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May 28, 2013


I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday weekend and spent a little extra quality time with family and friends. Memorial Day is the official start of the summer season and I thought what better way to start off the Princesses summer blog than with a little writing exercise. LOL
So, let’s all put on our creative writing hats and do a bit of writing today. I’ll start you off with a few sentences, just to get the ball rolling.

You can take the story in any direction you want. It can be contemporary romance, suspense, paranormal, futuristic, mystery, or comedy. Whatever and wherever your creative flow directs it, we’ll all follow along and join in the fun.

Let’s make it simple. In the comment section of this post, read the story as it progresses. Each person who wants to join in can add up to 5 sentences to the story (at a time). Feel free to keep coming back and see what direction each person takes our story. We’ll keep adding to it all day long. You can definitely add to the story more than once. The more the merrier. . .let's just keep it going and going and going.

It’s that easy. Read what’s already been added, and then put your own spin on it. Dialogue, introspection, setting, weather. Everything and anything goes.

BUT PLEASE REMEMBER, THIS IS AN OPEN BLOG – SO NO PROFANITY AND NO EXPLICIT SEXUAL LANGUAGE/SITUATIONS. People under 18 have free access to our blog so we want to make sure to keep everything PG rated.

Okay – let’s here our jumping off point -- start of the story.

A flash of light illuminated the interior of the car quickly followed by the rumble of thunder, so loud it vibrated the floorboards. The wipers slicked back and forth in a rhythmic pattern across the windshield, squeaking as they pushed the rain away and displaying the enormous movie screen. A static-filled speaker filled the car with music as the credits rolled. Sarah looked in the rear-view mirror at the three sleeping children sprawled in the back seat fast asleep. She couldn’t hide the little smile tugging at the corners of her lips; they’d missed the ending of their favorite movie—again.

Kathy Ivan is busy at work on multiple projects, writing like crazy on her romantic suspense and her paranormal romances. Her latest release, Second Chances, a paranormal romance, is available now at all e-retailers.


Sylvia said...

The jiggle of the door handle of the car, had her returning her gaze to the window. A man peered in at her. "Open the door," he demanded as the rain streamed down his face.

Unknown said...

Fright pounded into her veins in time with the sick squick, squick, squick of the wipers, but she had enough presence of mind to jam her hand down on the doorlock.
He rattled the handle again. "Let me in!"
Like she'd never seen a horror movie. No way. She turned the ignition key just the second before she realized the car was already on.

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

The man's hand hit the driver's window again. Hers grabbed the shifter, set the car in drive and put the pedal to the medal so hard, the kids tumbled about. Some of them cried out. As she sped away, she looked in the rearview mirror, staring at the man who stood in her now vacated spot, his middle finger in the air in the age-old gesture.

Kathy Ivan said...

Sarah heard a whoosh--tap--whoosh--tap sound outside her driver's side window. Foot still on the gas pedal she risked a look to her left before she burst out laughing. She'd sped away so fast from the maniac slapping against her door she'd forgotten to unhook the drive-in movie speaker. The sound she heard repeating over and over was the cord slapping against metal, hitting against the driver's door as she sped along the rain-soaked road.

Phyllis said...

The laughter helped her heart to recover from the horrying start it was given. Dang it, it's not like he was a stranger, she just couldn't stand him right now. Her soon-to-be EX had a flair for stalking.

Liz Lipperman said...

But her amusement was only short lived when she noticed a car racing up the highway behind her. It couldn't be the man from the drive-in, could it? After a quick glance at her children who were still asleep, she pushed down on the gas pedal. Then she was jerked forward into the steering wheel as the car behind her bumped her forward.

Anonymous said...

Bump, bump, another bump and her head hit the wind shield sending glass flying. Protective pillows slammed into her face, glasses shattered. Her world turned black. A man's calloused hand reached in to unlock the back door.

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