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July 14, 2016

Tales from the Crate - Moving Adventures with #Crazydog by Karilyn Bentley

Hello wonderful Readers! It's been awhile since I've posted on here and longer since I've written about The Kraken, aka Crazydog. Here's why: we moved to a different state. Yep, we no longer live in Texas, we are now official residents of cool, colorful Colorado.
mountains seen on hike
And how's The Kraken liking her new digs? Well.... now that is the real adventure.

First off, she doesn't enjoy car rides. Not even when they led to someplace fun (like doggie daycare or agility). She really hates sixteen hour car rides, especially when they start with a near collision in a rainstorm on a twisty under-construction highway (here's looking at you stretch of I35 in Lewisville). In case you were wondering, near collisions cause loss of bowel control, perfuming a car in a way guaranteed to make a long car ride even more enjoying.

But the biggest issue arose when we arrived at our new place after driving along dark and twisty mountain roads in a thick drizzly fog. That's when we discovered blocking the upstairs in our two-story house in Texas led The Kraken to believe she cannot walk stairs. At all. Never mind that stairs are similar to her favorite agility equipment, the A-frame, she refused to go down them. A bit of a problem seeing our new house sits on a hill and the only way to get outside is down, you guessed it, stairs. I attempted to help by giving her leash a gentle tug and speaking encouraging words, but she slipped on the laminate floors and, poof, she found a fear of laminate flooring faster then you can say oops. Unfortunately for her, the majority of the house flooring is laminate. And did I mention the stairs?

After carrying her up and down the stairs too many times to count, she finally realized she could walk the stairs herself. Yay! One problem down. At least she could go potty on her own. However, the laminate floors still gave her problems. So we coated the floors with moving blankets, which seemed to help. Then we slowly removed the blankets.

Will she walk on the floors? Well, sort of. She's just now started to walk in the kitchen, but she still slinks along the walls from the living room to the carpeted bedroom. She's starting to use the doggie door (although you need to tell her it's okay to use it) and we put a rug by her food and water bowls so she will eat and drink now.

Poor Kraken. On the plus side, she LOVES being outside. She likes watching the deer and elk and saying hi (aka barking at the top of her lungs) to the neighborhood dogs. She's even "gifted" us with several mice. Her favorite thing is hiking. Mainly because she loves to run through the tall grass.
The Kraken in grass on hike

That's the crazy dog adventure for now. Maybe next time she'll be using the doggie door (I've never had a dog take this long to learn the concept. They usually get it in five minutes). Until then, check out my newest release, Demon Kissed, book two of the Demon Huntress series.

If you have any suggestions for The Kraken, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Until next time,
Karilyn and The Kraken
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Unknown said...

Hi Karilyn,

Miss you down here in the sweltering Texas heat. We moved from Denton to Arlington (We're talking an hour here.) once. Our cat was great. She got out of the van and made herself at home at my folks' house for two days until our furniture arrived at the new house. We moved her over there an she promptly stretched out on the patio and took a nap. Our Sheltie on the other hand, She yelped. She hated the smaller back yard. Couldn't stand traffic noise and completely freaked out when a firetruck passed. Even in the house, she insisted on walking between my feet every step I took. If I carried her outside to do her business, she'd run back to the glass door and actually try to bite it until I could let her back inside. After 6 months or so, I found her a home with an elderly couple my mom knew who had always had Shelties. The last time I heard from her, she had her own room and slept on a bed with a pillow. She'd have probably bitten us if we even went to visit. That's the only dog I ever had to find a home for. And I'd heard they were calm. Leave it to me to pick the crazy one from the litter.

Good luck!

Liese said...

Well, he is adjusting! Sounds like the outside is a plus. Hope the fires, etc. are not near you!

Miss you!

Karilyn Bentley said...

Hi Pam and Liese,
Thanks for stopping by! Sorry to hear about your Sheltie, Pam, but at least you managed to find her a good home. Dogs are goofy sometimes!

Liese, we had one fire near us but they put it out in a couple of hours. The others are thankfully several hours away from us. Still scary. Thanks for asking!

Sylvia said...

Wow! Just wow! Our dogs have never known any other home, so I know we'll be experiencing a lot of the same when we move. At least it sounds like all of you are adjusting slowly. We really miss you here and you're missing out on a pleasant Texas summer. You know that is sarcasm dripping from my lips. It's been Hot. Damn Hot! And now this week everyone is in beautiful, cool San Diego. But I'm still here working. Hope you're enjoying Colorado and staying home.

Cathy McElhaney said...

My niece moved from Arizona to Colorado a few years ago. She is in the Ft. Collins area and she loves it! As for The Kracken...she just needs a little time to adjust, I think. My dog has never lived anywhere but here, but he is a Cocker Spaniel and is prone to 'accidents' in my dining room at night or when we are not at home.
When we bought this house we had 2 cats, Shadow and Smokey. Shadow adjusted right he had always lived here, but my Smokey didn't like change. Ever. Don't change her food, brand of cat litter, the furniture and certainly not her home! She got in the fireplace, up in the damper for most of the first day! I thought we had lost her! We had her for 16 years and she died a year ago. I got a new cat, Gracie, and she is not like Smokey at all!! Gracie is a mean Calico...but she is so cute you can'r help but love her!

Mary Morgan said...

Oh my! I can so relate! First, is "The Kraken" a dachshund? Just wondering, since I had one and she hated traveling. Very stubborn, too. When we moved from California to Washington (a two day event), she panted and whined the entire trip. My husband, who adored her, threatened to leave her in the woods. Haha! And don't get me started on our move back to California two years later. I still shudder. Colorado is beautiful, and I'm wishing you all the best. Hopefully, "The Kraken" will break free and dash down those stairs. ;)

Tena said...

Hey Karilyn,

Welcome to Colorful Colorado! Were have you located? Anywhere near the Colorado Springs area? Anyway, sounds like you have done everything right for The Kraken, it will just take time. Bet he'll love the cooler weather, though it is much dryer here.
Best of luck with your book!

Karilyn Bentley said...

Hi Sylvia,
Thanks for stopping by! I miss you too! But not the hot TX weather! :)

Hi Cathy,
Oh my goodness! Your kitty crawled up the fireplace? That would freak me out, especially since it took all day to find her. I'm glad she lived a long life despite the move. Your new kitty sounds adorable, even if mean. :) I love calico cats!

Hi Mary,
No, the Kraken is a border collie/lab mix. But she is a bit spoiled. :) I bet that was hard moving with your dog twice! Yikes! We are not looking to move again anytime soon. We think CO is beautiful too. So much to do. I'll save that for another blog. :)

Hi Tena,
Are you in CO too? Cool!! No, I'm in the foothills outside of Denver. Maybe about 1.5 - 2 hours from COS. You are correct, the Kraken does like the cooler weather! IM me on FB and let me know where you are. Maybe we can met up sometime!

Mary Gillgannon said...

Enjoyed your doggie adventures, Karilyn. Our dog is a real baby about getting attention and being played with, but he's not afraid of anything so far (except being ignored, which he hates). Is Kraken afraid of thunder? Because where you live (I live in Cheyenne, a hundred miles north of Denver.), there are eventually going to be thunderstorms. It's been a very dry summer so far, but sooner or later it will happen. Maybe by then Kraken will have adjusted and it won't be an issue.

Sometime we should set up a Roses get-together in Denver. There are a number of us in the area.

Karilyn Bentley said...

Hi Mary,
That's great that your dog is not afraid! I think all dogs hate to be ignored! :) Nope, the Kraken is not afraid of thunder, thank goodness. I've had dogs that were and that's horrid, especially when you live in TX and it thunders all spring. :) It thunders a lot where we live now in CO, but doesn't always rain. I'd love to meet up! PM me on Facebook.

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