in a romance, but I also like a quiet hero every once in a while who can be powerful and still be gentle.

You can hear Jason’s voice in this You Tube vid.

Jason doesn’t naturally have a southern accent--that I know of--but Rafe, of course had to have a soft Cajun burr and call Claire Cher at least a couple of times. Put the accent and the soft, gentle voice together and you have one hell of a sexy voice.

With his big brown eyes and sexy full lips, you’ve got the whole package. Also, his birthday is December 30th, so Happy Birthday, Jason!

I’m giving away a copy of RELENTLESS SEDUCTION or any book from my backlist to one commenter who tells me what man inspires her. Famous or not.

Jillian Burns likes to think her emotional nature—sometimes referred to as moodiness by those closest to her—has found the perfect outlet in writing stories filled with passion and romance. She believes romance novels have the power to change lives with their message of eternal love and hope. For more information and excerpts you can visit her website:


Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Good morning, sweetie. I have to say I didn't know the hotties you posted about today. I felt the same way when I watched a few minutes of the People's Choice awards. Yikes! that stings.

Congratulations on your new book! You rock.

Kathy Ivan said...

Good morning, Jillian!

I remember Roswell well. I watched it every week. Jason was a cutie then and he's progressed nicely as perfect hero material. That pic with the tattoos is HOT!!!

Congratulations on your latest release. All your books are fantastic. Folks, if you haven't grabbed one of her books yet, what are you waiting for? They are smoking hot and great.

Pamela Stone said...

Hi Jillian. For all of those looking for a sexy hero, I have to tell you, Rafe is it. Congrats on the book, Juliet.

Linda Steinberg said...

I have to admit I'm getting old when I not only don't know who these sexy teenage heroes are, but they just don't do anything for me. Give me an older man with a sexy drawl and a sarcastic smile!

Speaking of... I totally understand your fascination with foreign men. I am now totally into Brits, particularly Colin Firth, the inspiration for my current hero.

I am not a tattoo fan either, However, you don't have to like ink to go for Jillian's hero, Rafe. He is totally come-hither in a leave-me-alone sort of way. What woman can resist that? And in the sultry setting of underworld New Orleans?

Congratulations on the Relentless Seduction.

Kathleen Baldwin said...

Well, he is pretty darn gorgeous. I can see why you'd crush on him. I loved Roswell back in the day. Lots of fun scenes.

Male inspirations... hhhmm. you know that guy who played Thor, Helmsworth or something? he's pretty inspiring as a male icon. But his little brother, Liam, I saw him in Hunger Games and I think he is the epitome of a male hero. Maybe because I write YA.

Jillian! this was a fun post. Thanks!

Elizabeth Essex said...

Loved learning about your inspiration for the character. What fun 'research"!

Congratulations on your latest release, and wishing you sales galore!

Cheers, EE

chris keniston said...

gott a love those sexy accents!

Play me anything by Julio Iglesias and turn up the a/c!!

As for TV hunks - my favorite will probably always be Harmon Rabb Jr. from JAG - aka David James Elliot.

In the pilot episode when he steps onto the carrier deck in dress whites and bad boy shades- oooh my -

From the sounds of it - your hero has it all - Can't wait to check him out!

Jane said...

Congrats on the new release, Jillian. Jason Behr is a cutie.

Phyllis said...

Congrats on the new release!

Yes, Jason has that certain 'something'---ok, let's call it what it is --SEX APPEAL!

Fun looking at those pictures, especially the last one, yum!

pc said...

I'm partial to Hugh Jackman (I don't even notice the accent much)...good-looking/sexy, likeable, sings/dances/acts in multiple rolls, family oriented!
Congratulations on your newest release and happy 2013!

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi everyone, I'm sorry I was AWOL yesterday. My computer will not let me see that word I'm supposed to type in for verification that I'm not a robot!

But I wanted to thank you all for coming by and commenting. It's interesting to read about what guy turns you on. I agree with you ALL, Helmsworth? YUMMY for BOTH brothers! And Hugh, of course, he's both sexy and SWEET. I never watched JAG, Kris, but I looked him up and Whew! you're right, what a hunk! I think part of my attraction to Jason as Max the alien was that I love a tortured hero and Max was so tortured, he felt so , forgive the pun, alienated from all his high school peers, and wanted to fit in so badly. But as the series progressed, he learned that he had to accept that he was different and that he had responsibilities as a king on his home planet and he stepped up to the plate and did hat needed to be done, even if it meant losing the love of his life. But he was always there to save Liz and to let her know that he loved her.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know I pulled a name from all the commenters and the winner of a book from me is JANE! CONGRATS JANE, please email me and send me your snail mail address so I can mail you a book. Oh and let me know which book you want. Relentless Seduction? or something from my backlist?

Thanks again everyone for commenting! HUGS!

Jane said...

Thanks so much.

Richard Majece said...

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