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June 25, 2015

#NewRelease The Detective's Dragon by Karilyn Bentley #weekendreads

I'm excited to announce The Detective's Dragon is out now! <happy dancing!!!> This is the fourth book in the Draconia Tales series and was my favorite to write. After all, it's the reason the trilogy is now a series. Yep, I had only planned three books, but in the last chapter of the last book, the characters in The Detective's Dragon hopped into my mind and wouldn't let go. As all authors know, when a character sinks their teeth (or claws) into your mind, you have no choice but to write about them. Jamie and Parker insisted their story be told and I had to oblige them. Insistent characters make for sleepless nights. <g>

Here's a little peek into their story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

As a Halfling with little magic, Jamie is barely considered a Draconi, his sole talent finding jewels and lost people. But when he dreams of a human female in trouble, he has no choice but to save her, even if it means crossing dimensions into a different realm. Unfairly accused and placed on administrative leave, Detective Ruby Parker is determined to regain her position on the Denver police force. When an attempt to kidnap her fails, she must learn to trust the stranger who appears from nowhere to help her. Unlike in Draconia, Jamie's powers work in Parker's world, his longing to wield magic finally fulfilled. But is working magic worth leaving his family and friends? When Parker realizes she loves Jamie, she must make a choice, follow her heart to a different world, or remain alone and attempt to regain her beloved job. What happens when the one you love lives in another dimension?

The squeak of hinges snapped Parker’s attention to the door. Hottie stood in the doorway, one hand on the frame, the other on the handle, a look of determination plastered on his face. A look she was familiar with. A look she saw reflected in her mirror on a daily basis. A look mirrored on her coworkers’ faces when working a case.
A look she never thought to see directed her way.
Which was a bit unnerving, but not nearly as unnerving as the realization he’d followed her. He stood in the doorway like he owned the place. Or owned her.
Her limbs shuddered like a car without shocks. He. Followed. Her. Was he stalking her? Was he with the ones who tried to kidnap her? What was he doing here? More to the point, how did she get rid of him? Her muscles might be coming out of a deep freeze, but that didn’t mean she could hop off the bed and toss him out the door.
Where was the damn call button?
Parker patted the mattress. Hottie took a step closer. Then another. No button. Her heart shook an uneven rhythm, the beat a warning drum in her veins. Her hand moved faster against the mattress, searching, seeking, not finding.
Damn it.
“Be of ease. I mean no harm.”
       She stilled, her hand paused mid-pat as if his words flipped her off switch. Deep and soothing, his voice stroked across frazzled nerves, slowing her racing heart. If he could bottle that sound, women would fall at his feet.

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Angelina Jameson said...

Best wishes with the release, Karilyn. Just the name of the book draws a reader in. :)

Liz Lipperman said...

Love your stories, Karilyn. This one sounds terrific, and I can't wait to read it.

Karilyn Bentley said...

Thank you Angelina!! Glad you like the title!

Aw, thank you Liz! I hope you enjoy!

Happy Reading!

Kelly L Lee said...

Congratulations, Karilyn! I'm all over this new book.

Karilyn Bentley said...

Thank you Kelly!!! Much appreciated!!! :) I hope you enjoy!

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