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June 4, 2015

New Stories, New Beginnings

When I'm writing, it's easy to get lost in the story. Actually, it's one of my favorite parts of the creative process. It's the same when reading an amazing book or watching a riveting film.

These books and movies go on our 'keeper shelf'. There's a comfort in being able to revisit them, to spend time in places we love with people that 'speak' to us.

Here are a few of my fave classics: #1984, #LordOfTheFlies, #TheShellSeekers, and A Pilgrim's Progress. I have a sprinkling of horror, a good pile of scifi, some mysteries, and, of course, lots of romance (#PlottingPrincess books galore!).

My movie keeper shelf is 'all over the place too'. #Gladiator, #DraculaUntold, #PrideandPrejudice, and on and on. I love a variety of rich experiences, something to suit my mood, pick me up, calm me down, or utterly distract.

My eldest is graduating from high school this week. I'm so proud of who she is. Smart, funny, beautiful, and capable of ruling the world. I've been pouring over pictures reliving a lot of her growing-up years. She's lived a great story so far, one I'm happy to revisit again and again. And I absolutely know this new chapter (college) will be riveting but I am breathless with anticipation for her to get started.

I can think of a whole handful of 'new beginnings' I treasure - some not so much - in books, movies, and in my life. What about you? What are some of your 'new beginnings' or a 'keepers'?


Cathy McElhaney said...

My latest 'new beginning' is putting out there my very first writing project. It's an epic fantasy for a contest and so far my friends are loving it! It was fun to write and if I'd had a bit more time I would have expanded it and made it longer...unfortunately, a heart attack Saturday night changed my mind. I almost didn't enter it...mostly because the deadline was June 3rd and I didn't get out of the hospital until the 2nd!
Books...I love so many different genre's and authors...from Stephen King, to Vicki Batman...and ALL the plotting princesses, to Patricia Cornwell and so many others!
Movies? I am usually a one and done person. Very rarely do I watch movies over and over (with the exception of Disney movies! 4 grand children, you know?)
Have a great week!

Sasha Summers said...

You too Cathy! Hope you're resting and feeling better. Health puts everything into perspective, doesn't it? *hugs*

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, Sasha! New beginnings/life adventures are great stuff. My youngest graduated in December--yes, I cried buckets over an empty stage two times and a third time when he received his diploma.

Right now, I'm reading a Tana French crime thriller and am enthralled. Her books are intimate and set perfectly.

And hey up there to Cathy!!! I'm so happy you are home and recovering. And thank you for the shoutout.

Happy summer--sneeze!

Kathy Ivan said...

Hi Sasha,

New beginnings have taken on a whole new meaning for me. I quit my full time job in December, and took a leap of faith and went to writing full time. Since then I've published 3 books, with four more coming out in June. Taking that step was scary and intense, but I haven't regretted it for one minute.

I am a book lover! Have been from a child. And like you, I will read a wide range of genres, as long as there's a happy ending. I don't want death and despair. While I've never minded a good laugh or a good cry, I want the book to leave me with a feeling of Ahh at the end.

I'm more selective about my movie watching, though there again I watch a lot of different kinds of films. Action adventure, romantic comedy, science fiction, comic book heroes (did somebody say Thor?). Most horror movies though leave me cold. Not that they scare me, it's just not my cup of tea.

Great post!