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July 21, 2016

Saving Sarah Release - by Kathy Ivan


I wanted to share with the Plotting Princess readers that I have a new release that just went live. I was asked by Susan Stoker to participate in her Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World launch. When somebody as hugely popular as Susan personally asked me to write a romantic suspense with paranormal elements -- well, I wasn't about to say no.  J
Saving Sarah is the result and I absolutely love this book. It has a curvy, spunky heroine and a sexy ex-SEAL hero!

Here's the blurb:
Haunted by memories of war and strangely prophetic dreams, Gaston "Ranger" Boudreau spends his time alone in the Louisiana bayou he calls home. When fellow SEAL, Matthew "Wolf" Steel calls in a favor, Ranger can't refuse—a Boudreau always pays his debts.

Writer Sarah Sloane is in New Orleans on a mission, to find her missing sister. Unsure what she'll uncover, she needs somebody who knows the city—but more, she needs a bodyguard who can keep her safe. One sexy former Navy SEAL might be just the person for the job.

As Ranger's dreams evolve, the dangerous search for Sarah's sister becomes a race against the clock. Can they find her before it's too late, or will their quest cost more than one life? 

NOTE: This is an Amazon exclusive, and is only available on their site.

There are also a lot of great authors participating in launching this Kindle World.  Check out their books too.  I'm sure you'll find a whole bunch of them that you'll want to one-click. 
Happy Reading!

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Marking Mariah:  Liz Crowe:  

No Protection, Gennita Low: 

Protecting Beauty, MJ Nightingale 

Protecting Love, Maryann Jordan 

Protecting Maddie, Desiree Holt: 

Protecting New York, Lainey Reese: 

Protecting Us, Magan Vernon

Redemption for Avery, Jordan Dane:

Redemption for Misty, Anne Conley:

Rescuing Pandora, Kori David:

Saving Sarah, Kathy Ivan   


Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Wonderful, wonderful, Kathy! Many of those authors are writer friends, too. I am wishing all good things. Hugs!

Kathy Ivan said...

Thanks, Vicki! I loved working with all these authors, it was a lot of fun. Fingers crossed all the readers will enjoy Saving Sarah!

jbiggar said...

Wow, Kathy, congrats! This sounds like my kind of book :)