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July 10, 2014

Wild Vacation Stories

So my 18-year-old daughter just returned from a trip to Taos, New Mexico. While there, she went white water rafting with her dad, step-mom and step sisters. Well........she had such a tall tale to tell when she returned that I had to retell here...snicker!

While white water rafting, it's not uncommon to fall out. And of course they all had life jackets on but after hitting a rock and trying to save one of the twin step-daughters from going overboard, her dad fell out and poor guy lost his hat and glasses. The step mom reached over like a protective mama bear and saved her child from the rapids so whew! Glad she didn't fall out. Welllll........why the white water guide was trying to save her dad, he also went over and his arm came out of the socket! In total pain, he guided the raft to a giant rock where he pushed the raft up on it to anchor it. He saves her here comes the funny part.

My daughter says the beach in this particular area was lined with squatters! LOL! Yep, that's the word she used! I asked her if she knew what a squatter was cause I've never heard her use that word and she hated English class. She's going to beauty school in the fall so you get my drift here. The kid is very citified and loves the glamour side of life. She said, "Yes, mom. I know what a squatter is! It was a whole family of squatters with like a hundred dogs and the mom was toothless and pregnant and very helpful!"

So, the pregnant mom wades into the water and helps the guide and tells him his arm is out of socket. He tells her that it happens a lot. She tells him to lean over a big rock and she will pop it back in for him!!! So she does, to the horror of my daughter who was totally grossed out at the pain and agony of the poor guide screaming. But he was a trooper and good as new. Well, one of the twins is horrified of dogs and freaks out at all the dogs on the beach. She has some kind of dog phobia so it took a while for them to get her settled down. The mom even offers to let her pet one of her fur babies but they are like, "We're good. Thank you so much!"

So they pushed off the rock and were off again to finish the rest of their white water rafting adventure. Oh and good news, they found the hat and glasses inside the raft once on dry land.

So, that's my daughter's crazy and wild vacation story! She said the squatter lady was like a character out of a movie. My mind is still blown that she used the word squatter in a sentence correctly. However, she probably thinks it means "camper" cause that's probably what the lady was..a! Then again, she likes to embellish like I do. She used that word last week too. I was stunned.

Do any of you have some funny vacation stories to share?

Alisha Paige, also writing as Ruby Vines and Wolfgang Pie


Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

That is an absolutely crazy vacay story. I've often heard how painful an out of socket arm is. And good news about the glasses and hat. lol

Alisha said...

Tee hee, Vicki! She had me rolling telling this story. I was wondering what to blog about when she returned home from her trip with that doozy! I said, "Thank you so much! I know have a funny vacation story to blog about for the PP!" LOL!

Pamela Stone said...

Awesome story. A friend and I were driving through Arkansas a few years ago and right on top of this mountain, met an artist. Cute guy and while she's looking at his work, this crazy acting old guy with three teeth (he might be related to your squatter lady) comes flying up in a shower of gravel in a care with no glass. He decided to talk to ME. So she gets the cute guy and I get the toothless one? What's up with that? He borrowed my camera and kept taking pictures of us, etc. In conversation he tells me that just down the next hill to make a right and there is this gorgeous river. My friend and I finally escape and go on our way. As I fly past this turn off he suggested, she asks, "So you aren't going down there?" I'm like, "Are you nuts?" We still laugh about it. I'm still a little ticked that she got the cute one.

Alisha said...

Ha ha, Pamela!!!! That is a great story! I bet you are right! I bet he was related to the squatter lady!!! LOL!!!! I can't believe she asked you if you were going down funny!