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June 30, 2015

Tuesday Book Review - By Kathy Ivan

The last Tuesday of each month, a princess is posting a book review of a book they've read and enjoyed.  (It will not be a fellow princess book, but instead a book they've read and enjoyed and want to share the love of this book with our readership.  

Today it's my turn to post a book review.  I'm a voracious reader, when I'm not working on writing my own books.  I read across multiple genres, though it's probably at least ninety percent romance.  Paranormal romance, yep.  Contemporary romance, you bet.  Romantic comedy, oh yeah.  Urban fantasy, yes please.  Romantic suspense, absolutely.  Horror, err, not so much. 

Today, I'm going to share a book from a series that I'm really enjoying.  The series is The Sugarland Blue series.  This is a spin off series from her Firefighters of Station Five series set in the fictional town of Sugarland. 

Jo Davis writes romantic suspense better than just about anybody.  (She also writes paranormal books under the name J.D. Tyler which are also absolutely fabulous.)  Ms. Davis has a way of getting you right inside the characters' heads, and bringing them alive in a way that makes you feel like you know these people.  There's a wealth of character in these stories that's missing in a lot of other books. 

On The Run is the latest in the series, featuring Detective Tonio Salvatore, a guy who always puts the job first.  He's been hurt before, and knows the only way to keep it from happening again is not to let anybody get close. 

Angel Silva desperately wants to break free from her brother and his gang, until a new sexy stranger shows up on the scene.  She can't help falling for the enigmatic Tonio Reyes—until she finds out that he's one of Sugarland's finest, and she's forced to go on the run.

Angel gets until Tonio's skin in a way nobody ever has, and he finds himself risking everything to keep her safe—including his career. 

The suspense ratcheted up from the very beginning, and kept me turning the pages on my e-reader.  I couldn't wait to see how they'd be able to get to their happily-ever-after.  But Ms. Davis delivers in her usual stylish fashion and gives us the perfect conclusion to this woman in peril story. 

I'd highly recommend every book in this series, and can't wait for the next one, which doesn't come out until December. 




Kelly L Lee said...

Can we ever resist an alpha male? Nope, not me. Thanks for the review Kathy!

Kathy Ivan said...

Give me an alpha male and some action and I'm in reader heaven. Thanks, Kelly.