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May 13, 2014

What's growing in Karilyn's #garden? by Karilyn Bentley

As those of you who follow my Facebook or Twitter feeds know, I love to tinker in my garden. Not that I'm any kind of gardening expert, my philosophy on plants is I'll give them water and dirt. If they need more than that they should go live at someone else's home. <g> But I do love to watch them grow.

With that said, here are some pictures of various plants I'm trying to grow this year. One of the newest additions to the garden this year is corn. No clue on how to get it to produce, but several stalks are popping up.
corn stalks

Other new additions are swiss chard, kale (currently being eaten by an unknown critter) and peas (also being nibbled on, but I caught the inch worm, with, as The Hubster said, extreme prejudice).

Once again we're trying squash, both zucchini and yellow. Hopefully we'll get a squash, usually these plants get eaten by squash bugs or borers. 
Squash plants
Peruvian Lima bean plant

A couple of years ago at a Superbowl party, the hostess bought a King Cake that came with a purple and white Peruvian Christmas lima bean. She didn't want it so I took it home and planted it. It produced well and I saved several of the  beans. Last year, the beans grew but didn't produce pods. We're trying again this year. Fingers crossed. 

Also making a return appearance are the asparagus and strawberries.
Asparagus stalks
Had to cover the strawberries with milk crates to stop the mockingbird from eating the ripe ones. Pesky bird. This year we've actually gotten strawberries!!! 

strawberry plant

So, that's what's growing in my garden. As far as what's growing in my writing garden, well, Dragon Lover is now out everywhere including Barnes & Noble. Excitement! If you have a Nook, go get your copy now. 

Happy Reading! And happy gardening!!

Karilyn Bentley


Michelle Miles said...

Very nice, Karilyn! You are brave. I hope you get lots of corn! We only plant herbs and flowers. I have some gladiolus coming up. I hope they bloom :)

Sylvia said...

Hi Karilyn,
We have a garden as well. We fight squash bugs and the mockingbirds and pesky rats. This year we're trying brussel sprouts. Plus my husband's self-pollenating cherry tree is full of cherries. I just hope the mockingbirds don't get all of them. Last year our tomatoes did horrible so I'm hoping for a much better crop this year. Happy gardening.

Barb Han said...

Looking good in your garden, Karilyn! I haven't tried asparagus, but I'd love to. Is it hard to grow?

chris keniston said...

my housekeeper gave me two starter peach tree plants - they're in a pot in my front yard waiting for someone with a green thumb to plant them

Can you pencil me in? :)

I kill everything - though one summer we did have tomato plants growing really well - but that wasn't me - I have a notoriously brown thumb.

Karilyn Bentley said...

Michelle, I have some herbs too, but tend to kill them. I'm trying a rosemary again for the 4th time. We'll see. :)

Sylvia: I don't think we have rats, but we do fight the rest of the pests. Would love to see the cherry tree! I've heard they are beautiful when in bloom, but have only seen pix. Last year our tomatoes grew like crazy and didn't start producing until December. Yep. December. :(

Hi Barb! Asparagus is easy. Just plant and watch it grow. You can't harvest for 3 years after you plant the root. It teaches one patience. :)

Chris: I've never grown fruit trees. I'm assuming you just plant them in the ground and give them water, but maybe they need something else? I'm happy to come over and take one, ahem, I mean plant one for you. :)

Alisha said...

What a green thumb you have, Karilyn! I'm impressed! I grow a lot of flowers and herbs but have never been as brave as you. I hope you post more pics as they come along. I do have a beautiful grapevine that we planted as a tiny little stick in the ground. It got so big, it covered the entire front of the house and wrapped around the side of the house. My heart was broken when a mini tornado that ripped through my neighborhood last spring tore it down. It is coming back nicely though. It has produced grapes a few times. I would love for it to go nuts so I can make some, right! I think I'll just stick with picking up a bottle at the store and drinking to my grapevine's beauty!

Karilyn Bentley said...

Hi Alisha,
I remember seeing pix of your grapevine! So sorry to hear that it was torn down by the weather, but happy to know it's popping back up! I have no idea how to make wine. :) Your idea of drinking a toast to your grapevine sounds like a winner to me!!!

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Wow, Karilyn, I'm impressed. I grew stuff until the dog ate it, tomatoes and all. I have always missed doing that too. Now, don't have the perfect spot and Handsome wants his grass. lol

Karilyn Bentley said...

Hi Vicki,
Dogs are good about eating vegetables! But you shouldn't let your dog eat the tomatoes! The plant can make them sick. The dog I had as a kid used to eat ripe blackberries before we could pick them. Bad doggie!

Pamela Stone said...

I am so in awe. We've tried growing veggies a few times. Let's just say that we do much better with flowers than anything edible. Almost laughable. Very cool garden.

Kelly L Lee said...

I'm sticking with the easy stuff in our garden... tomatoes, onions, spinach, lettuce, carrots and herbs. All doing well so far! I'm coveting your squash though - if we both get good harvests, we should crop/share! :) Good luck!

Karilyn Bentley said...

Hi Pam: I'm jealous of the flowers. I can't figure out how to do flower beds. :)

Hi Kelly: All our lettuce was eaten, am jealous you got yours to grow! Am keeping my fingers crossed on the squash plants and hoping they live long enough to produce. They sure do look pretty now! Would love to crop share!

Kathy Ivan said...

Wow, it sounds like all of you ladies have green thumbs and can make things grow (except Chris). Me, I have the killer black thumbs of death. LOL

I've tried numerous times to plant flowers and herbs, but every single time they haven't made it past a few weeks. I'm just not mean to grow anything.

Chris's mom even gave me an aloe plant for Christmas one year and said it was impossible to kill -- Don't you believe it. That baby died too.

Oh, well, at least by plot lines grow into full fledged books. LOL

Kathleen Baldwin said...

Corn! Oh my goodness. You are industrious!
I'm not much of a gardener but we have a lovely green onion patch and a poorly attended asparagus patch. We usually end up eating most of the asparagus before we have a chance to cook it.

I enjoyed your book!

Karilyn Bentley said...

Hi Kathy,
I have several aloe plants if you'd like to try another. I kill rosemary. Just cannot grow it!

Hi Kat,
I love green onions, but The Hubster hates them. :( I'm so glad you enjoyed my book!!! That makes me happy!!!

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